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Driving Tips From Allan McNish

Allan McNish gives plenty of valuable driving tips in this video interview.

Leo Parente of the increasingly-popular Drive Youtube channel recently sat down with Audi works driver Allan McNish to have an extended chat about racing.

In the 33-minute interview, Alan gives plenty of tips for aspiring racers that translate very well to sim racing as well. His tips touch on the importance of the correct driving position, how to manage your focus and much more.

Allan is of course very much in the know, the Scot is known as one of the fastest prototype racers in the world. McNish has countless of wins to his name, including two triumphs at the Le Mans 24 Hours and most recently the 2012 Sebring 12 Hours aboard the Audi R18 TDI.

  • Andrew

    “Don’t try an overly ambitious move on a GT car..”

  • devotid

    i love McNish!
    Thanks for showing this.

  • Anonymous

    Really liked that interview. Good tips.

  • Anonymous

    Nishy Leg, too good for F1 !

  • General Rush Hour

    One of the best videos i´ve seen. 

  • Horrace L Foster

    I was thrilled with this video, I felt like both the guys were talking to me for my benefit.  

  • Anonymous

    Very nice interview, however the noise from the people in the background is highly annoying!

    • Tomas Beha

       It’s called atmosphere… 🙂

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