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Driving Red Bull’s rFactor Pro Simulator

Driving Red Bull’s rFactor Pro Simulator

RSC user & VirtualR reader Fooatari has spotted a very interesting article on Red Bull’s Formula One simulator in the recent issue of F1 Racing magazine, sharing it with us for everybody to read.

The story tells Bradley Lord’s experience in Red Bull’s rFactor Pro-powered simulator that is used for driver training. The simulator has impressive references, helping Red Bulls young development drivers improve their skills. Sebastian Vettel used it to practice for the British GP, scoring an impressive win at Silverstone afterwards.

The article is a very interesting read for sim racers, giving us an idea how it feels driving an truly high-tech simulator – From the extremely stiff brakes to the car’s very nervous behaviour under braking, turning and accelerating.


  • GeraArg

    It seems that use the stock version of the Nürburgring by ISI. 😮 😆 :sd:

  • mike

    yeah definitely stock isi track…funny the article writer mentions the real simulated bumps when the ISI track is not realistic at all…i bet there are some good sim racers that could do way better times considering he ended up only 2 seconds off the best time.

  • fpol

    I pointed this article out to readers of RSC about 2 weeks ago in an iRacing thread. Was a decent read. Odd to think they’re using stock isi tracks. Supposedly, F1 teams receive track data that’s accurate down to grip level, but i believe that’s for the engineers simulation for setup, not for driving.

    That’s one heck of a sim rig.

  • zudthespud

    this was the august edition i think? I was very impressed.

  • kizza42

    Don’t forget that the graphics engine is somewhat detached from the physics engine etc. They may very well be pulling actual surface contact data from elsewhere.

  • Firestarter

    Check out the videos from this youtube user dude:

    It`s rFactor Pro.

  • simracer64

    Check out the videos from this youtube user dude:
    It`s rFactor Pro.

    that is not rFactor pro

  • Sobby

    It is only the graphics engine, and the track layout that comes from rFactor.

    The physics and track data are taken from a McLaren physics engine which Red Bull has access to.

  • wz

    Impressive … and yes the data in can come from a variety of sources

  • ermax18


    that is not rFactor pro

    That’s odd because the creator of the videos said it was in the comments.

  • simracer64

    I can assure you that it is not.

    • F1Simulatormaniac

      Simracer64 is right. that’s not rfactor pro. It’s rfactor like the one we use. the difference is that they have their own physics datas. and all that sorrounding stuff like projectors hexapod platform and 180° screen and the cockpit. they built everything in red bull racing apart from the hexapod which is the only thing they bought.

  • ermax18

    Your saying it is just rFactor with some sort of DirectX overlay plugin to add those HUD elements?

    I can assure you that it is not.

  • simracer64

    I’m saying it’s not rFactor Pro, if your on about the overlay showing the wheel movement that was done by the tv company and is not an in game overlay.

  • moppenheimer

    And I quote: “Is our special version of Rfactor used to train real drivers” NOT RF PRO

  • unklepepper

    From rFactor Pro website,

    “Our standard F1 configuration incorporates McLaren Electronic Systems’ vTAG product, which allows the ECU to be run real-time software-in-the-loop alongside System Monitor for control system and model calibration and ATLAS for data analysis.”

    From article (last page):

    “Damerum is poring over the telemetry – the exact same Mclaren Electronics Systems-supplied Atlas software used by all F1 teams.”

    This it the Raison d’être of rFactor pro, to interface with real systems. Other articles on the rF pro site describe seamlessly blended projectors and everything else about the program.

  • FooAtari

    Awesome, something I posted on a forum is on Virtual R 😀

    Didn’t notice this as haven’t read the site in a few days

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