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Driving Assetto Corsa With A Direct-Drive Wheel

GamerMuscle has had a chance many sim racers would fancy – Trying out a direct-drive wheel.

GamerMuscle has had a chance many sim racers would fancy – Trying out a direct-drive wheel.

How does the much-discussed new high-end wheel technology trend influence the actual driving experience ? Watch below as GamerMuscle tries the Sim-Plicity SW20 in Assetto Corsa.

The wheel retails for 1021,99€, not including a wheel rim or pedals. More information on the SW20 is available here.

  • GamerMuscle

    Thanks for posting !

    Full disclosure, I did not buy this wheel, Ollie from simplicity sent it to me in exchange for me reviewing it and using it on my channel ( not going to say no to that…)

    In short the SW20 is awesome kit it’s basically a small maige + simucube OSW but with 2 year warranty from simplicity and 1 hour skype call to help you set it up, which is not “needed” but it means you can ask any random questions and be sure you have it all set up how you want.

    As you pointed out in the post, its £900 for the kit + £90 for the OMP wheel I’m using and then between £80-£200 for a good button box. So as a general budget to have a full functioning wheel I’d set aside £1200 and you will have everything required to not ever require physical contact with the opposite sex again.

    I’d say if you have been sim-racing for 5+ years so know you have an unhealthy addiction and want something that massively adds to the immersion + something that’s unlikely to ever brake and unlikely to need to be upgraded ( though its modular so you could upgrade bits if you wanted to) Then the SW20 or similar kits are well worth the money and I dare say likely to actually work out cheaper than any belt driven wheel which would likely break within 6 years.

    In short The only thing braking with this wheel is your wrists and your bank account when you first get it.

    Common questions

    –VR or DD wheel ?–

    If you are hard core into simulators and have a good basic screen DD wheel, if you know you will play VR as well and also do flight then VR. ( VR will also likely get cheaper much faster than DD wheels)

    — Can I mount it to a desk ? —

    Sure if you get a plank of wood bolt it to that then clamp it to desk , but you will need a beast desk and to be honest you really want to be using this with a rig.

    — Whats the cheapest strong rig I can use ?–

    I think the Simetik K2 cockpit is the best value strong rig you can use this with , its not perfect and it does flex but for under £300 I dont know of any other rig bar DIY solutions that will work better. (disclosure, simitek sent me a rig to review and I never gave it back)

    • MrRollsRoyce

      Thank you Gamer Muscle for the most informative AND funniest thing I’ve read all week! Now I also know where my own charm comes from, but replacing tea with chocolate 😀

  • Roy Rki

    Interesting. So if Fanatec comes with, let’s say, 800 € plug&play DD base package, that would be very competitive.
    For a 1000 € wheel and 700 € Sim pedals pro, you get a professional-grade cockpit setup.
    For such level of quality, I doubt DD system could get much cheaper.

    • CombatSanta

      Remember, you still need a steering wheel. And if you want one with paddles and buttons you’re looking at €350 – €1000.

      • Hugh G Rection

        You can get Fanatec’s F1 wheel with a LeoBodnar board to enable it to work on any steering system – works out at around $400 or so so not too shabby value wise.

      • CombatSanta

        Yeah, I converted my own Fanatec BMW and F1 wheel with some stuff from ebay and a post on the iRacing forums. Works great!

  • Metal Machine

    I really like constructive feedback and picking out the positive/negative sides. Tnx for info. :).

    If i didnt had to fix the house, i could buy this wheel (did save the page tho).

    • GamerMuscle

      You can use this wheel as a masonry drill or as a tunnelling tool to help dig out the pond, so its well worth the purchase AAA 10/10

      • Metal Machine

        Ahahaha, good one 😀

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