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Download The Nissan GT-R Super GT Car for rF2 Now

Studio 397 has released a brand new addon car for rFactor 2, introducing a much sought-after Super GT car to the simulation.

Studio 397 has released a brand new addon car for rFactor 2, introducing a much sought-after Super GT car to the simulation.

The Christmas release gives players access to Nissan’s GT-R GT500 challenger of Japanese Super GT fame.

Weighing just 1100 kilograms, the car is powered by a 3.4 liter V8 engine providing 530hp of engine power.

The car comes with four official liveries and can be grabbed from Steam Workshop by following the link below.

[boxdownload]Download Nissan GT-R GT500 for rFactor 2 Here[/boxdownload]
  • roadhog29389

    Have the install issues with the latest version of rf2 been worked out?

    • Kevin Cox

      You will need to elaborate more on what install issues you are on about.

      • Paul Maguire


    • Roger Ramjet

      Haven’t had any install issues in a few years with rf2 , what’s going on for you ?

    • Depco

      I have had no issues installing content from the workshop or elsewhere. Can you advise if you are currently having installation issues? Or are you just asking based on issues in the past?

  • Bill Wester

    Nice, love it!

  • Paul Maguire

    Sound does feel wrong, cutting corners ftw

  • Kondor999

    Oh wow this looks awesome. Love this car. Is it worth buying the Steam version of rF2 if I’ve already got the non-Steam? I mean, wouldn’t that give me online forever?

    rF2 has massive potential and, with the right car, has the best FFB I’ve ever felt.

    • Depco

      If you have the non steam version you can transfer it to a steam version for free (For now). This would give you online for free as well. I am not sure if you have free online if you dont have the steam version since the last update (that made inline free) is steam only.

      You can go here to get your steam key:

      • Kondor999

        Thanks for the info. The game is only $16, so I did my bit and just got a new Steam copy for me and my kid. I was unsure if I’d get the online or not. Plus, you can hardly get a decent lunch for $16 😉

  • SenseR

    Driving this new car makes my frame rate drop randomly 🙁

  • Fabio Pittol

    It’s just me or the steering is a little weird?

    I mean, I was driving yesterday, my controller (G27) settings are fully linear, and working just fine with every other car, but with this one, it seems not linear at all. The slightest wheel movement and you can zig-zag the whole straight.

    I even thought it was some steering ratio issue, but the default value is already the highest one. :/

    Obs.: Jeez, the sounds are awful! lol

  • Francesco Kasta


  • Kev

    Not my cup of tea at all so will not comment on horrible feel but surely engine sound is horrific, tire sounds are terrible ISI sandpaper sound and default setup is one of the worst I can remember ; just absolutely awful.

    • OldRacer

      My thoughts exactly, it’s sounds like the sort of noise you got from an 80s arcade racer.
      If this is where Stuido 397 are heading I don’t want to know.

      • JES

        The problem is probably the cheap “filter” which is applied on the F3.5 engine sound samples. If you test the FR3.5 2014 car it sounds pretty decent. But for some reason they decided to apply a filter to make the sounds more damped for this car, which doesn’t work well. If I had to guess, someone who doesn’t know much about sounds was given the task to quickly edit the FR3.5 samples for this car.

      • Randy Winston

        The V8 used in the FR3.5 is a Zytek V8. The Nissan unit is based off the VK45 block with a flat plane crank, unless you mean that ISI just used the same engine which would be disappointing.

        But even so, that’s not far off from how the engine sounds. Have any of you ever watched a Super GT race of the V8 era?

      • Richard Hessels

        Imagine this from a driver perspective having a closed cockpit, earplugs and a helmet on. That would muffle the engine sound quite a lot .

      • Kev
      • Den Burnout

        Renault engine sounds in a Nissan? Ouch.

      • Fabio Pittol
      • Den Burnout

        Ah, I thought the point was the sound was from another car. I completely forgot Nissan and Renault had joined. Thank you. Cheers! And have a great New Year!!

    • Roger Ramjet

      Not your cup of tea !! Should have left it at that , we all know your on a hate train

  • Race Nut

    rF2 has never been known for having great sound; hopefully that will change after Studio397 gets the major upgrades done. Some of the ISI cars have decent samples but, the Sound-engine needs upgrading or some serious effort to overhaul it IMO.

    I prefer sounds to not have a helmet-type filter applied as there are always ways to muffle sounds if that’s your thing but, few ways to improve those muffled sounds for those that prefer clarity.

    Why we would want to have such limited-range sound in games that already have so many aural limitations is beyond my understanding but, I always favor the developers allowing players to choose such options. It can’t be that hard to implement a “helmet-filter” for those that like it. Start with the best samples and audio you can create and offer options for those that want to alter individual sound levels or apply filters; it’s just sensible game design and should be the “standard” by now.

    I look forward to seeing what Studio397 can do to improve rF2 on the whole; it really is a mixed bag at best right now but, it’s hard to ignore it’s potential for true Sim-fans.

  • Kondor999

    Would just like to say this car alone is worth $16 to me. It’s awesome and I wish they’d do the other 2013 GT500 entries as well (they’re all pretty similar, given the nature of the series which DTM-like in its restrictions).

    Running this car at Virtua_LM’s excellent Sebring 12h layout vs a field of AI cars is incredibly fun, and the physics/FFB is some of the best I’ve ever felt. Just wish they would update the sound at some point to actually sound like the real car (which sounds incredible in the onboard YouTube videos).

    Are there other tracks (besides Mid-Ohio) that approach the quality of this Sebring track?

    It looks *incredible* vs any other RF2 track I’ve seen (have owned the game since at least 2014).

  • Fabio Pittol

    Yeah, ’cause the game sounds should be like a low quality camera mic compressed by Youtube!

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