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Download The Free Project CARS Pagani Edition

Slightly Mad Studios and Pagani have released a very special edition of the studio’s Project CARS title, allowing everyone to sample the Paganis in Project CARS for free.

Slightly Mad Studios and Pagani have released a very special edition of the studio’s Project CARS title, allowing everyone to sample the Paganis in Project CARS for free.

The free Pagani Edition of Project CARS include five Pagani super cars as well as three locations, including the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Huayra BC
Zonda Cinque
Zonda R
Zonda Revolucion

Nurburgring+Nords combo
Monza GP
Azure Coast

The cars can be raced both in time trial and quick race mode, the Pagani Edition is of course fully VR-equipped, coming with the same extensive support for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and the full retail version of Project CARS.

Download Project CARS Pagani Edition for Free Here

  • Alexandre Martini

    no thanks.

  • Philip Antonia

    My son can give it a try on his PC :-).

  • Markus Ott

    Just a warning for all the haters who want to give it a try: these are mostly road cars and SMS didn’t nail them with their tire physics. Don’t expect too much of it, even with properly configured FFB.

    • Bloomquist

      Something tells me the Porsche(s) release has them a little shook up and they needed some attention quick.

      • Patrik Marek

        yeah right, i’m really sure they worry about steam charts a lot, when they just reached 2 milion sold copies

        Ian probably cant’ stop thinking about this when he drives his Ferrari

      • melanieuk1

        Yup while some developers are driving Rinky Dinky rusty cars and vans with doors barely attached

      • Hash

        “Yup while some developers are driving Rinky Dinky rusty cars and vans with doors barely attached”

        lol kinda ironic then that the dev that drives the supercar gives a Rinky Dinky rusty “sim”, and the devs driving modest cars gives us supercar quality physics and sims.

        Yet enougher completely irrelevant comment for a sim site mel, I think you want a “gossip” forum to satisfy your needs,who the hell cares what devs drive, but Im sure it serves to sooth your apparent insecurity with proper full blown sims

      • melanieuk1

        At least I’ve got manners, I follow this site rules and I don’t go around loosing my cool insulting or targeting other readers that dont agree with me or are not in my cult, it really does seem you hate me commenting on any simracing website and hate the fact that I’m into cars and racing games and racing simulator games, what’s your problem with me, you make comments here and other sites as to suggest, those that own simracing sites shouldn’t allow me to comment on them whats is your problem.

      • Hash

        “I go around loosing my cool insulting or targeting other readers that dont agree with me or are not in my cult,”

        That is literally your job description .

      • stabiz

        Eeew, your personality.

      • Niclas Løvgreen

        What an arrogant comment.. I thought you were better than that Patrik..

      • Patrik Marek

        c’mon, take it easy a bit, won’t you ?
        it was more sarcastic then arrogant

        steam charts really hardly matter, when majority of the players are on consoles , and surprisingly they seem to be happy with it overall, after few patches.

        world is bigger then just overly sensitive PC hardcores

      • gianluca p

        And why that, because they managed to get Porsche? You should see what it’s in the the sequel. XD

      • quf

        Please no double standards and intentional bad mouthing to promote your favorite game…

        If you were so attentive to see Pcars got good comments from Italian reviewers, you must have seen the same about AC, but no mention from you. You went directly to the bad reviews for the console version.

        So to be fair, if you’re gonna say Pcars got good reviews in that region, and you’re comparing it to AC, then you must says that in Italy AC was also well reviewed (not only Italy, other European countries also reviewed positively the game).

        My comment is no excuse for the quality of the console version, I know that the game isn’t as good on consoles as it was intended to be.

      • gianluca p

        pCars is a great game, but not my favourite. But certainly it is when compared to AC.
        I was speaking of the comments of the players left by them in the videogame websites every time an article about this games is published. Not reviews. Just users feedbacks. I don’t even consider the reviews, especially the ones made by the websites, that gave to the Kunos game an embarassing 9 and 9.5 even on console.
        After the hype and the enthusiasm that followed the release AC has collected many complains by its users, especially as for the missing features and content, also on pc. That’s what I was talking about. The Porsche DLCs for these guys won’t change nothing, because nothing else change. Or they are also introducing 20 more tracks and dynamic weather with them?

      • anonymouse

        How dare you, AC is the 2nd coming of Jesus and we should pray Ks for saving simracing from doom and armageddon.

      • gianluca p

        Well, Kunos saved us from the Flood for sure: they stopped the rain. 🙂

      • Bloomquist

        Four more paragraphs please. I didn’t get your point.

      • Hash

        The Italian AC console reviews was a freaking joke, all they did was prove a Italian stereotype of being disgustingly bias towards their own products.

      • quf

        Couldn’t have they liked the game like the other many thousands who play AC and genuinely find it a good game and simulator? I hope everyone isn’t a fanboy or biased (players and reviewers included) who see things in a different form than who doesn’t find AC a good product.

      • Hash

        Its not a dig at AC, but the horribly biased Italian reviews, that Italians, like it or or not, are very well known for.

      • gianluca p

        Not sure of what you are talking about with this thing of the italian reviews of italian products. Are you speaking of videogames?
        You should have read the comments of the people to the reviews of the console version. was bashed for days and they published an article tring to explain why they gave 9.5 to the PS4 version, with the result of making people even more hungry. The general explanation to these high scores was that they wanted to reward Kunos for the fact that they were a small italian company that with a small budget made an incredible game. That the physiics was so good that nothing esle matters.
        And people answered them that they wanted to read honest reviews and votes instead, because they based their decision to buy or not the game on the reviews.
        My personal opinion towards these websites is that:
        -some get money in some way thanks to the misleading review (it’s the case of the ones that have an online store that sells the same game, like
        -some aren’t simply completly honest. But from here to say it’s a general italian thing it’s a big jump.
        These websites make money in many ways: one is from advertising, one is from clicks, one is from the online store they can have. You can’t fully trust them. Same goes all the website an magazines that advertise commercial products, of all kind of countries.

    • gianluca p

      Haters gonna hate it. 🙂
      I reinstalled the game after months and it’s really improved compared to the release, also in the pad system. The game has about a hundred cars and the best variety of tracks that one can find in a racing game. I find race cars, prototypes and track day cars very well done.
      Considering the limited budget I think they did a very good job and it’s clear from the content that the team behind is made of enthusiasts and that they tried to give the player a great racing experience. There is pretty much everything one can want from a game of this kind. Career, graphic, sound, tracks, cars, multiplayer. I guess that the problems that affected the game at the release pissed off many players and make them hate it.
      Or maybe they wanted an hot lap simulator with 10 tracks and less bugs.

    • todemanjack

      Opinions are like A.H., Markus, and we all have one.

      • Bloomquist

        That’s a great Christian attitude.

      • todemanjack

        Remembering the true reality is always a good Christian attitude. “We all stink.” It’s good to remember our own fallible opinions.

    • Ghoults

      Excuses coming already? At least 2 of these cars have high amounts of downforce which makes them anything but road cars.

      That being said the game looks pretty much like forza/gt style game. Physics are pure simcade but it is not bad to drive. Fits really well with the forzas and gran turismos. This is not an insult but my honest opinion. Although I’m not getting paid for saying it so take it as you want…

      It is pretty buggy though and many many areas are bad.I could list tons of things that are bad about (like car contact, ai) it but I’ll just mention steering lag in cockpit view and the game overall runs pretty poorly. It looks like it is capped to 30fps and stutters all the time despite the fact that I’m getting over 200fps. Even then at race starts (rolling starts) it drops to 80 or so.

      This freebie gives pretty decent idea what the game is like. It is not a sim but a buggy lighter style racing game that could have been decent game to compete with forzas and gran turismos had the developed bothered to finish it.

      • brrupsz

        You should just find the cause of this stutter. I don’t really like pCars but never had framerate problems on PC. It’s probably something on your side and might happen again with different game.

      • Ghoults

        I can’t remember any other game that had this kind of graphics issue. All other games are fine.

      • punkfest2000

        You are about 2 years late to the complaints department – the game has already sold 2 million copies

  • Leeman

    Few cars I care less about than the Pagani.

    • Rlee

      It wasn’t meant for you.

      • Leeman

        Nor was my comment meant for you.

  • svenvangent

    Landmine/invisibly walls grinding of steering wheel crash to main screen on PS4 are also free

  • AnklaX

    As I always say, the game maybe free but time is limited. I’ll stick to the ones I like.

  • anonymouse

    So they released a demo for a game that came out 2 years ago? While some may find it ok as it’s free, things like this should come out BEFORE the game, not 2 years AFTER.

    The videogame industry is going backwards.

    • quf

      This is more a promotion for VR players and possibly for pcars2 than actually to make anyone buy pcars.

      • pez2k

        As mentioned by Rlee above, it’s a promotion for Pagani that has been planned for years. I presume the later release is so that it didn’t affect sales of the full game by having people that were satisfied by just playing this version and didn’t want any of the other content.

    • GamerMuscle

      “The videogame industry is going backwards”

      Its going forwards and backwards in different ways, its just the ebb and flow of change.

      • anonymouse

        If I want to sample a game for free before buying it, I’d prefer to do it before the actual game releases instead of having to wait 2 years for an official demo.

        And it’s not just to see if a game is somebody’s cup of tea (and it definitely isn’t mine, shiny graphics mean nothing to me if the physics don’t keep up), but also to help people figure out if their computers are able to play a certain game or not. This will trigger Melanie who’ll come here going on about how “hurr durr it’s 2016, not 2007”.

        But up until 10 years ago we had demos for these kind of things. And if not fully working demos with 1 car and 1 track, or 1 singleplayer map and 1 multiplayer map with bots, we at least had a benchmark tool that was downloadable for free.

        So far, in recent years and only regarding racing games, only Turn10 came close to this with their Apex title. It’s still trash and not that great, but at least players could test a sample of FM6 before buying FM:H3 (which on pc, after 3 major patches, is a broken mess).

      • melanieuk1

        Why do you care about my views why mention me.
        I’m One Hundred percent sure 367 studios or whatever their names is, I don’t care, will bring our favourite sim up to modern day standards.

      • anonymouse

        I don’t, you’re just the perfect example of those people that are fine with a game lacking in some departments as long as its graphical “side” is better than real life.

      • Hash

        Mel has painted her self as the anti christ of simulation, if sim devs thought she represented the main audience our sims would be TERRIBLE, she and some others flood comments sections of SIMULATION sites with talk that almost exclusively resolves around sales, marketing,IPs and graphics white noise, Ive barely seen one relevant sim comment from her, yet she talks the most.

      • anonymouse

        I wouldn’t say the antichrist of racing simulations, just the average gamer that prefers shiny graphics over everything else.

        To each their own, I guess.

        I wouldn’t mind games like AC and/or pCARS if they were up to the previous generation standards.

        They might be great screenshots simulators, but also offer an embarassing list of features when compared to older games, or even just games they’re directly competing against (and I’m not talking about rF2 and/or AMS).

        Is this the price to pay for shiny graphics in 2016? Pay more to receive less?

      • Hash

        What ppl like Mel refuse to acknowledge is the mainstream game industry (which is huge) is developing and pushing new graphics, we dont need our very small niches sim scene devs chasing pretty pictures, when no one else in gaming is developing and advancing driving physics, they can afford to be behind on graphics as they can simply pick up what is being done by others in graphics engines.

      • anonymouse

        I wouldn’t say that they don’t push in the physics department aswell, because they do.

        It’s just that they’re pushing in the wrong directions, with questionable design choices and sub-par results.

        In the end, as I’ve said yesterday, they’re overpriced screenshots simulators.

      • quf

        All those “many and amazing features” only interest more to a specific group that only care about themselves and their well being; those features on their own don’t sell a game to the majority of the interested and possible interested in (sim) racing games. Also those features don’t keep an active player base and don’t keep a company healthy. You need a sim with everything good and at the same time also have killer things that draw people in and make a good number stay and play continuously every week/day. The “amazing features” list of some newer and older games many times don’t do more than looking pretty on paper and boosting the ego of those who choose that path of bragging.
        What’s it worth living on the past and on laurels received, then all your new updates and content are more of the same that only feed the interest of the early buyers, therefore you barely draw any new blood and your game goes forgotten forcing you to move to a new project.

        Want it or not, sim racing games are meant to be sold and be lucractive so that the company and the technology/game keep evolving. If sim racing games are just meant for peace and love, then why don’t they release it for free and keep making new content and updates for free? If you want to sell, make things people will actually use. Don’t give a thing for a complex and extensive feature list of 1000 things and then people still have no motivation to play. Rather a game with focus but less things, while at the same time give people the freedom to do more in and with your game than the main focus your game was designed on.

        What if sim A has a small list of features but content that keeps people using your game and then sim B with many “amaze stuff” that look good on paper and then the bread crumb of the game is dry.
        The fact that you get angry and feel the need to demean sim A means that you don’t know why sim B failed and which are the solutions.

      • melanieuk1

        “I wouldn’t say the antichrist of racing simulations”

        I’m starting to like you, and ignore Hash, he is like a rash on someone’s arse that wont go away, he dislikes me because I’ve left his brainwashed cult, thinking that all ISI motor engine games are the best, I’m glad I left that cult Five Years ago.

      • anonymouse

        I do agree with him that gMotor2 stuff is still a small step ahead in the physics department (I wouldn’t still be actively modding rF1 otherwise and just do the occasional back and forth with AC for testing purposes), even if it now starts to lack everything else. But at the end of the day preferences are subjective and I tend to ignore personal attacks unless somebody asks for it.

        You like what is being offered by AC and pCARS? Be my guest, it’s your money, your time, your enjoyment.
        Me? I’m simply a nostalgic purist. As a modder, what rF1 has to offer is still unchallenged to this day. Not even by its supposed successor rF2.

      • GamerMuscle

        This is not a demo its a separate release that people may or may not use as a “demo” but I really don’t think the intention is for this to be a demo.

        I agree demos are more consumer friendly and there is a horable pre order culture in the games industry as a whole.

        But at the same time things like the steam Refund before 2 hours of game play generally act as a better demo of what a final product is should a game really not be its asking price.

        There are multiple reasons we don’t see the traditional demo’s of 90s -2000’s any more for good and bad.

    • Rlee

      It’s not a demo. Pagani asked for this at the very beginning of development. I’m fairly certain that this takes the place of actually paying them a license fee.

      • anonymouse

        You can call it whatever you want, at the end of the day it’s still a demo.
        Enough content in it to sample a bit of everything, no money to pay in order to play it.

      • Rlee

        I’m just saying, it wasn’t meant for marketing the game. It was asked for by a manufacturer.

        You complained about it. Deal with it.

  • Glen Orpheus

    does it contain triple screen support now……pmsl

    • Patrik Marek

      you mean amazing support like the best in class games offer? … or “support” as such ?

      hard to argue over something that maybe not even 5% of players use , especially when VR will soon overtake that crowd and should be – imo – bigger focus then tripple screens

      • Glen Orpheus

        I mean actual support like Ian bell promised on these forums over 2 years ago, regardless of percentages (“,)

  • Patrik Marek

    what surprises me ( well it doesn’t actually) is again the wave of complaints

    it’s free, nobody forces you do download it, yet it’s time to complain about it
    same like when AC decided to give you 2 free Porsche cars

    • Ghoults

      There is nothing wrong with posting ones opinion about it. If you can’t handle any negative opinions don’t read them. Just because it is free doesn’t mean it is perfect.

      • Patrik Marek

        I never said it’s perfect!
        it just staggers me that most of the complainers didn’t even download it, yet they already know how terrible it is, and that it should have been released 2 years ago ..and so on

        I could care less what others think , I play games for me and not for anyone else, if I enjoy a game that’s generaly regarded as bad, it won’t really change my experience ( and other way around too)

      • Ghoults

        If you don’t want to read anything negative about then you want to portray the game as perfect. Some of us played it, did not really enjoy it and both of us are just as right to post our opinions about it.

        There is no reason to label everybody who doesn’t like the game as complainers. It is nothing less than ad hominem tactic. Attack the person when you can’t argue his opinion.

      • Patrik Marek

        you probably didn’t read my comment, it was not about people disliking pcars being complainers, it was about people complaining in general, like they did when kunos announced free Porsches

      • anonymouse

        It’s okay, we don’t really care about you trying to negate us the freedom of speech either.

        If a product is bad, it won’t be immune from critics, regardless of it being free or not.

      • Niclas Løvgreen

        I have been playing Project Cars since 2012-2015, but the game just annoyed me to a point that I let it go.. Now I am enjoying Assetto Corsa very much thanks to the physics! 🙂

    • rauf00

      Patrick, lets be honest, game had one of the best social support, meantime you could never criticize it:
      -not before release because it’s beta stage obviously
      -neither after release because “it will be heavy patched in next months, wait!”
      -not even 2 months later when pC2 had been announced cause “it won’t change pC1 support, patience”
      -6-12 months? no, working on
      -after all patches and DLCs? no, don’t try it or y’ll end as haters…

      Look it’s 1,5 year after release, sth like 4 years since WMD start up, so many people engage, so many promises…lets be clear, Project CARS had financial and marketing success, but in common opinion (steam, leagues, simracing community) is considered as failure, full of unfinished features and random bugs.

      No, it’s not unplayable per spe, but simply disappointing ;(

      • Mario Strada

        Sadly, that’s the case for me too. I enthusiastically drove PCARS when it was in development and I figure that I got more than my money’s worth with it, so I am not disappointed.
        However, these days I very rarely drive it. The cars are simply not that good. The AI is a disaster, with AI cars passing you in the grass, bumping into you and so on.
        Finally, it just doesn’t feel good. When it comes to pure driving enjoyment, pCARS for me is behind the other titles by a long shot.
        Automobilista, with lesser graphics, fewer cars and ancient engine, is many times more enjoyable.
        Even rF2, which is a troubled title, is higher on my list because some of the cars are so enjoyable to drive, it makes up for its other failures.

        I’d like nothing better than a pCARS that worked better, that had a better AI, where the cars drove predictably, and that was fun to drive.
        I am disappointed at both the final product and the devs attitude toward criticism, but it provided me with ample entertainment until it launched. For that alone, it was worth it.

      • RKipker

        I’m Adraid I have to agree, during H=the development it seemed like they were making progress, but it simply never did develop. I got my monies worth as you did and twice return on my investment. I was also sunrises how poorly it handled on Xbone as well. AC is great on both systems…. If only they would admit the physics are not quite right maybe they could address with pCars2… But I’m not really sure they have ever admitted that pCARS physics are poor.

      • Patrik Marek

        I understand that experience is different based on how you play it.
        I don’t do MP, I don’t have tripples, I don’t have VR (yet)

        so for me, I’m really enjoying it, and I don’t really notice bugs/game breakers as other people might

        yesterday I had a fantastic race with Clio’s on Oulton park short, on both PS4 and PC (for comparison) and can’t think of too many ways how to make that experience better ???

        on PS4 it started to rain, so I had to switch tires, but I switch too late and lost lots of time on already wet track ,
        on PC it didn’t rain, and I was making really great progess, but I was too hard on my tires and I lost them on last lap, lost 2 places because I couldn’t keep up

        both of the races I started from the end of pack (with no qually) , and was making my way through agressive but fair AI !! , AI was racing me, not just driving with me and getting out of the way if I got close to them

        I didn’t have any collision with them that would end my race, they didn’t dive bomb me,

        really fantastic racing all around !!

        only thing that could have been better, due to my experience with more poslished F1 2016 game, would be great if I saw more people on the pit wall, and pit-crew while doing pit stops,
        and yeah, race engineer wasn’t as useful as he is in F1 2016 either
        but I really prefer cars over open wheelers, so my hopes are that more polished pcars2 will improve over pcars1, and deliver similar experience to F1 2016, but with much more realistic physics in more serious race game

        so yep , that’s my point of view on pCARS currently, so I find it hard to argue with some of these people , where they keep saying that it’s unplayable with 5526 bugs …

    • RKipker

      3 free Porsche’s

      • Patrik Marek

        true, my bad, forget about Macan

      • Glen Orpheus

        actually its only 1 at the moment (“,) you have to wait for the other 2

    • Leper Messiah

      very true Patrik, I see the “freedom of speech” nonsense is being spouted by the usual fart smeller’s below.

  • Hash

    Shame didnt come out when ppl wanted to try it before buying, would of been perfect for a demo, luckily there was other ways, maybe for Pcars 2 they’ll get it the right way around.

  • Jason Fice

    I’m super excited to try PCars, as I’ve never jumped in before. Perfect timing too, as I just got my new GTX 1070.

  • wajdi nujeidat

    After 2 years of release let me say that PCars is one of the worst sim/arcade games of all time! It’s so increbile how marketing can do making this game sells more than 2 mln of copies when it has 54453 bugs, horrible physics and stupid AI! But yessssss it has a sexy shiny looking cars!

    • punkfest2000

      What’s amazing is after 2 years of release you are still here spouting off your garbage, while 2 million people bought and played the game.

      rFactor 2, or whatever it is you play, may be a good sim, but they clearly have idiots running the marketing department. They are too stupid to understand the importance of visuals to the primary demographic of young males. Sexy shiny cars = $2 million sales. Ugly last generation technology sim = just barely scraping by.

      • melanieuk1

        “Ugly last generation technology sim = just barely scraping by.”

        Equals dead and buried abandoned by its creator, pawned off to a company that doesn’t have a track record of doing squat in the gaming industry apart from tweaking a game that also looks and play like cow poop.

    • Dibbdroid

      Develop your own game if you’re so great and almighty

  • Grant Waterman

    Can’t get mine to start

  • Kev

    I like pcars. I especially like the whooshing sounds know-nothings make as they get sucked out of the real sim racing world and into the pcars world where they belong haha

    • Leper Messiah

      I’d imagine that’s the same sound your brain made as it got sucked out of your skull leaving a vacuous brainless cretin in it’s aftermath?

  • Rolands Svetins

    I am glad that I haven’t bought the full version yet, thanks for the demo though. Its still an arcade, an NFS Shiff 2 with a little less bugs, more content.

    • Patrik Marek

      I thought it was more bugs and less content

  • Derek Speare

    I like it!

  • BlackenedNL

    That is dope!

  • David Forrest

    Mine won’t start, running on M17X R2 (Alienware laptop)

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