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DiRT Rally – Tarmac Terror Pack Now Available

Codemasters have released the “Tarmac Terror” expansion pack for their expanding early-access DiRT Rally title.

Codemasters have released the “Tarmac Terror” expansion pack for their expanding early-access DiRT Rally title.

The new version adds powerful Group B machinery, new kit cars as well as no less than 12 new tarmac stages to the developing title.


  • 12 new rally stages based at Baumholder in Germany
  • Owners Club Online Events – A second DiRT Daily where you compete in your own car
  • A second weekly event where we’ll be experimenting and throwing new challenges at you
  • 5 new rally cars featuring new Group B RWD & Kit Car Classes
  • Opel Kadett GT/E 16v
  • Opel Manta 400
  • Lancia 037 Evo 2
  • Seat Ibiza Kitcar
  • Peugeot 306 Maxi
  • New calibration and options screens in “Advanced Wheel Settings” (added in v.0.4.5)

Starting with this update, the price of DiRT Rally has been raised to 32,99€, the update is of course free for existing customers.

The Early-Access beta of DiRT Rally is available on Steam.

  • Marc Collins

    Does this have the new FFB that actually works, or does that last bullet refer to something else?

    • F1Racer

      Yes it does. The new FFB was introduced in 0.45. This is now 0.50

      • Marc Collins

        Did I miss the VirtualR announcement of 0.45??

      • F1Racer

        Did you see one ?

      • tazioquattro

        if no then yes, if yes then no?
        or am i wrong? if yes then yes, if no then no

      • Marc Collins

        I missed it if it was there. I don’t search for these things–I am a frequent visitor 🙂

        I thought since so many have complained about the FFB (me included), its update would be big news. I just put the game on my personal ignore list until FFB was even remotely usable.

        Conclusion after trying 0.50: get the f*&^%$# mouse working, please. And, it appears that, as I suspected, FFB is not physics based. It’s easier to confirm now that it isn’t backwards or whatever way it was screwed-up before. It’s surface based and mostly canned, which means that once again, CM has managed to not produce anything fundamentally different than the rest of their titles 🙁

        By the way, in case I did want to search easily, when are you going to create a DiRT Rally separate section 😉

      • F1Racer

        I am never going to create a Dirt Rally section.
        But wait… don’t let that worry you… it’s not my website so I don’t do the ‘creations’ anyway 🙂 Until it’s launched I dunno whether it will get one anyway, but if you want to search DR stuff just type Dirt Rally into the search on the top right of this site. Easy.

        What makes you conclude the FFB is not physics based ? The steering feeling you get now is great. When the rear end is loose in the corners and you need to counter-steer the car, the ffb tells you just how much to spin the wheel back to control the slide. It’s so good at that.

      • Marc Collins

        Canned. This is what separates a sim from a game. DiRT Rally will hopefully be a fun game, but it appears to be zero sim.

        A simple experiment: go to Greece stage 1. Drive along the course and then run up and along one of the big berms that separate most of the course from the likely death below if you sail off the road 😉 Doing so should almost rip the wheel out of your hand if the physics and FFB are calibrated relative to the amount of effort it takes to counter-steer and control a slide in your example above. What do you feel? How does the car react?

        Even the sounds are canned. Try driving very slowly and look at what you are driving over and see if it is related.

        Like most console games, it’s a series of algorithms designed for some plausible feedback. But even compared to the ancient RBR, it’s not a sim. Most people could care less about that. I do care. Unless they make drastic changes, I just bought myself some more guilt-free use of ripped CM tracks in rF2.

      • F1Racer

        Well I’m not getting into the ‘not a sim’ debate again. My thoughts on that are crystal clear so I can only disagree with you on that.

        You said most people ‘could’ care less then you said you do care, which means you ‘could’ care less also. So you are putting yourself in with ‘most people’ or do you mean that they ‘couldn’t’ care less ?

        Enjoy your guilt-free ripped content. Just don’t bring it up on here again.

      • Marc Collins

        I won’t, sorry. Just disappointed that DR doesn’t live-up to the hype that CM was going to do something different this time.

        What I am saying is that most customers won’t care about the sim aspects like I do. I am in a minority, so won’t natter on about it for the next five years, I’ll just move on.

        But you should try my test with the berms and see if your car and FFB reacts even remotely like a real car or not. It’s only one simple example, but it’s extreme and easily replicable. The cars are responding to the pre-programmed surface, not their own suspensions. CM for playability reasons, has programmed the berms for physics and FFB purposes to be completely unlike what they look like (which should derail the car and cause you grind to a halt or flip over or seriously impede your movement every time you hit one) because that wouldn’t be as fun as allowing you to just glide against them and get gently pushed back to the road. It’s more fun, but it isn’t a sim. There is nothing wrong with fun. I don’t begrudge others. It’s just not what I am in to.

      • F1Racer

        You’re entitled to your opinion of course. But you are wrong in saying it is not a sim. It is. It simulates rallying, that is undeniable. How well it does that is a matter of opinion, but it still does it.

      • Marc Collins

        That’s not the definition of sim that is used in the sim-racing community. If it was, every racing title ever created would be classified as a sim. Not a useful definition. Games versus sims. Same discussion in lots of genres outside racing too. None use a definition like yours.

      • F1Racer

        Well I’m in the sim-racing community that that’s how I define it.
        I tend to use the standard dictionary definition and not one borne out of personal opinions.
        A lot of sim racers define sims as sims (or not) based on their own preferences. They will declassify a sim as ‘arcade’ or whatever if it doesn’t fit their personal criteria. For example, “the ffb on this is crap, it’s arcade”.
        Then you will have another sim-racer who will disagree with that opinion and say it is a sim because he does like it. So who is right ? Leaving the definition to be molded by opinions is just a mess and leads to arguments and silly tantrums as I’m sure you know.

        Yes, technically every racing title ever created would be classified as a sim, unless it displayed some fundamental arcade elements.

        So, for me, you could argue that Sebastian Loeb Rally is not a very accurate or good sim and RBR is. But that both are nonetheless sims. The sim-communities way of defining a sim is not only incorrect but it doesn’t work in practical terms because everyone defines it differently to their own preferences.

        To say none use a definition like mine (or to me more accurate the Oxford English Dictionary) is not correct. I debated this point a while ago and many agreed and voiced similar reasons why.

      • SK-GTX

        This game/sim must be pretty good if the biggest problem with it is how it may or may not accurately simulate driving off the side of the road down the cliff at 5mph. I’m too busy holding my breath hoping I make it thru the left 6 over crest “don’t cut’…

      • Marc Collins

        That wasn’t my concern, as you know if you actually read it. What about the berms at the side of the course. Anyone here tell me the car reacts even remotely plausible or that the FFB is even remotely plausible when hitting them. They should be no different than any other large bumps if the car physics were driving the response and feedback. This is one tiny example. I’d list 50 more to prove the point, but no need when people don’t care or don’t even wish to think about it seriously.

      • SK-GTX

        Oh don’t worry I read it. And you may very well be right about the FFB response to riding berms or any bumps, but I’d also say to slag off the whole game because you feel the FFB is canned or not exactly how you’d expect in reality is a bit silly. How does the FFB actually feel to you the rest of the time, the 99% of the time you aren’t clipping the berms? It feels very good to me playing with my Fanatec GT2. But hey, what do I know?

  • toyvonen

    IT works and it makes this my new fav rally game…even in this early stage!

  • 2Air

    i just drove all 12 stages and they rock!
    bit stop and go with a lot of handbrake turns.

  • Lars

    Secretly I was hoping for some vineyard stages as well, Baumholder is unique but some more variety would have been welcome.

  • Babis Rataplan

    Amazing Rally Sim , Assetto ,R3E and Dirt Rally are my fav games so far.
    FFB is great and the Greek Stages are spot on . By far the best.

    • Memots

      It is the best time to be a Sim Racing fan. Or racing in General.
      I don’t remember having this many title all at once at that level of quality.

  • Luke Harvey

    The 306 Maxi has to be the best sounding rally car in any game ever. The audio team are doing fantastic things with regards to the vehicle sounds. A few of the bigger games companies could learn a thing or 2 from those guys.

  • toyvonen

    Yes, i would have liked a bit more variety in terms of stages, a little more fast and fluid roads in the mix, but all in all…what a magnificent title this is turning out! Since 0.45 my CSW V2 FFB is spot on, the best in any rally game, including RBR, the variety of cars and stages, magnificent so far!…graphics very good, sounds simply AMAZING…and lat but not least, the feedback that the company is having with the community…i keep saying that, but in these days it’s so rare, that i must emphasize.
    GREAT rally times i’ve been having…and we’re only half-way on the development…THANK YOU!

  • Robert

    I heard this game was fun so I bought it only to find out it wont work because my wheel is not supported. I had the same problem with Grid but they patched it so it works with custom wheels.

    • Matthew Arnold

      what wheel?

      • Robert

        Ecci 6000 gts. I don’t have the option for ‘advanced wheel settings’ which gives me the ability to adjust deadzone/sensitivity etc.

      • bduddy

        Can’t you calibrate it within Windows?

      • Ricardo Michalewski

        Use a tool called DXtweak, i use it for my VPP pedals.

      • Robert

        I have it and I have used it many times, my wheel is perfectly calibrated in windows and Dxtweak. The Dirt Rally game has its own calibration settings seperate from what windows says. It’s odd that supported wheels are preconfigured in the game have the ablity to change settings but non supported wheels that need these settings don’t have the ability to change them.

      • Robert

        Yes I can.

  • Wilsch

    Lancia 037 you are awaited!

  • Paul Pantel

    sounds are amazing, but they haven’t finished the the lancia s4 and lancia 037, that crazy supercharger whine needs to be added ontop.

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