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DiRT 5 – Watch The Announcement Trailer

As hinted at a few days ago, Codemasters have officially announced the newest title in their DiRT off-road franchise, showing off the first video trailer of DiRT 5.

As the lack of the word “rally” in the title suggests, the series takes a different route than the last two DiRT Rally titles. Instead of focusing on realistic stage-based rallying, DiRT 5 goes back to the series roots of offering a wide variety of off-road vehicles in a more racy setting that involves multiple car races such as as rally cross instead of exclusively focusing on stage-based rallying.

The trailer already shows off a wide variety of vehicles and locations, more info on the the title has not been revealed yet.

DiRT 5 will be available on a wide variety of platforms starting October 2020, including PC, current-get game consoles and Google Stadia. A release for the upcoming next-gen consoles is planned as well!