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DiRT 3 – Rally Monte Carlo Gameplay Footage

DiRT 3 – Rally Monte Carlo Gameplay Footage

VVV Automotive has managed to get an early hands on of Codemasters’ upcoming Rally Monte Carlo DLC pack that will add the world’s most famous rally to DiRT 3.

Alan Boiston shows off the new stages in two videos below, showing that Codemasters have kept their promise of making the Monte stages the most challenging and narrow the title has to offer.

Aside from the new stages, the DLC pack will also include a new foggy weather mode. The Monte Carlo DLC pack will be released on June 28 for the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of DiRT 3, pricing info is not yet available.

  • Riches

    Nice vid, but you can clearly see why racingseats with just one pipe connecting the steeringwheel to the base suck.
    I was waiting for the wheelmount to falloff.

  • Hompe

    At first i thaught it was a motion cockpit sim or something 🙂

  • kuato

    err.. isn’t he using a d-box?

  • Meton Sanga

    Yes he is using a dbox, he even mentions it in the first video. LOL FAIL AT OPENING POST

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