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DiRT 3 – Out Now!

DiRT 3 – Out Now!

Codemasters has successfully released the third installment of their DiRT off-road franchise as DiRT 3 is now available for the PC, Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.

DiRT 3 uses Codemasters trusted EGO engine, improving on the already-impressive visuals of DiRT 2. Contrary to the first two DiRT titles, the third installment puts more focus on traditional rallying, offering plenty of modern rally cars from series like the WRC and IRC as well as historic rally machinery.

Other content includes rally-cross and other off-road machinery as well as the increasingly-popular Gymkhana. DiRT 3 is the first Codemasters rally title since 1998 to not sport the Colin McRae name, the legendary Scottish rally driver died in 2007 when his helicopter crashed.

As of now, no demo version of DiRT 3 is planned so interested gamers have to trust reviews and gameplay videos to make up their mind. You can find link to various reviews below as well as some more gameplay footage, feel free to share your opinion on the title in the comments if you have given the title a try already.

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System Requirements

Logitech Steering Wheel Settings

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Codemasters’ work on the title won’t just end with the release as at least four DLC content packs will be released for the title. The packs are titled “Mud and Guts Car Pack”, “Power and Glory Car Pack”, “Monte Carlo Track Pack” und “X Games Asia Track Pack”. Detailed info on the pack’s content, pricing and release dates are not yet available.

  • Maciej Pytel

    i wonder what moron put Corei7 and Radeon 6000 in game requirements

    i have Radeon 4850
    Intel Ducal Core E5200 2×2,5 GHz
    4 GB Ram

    and it runs like a butter ALL MAXED OUT

  • F1Racer

    I’m not in the habit of criticising racing games as we really have slim pickings in this market but Im going to change that.

    I’m already getting bored with DiRT3 after 1 day.   Pretty graphics no doubt.  But no wow factor, no excitment, deadened FFB where gravel tracks feel pretty smooth, wheel shake when the REP points are scored (due to the fact that it should be the console gamepad vibrating and they forgot to remove it for a wheel).
    Replay bugs, overshiny cars, generic sounds, over-Americanised (again) and yeah the stages in general are made too easy.

    Im not an RBR freak either because I think thats too frustrating and very dated and comparing the two is silly because one is a sim with no compensation for g-forces and the other is… well just a game really.  
    On my scale if Sim is 10 and Arcade is 0 then this is a 3.5 and that includes the damage modelling.
    Visibilty in rain and snow is clear through the windscreen,  sounds are low compared to other games,  I mean the list goes on.

    If this is what the mass market likes or of this is what CM thinks the level of the mass market is then Im glad I’m firmly in the sim arena.   

    DiRT 3 is simply tedious, boring and brings no wow moment.  Not even a raised eyebrow.  

    CM please change your replay system for F1-2011 (your last chance in my book for me to buy a CM game).     See iRacing or rFactor for details.   
    2 things.  Let us choose which car to view and not be stuck on just the player car.  Also let us choose the camera we want to view the replays on instead of the game changing for us with the same camera change at the same places each time.    Shift 2 is guilty of this too, no point in denying it.

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