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DiRT 3 – Monte Carlo DLC Pack Available

DiRT 3 – Monte Carlo DLC Pack Available

Codemasters has released the Monte Carlo Rally DLC content pack, adding the iconic stages of the world’s most famous rally to their recently-released DiRT 3 title.

The Monte Carlo DLC pack introduces some eight of the most twisty and narrow stages to DiRT 3, giving rally fans the ultimate ground to prove their skills on. Furthermore, the pack also adds a new foggy weather mode for anybody who wants to make this daunting stages even more challenging.

Below are two videos, showing the snowy and icy tarmac roads in action both in the darkness and in foggy conditions.

The Monte Carlo DLC pack is now available for purchase and sells for 800 Microsoft Points on XBOX Live and Games for Windows LIVE and for 7,99€ in the Playstation Network.

  • drandiiski

    Well this looks properly dark and tight alright. Combined with DiRT 3 physics and FFB that are really good for a driving cosole game it seems OK. I just hope F1 2011 will be as good as this. It may not be the utilate sim, but it is a LOT of FUN!

  • Eric Jondon

    Loving Dirt 3. I don’t take it as a serious sim, anyone who takes Codemasters as a sim is nuts, but for a console based racer it’s fairly unique and bloody good fun!

    Will definitely be picking this up.

  • Joe Pineapples

    Love Dirt 3 and would no doubt love this too but for one problem….they’re asking nearly a quarter of the price of the full game for ONE track!!.

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