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Derek Speare Designs – Hydraulic Handbrake

Derek Speare, creator of some very impressive button boxes and shifters, has come up with a very cool new product prototype – A hydraulic handbrake.

Derek Speare, creator of some very impressive button boxes and shifters, has come up with a very cool new product prototype – A hydraulic handbrake.

As of now, sim racers interested in drifting or rallying can’t get a professional grade hydraulic handbrake as Derek’s design fills a niche on the sim racing hardware market.

Being fully hydraulic, the handbrake could also be used by disabled sim racers as their main form of braking. Derek has used quality automotive parts and self-engineered components to create the device, no price for it is available yet.

Is this a piece of hardware you’d be interested in using? Discuss in the comments! Also, make sure to check out the Derek Speare Designs website.

  • Me

    Looks great…take my money please.

  • Den Burnout

    Nice work Derek. Nice to see the success come your way you’ve worked hard for. Cheers!!

  • Anonymous

    Disabled sim racer here and interested for sure

  • John Lunsmann

    Nice. Be even nicer if it came as an upgrade kit for any number of popular pedal sets. T500 for example.

    • Anonymous

      USB is all we need… Most wheels don’t even have a plug for handbrakes.

  • Nix

    finally i can throw away my joystick handbrake!!!

  • gege

    That’s a great idea but how much does it going to cost? 300 or 400 euros –> very very expensive for just a handbrake made like a real one… people who are going to buy these kind of products should really thinking buying a real racing car and going to trackdays because simulation can be nice, but real driving would never be reached by simulation… the feeling of grip tyres, the smell of you brakes or fuel vapours, ….

    • Den Burnout

      and the feeling of thousands of dollars dissapearing… Lighter wallet makes one faster though!!

    • Anonymous

      Why do you worry so much about the people who are going to buy this ?
      I think they can make their own decisions, no ? 😉

  • Derek Speare

    Here’s the link to my site for DSD Hydraulic Handbrake:

    Orders ship in no more than 30 days from when order is placed. The DSD Hydraulic Handbrake is shipped fully tested and ready to use out of the box (simply refill the reservoir with DOT4 Brake Fluid). It’s fully sealed and all you need to do is mount it up. What’s in the photos is what is shipped.

    International shipments will be made with International Express shipping for 7-day delivery and point to point tracking. US Shipments are US Priority mail – shipping is free for all orders. The component is 335 USD for US Shipments and 385 USD for International Shipments – All orders are shipped free.

    I’ve updated my site since this news post was made as there’s been some good interest in this particular component. I feel there are a number of racing sim enthusiasts who will enjoy this type of handbrake in their sim racing space. 🙂

    • PFMracer

      Please explain how this is a unique work product of your own design? A close review looks like you are using Frex’s parts one for one. Are you licensing his design?

      • Big Tex

        you’re a complete example of being misinformed about what you’re saying and example of why kids should play with computers

      • Anonymous

        What? You need glasses as they dont look exactly the same.

      • DIY4THEWIN

        They look similar because they are using readily available handbrakes from china which are built for drifting. There’s no design. It’s all open source information, if you look for it.

      • Bgis

        Do you think Frex makes all the parts on that E-brake? Go source all the parts required for Assembly and see what it costs to build one unit. Don,t forget people have to be paid a wage to build these products.

  • Anonymous

    Nice project. But there is a line and when that is crossed my hobby will be a obsesion. My wife already thinks its a obsession. If I buy this she would think I got totally mad.

  • Anonymous

    Wow very nice Derek. Top notch looking stuff there.

  • rino demeulemeester

    i am so lucky that I don’t drive rally sims! I would simply have to buy this.
    I see some complaints about pricing. A good handbrake is just as important as some good pedals! No doubt this piece of kit will be top shelve quality as are all DSD products.

  • Guy Moulton

    It’s just a matter of time until rF2 implements dirt physics and rally. I’m going to start saving up NOW 😀


    Save your money, you can make these WAY cheaper than what he is offering them for. Can’t wait to see who others products he decides to reverse engineer. Derek your not fooling anyone.

    • Chris Burk

      I think the whole point of some of Derek’s market is that he’s catering to the sim-racers who have the money to spend or do not wish to deal with the frustrations and trials of building input devices themselves.

      This post reeks of 16-year old jealousy and armchair expertise.

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