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David Coulthard Tries Red Bull Simulator – Video

David Coulthard Tries Red Bull Simulator – Video

Red Bull’s rFactor Pro-powered Formula One simulator is quite well known to sim racers thanks to the team’s steady release of track preview videos featuring drivers Sebastian Vettel & Marc Webber.

Now, the BBC has sent former Red Bull driver David Coutlhard to try out the high tech piece of hardware. Check out the video below for some interesting behind the scenes footage that wasn’t shown in the normal simulator videos as the Scot gives virtual Monaco a try.

  • Arie Beuker, de

    Incredibly boring movie, i cannot stand the fact that we don’t get a long view of him driving a lap.
    We don’t care how David looks like, we want to see the lap!

  • mykem

    I’m sure this video is from BBC coverage of the Monaco F1 race last week and the whole point of it is not so much the sim but the difference in the steering wheel instrumentation when DC was racing and where it is now.

  • Chris Delpinsky

    I’ve ripped it from the qualifying session coverage by BBC.
    I was lucky to find it as I missed the live session on italian television, so I’ve found the whole session coverage online! …I thought it could have been nice to rip and up it on youtube.
    Let’s say the face and words of Coulthard say everything about the difficulty to drive a modern F1.
    And yes.. a whole lap would have been cool to watch, but it’s surely very interesting to follow the mess he’s doing with hundreds of buttons, trying to follow the “race engineer” advices 🙂

  • StarFoXySxv550

    Wow, there’s just no pleasing some people @ VirtualR


  • StarFoXySxv550

    Thanks for the upload, I missed the beginning of Monaco quali, and with it this VT.
    Once again, thanks for the upload. <3

  • Rolando Tillit

    I’m so jelly

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