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Dallara GP2 2011 – First Preview Video

Dallara GP2 2011 – First Preview Video

Koker is working on bringing the 2011-spec GP2 Series car to rFactor and has released a first video, showing the Renault-powered open-wheeler in the showroom and on track.

Build by Dallara, the GP2/11 is the third-generation GP2 series chassis, bringing several design elements from Formula One to the feeder series. That includes a large diffusor, a narrower rear wing as well as Pirelli tires.

  • Dan

    I’m impressed that he’s starting before the season actually begins, it looks like he’s having trouble with physics in the video.

  • Papua

    Frontwing isn’t right at all. 

  • Nikita Fadeev

    He just don’t brake. Never. What a pilot.

  • Deano

    Looks like this could be a very nice mod when compleated.

    But Sadly, there are those who will muck it up with their “Wannabe” F1 paint schemes; provided templates are released.

  • Dan

    How does that annoy you? You’re not forced to race with those skins.

  • xoSx.

    Mirrored GP2 logo on steering wheel and VP helmet skin 😛

    However I’m still looking forward to try it…

  • Hybridesque

    I hope this one is fully realfeel compatible unlike SimCo’s…

  • Deano

    Did I say anything about it annoying me?????

    It’s just a shame people would waste their talent’s turning a mod into something it isn’t.

    I’ll bet your a F1 fan boy and will download every one of them.

  • Dan

    You’re just mad for some dillusional reason.

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