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CXC Kart Simulator – First Video

The simulator experts at CXC Simulations have taken up a new challenge: Building a kart simulator.

The simulator experts at CXC Simulations have taken up a new challenge: Building a kart simulator.

Below is the first proof of concept that already works very well and comes with a lot of advanced features:

  • Full-Motion (Pitch, Roll, Heave)
  • Tactile Vibration Feedback
  • Extremely High Force Feedback Steering System
  • Oculus Rift Visuals (full FOV, 3D, head tracking)
  • Hydraulic Braking System (utilizing the original master cylinder)
  • All Original Controls Function (Shifter, clutch, starter button, etc.)

The guys are now working refining the concept and making it look more presentable. Until then, you can check out a video of the unit in action below!

  • Gulyás Tamás

    Oriculus rift is useless and ridiculous :DDD

    • Arie Beuker, de

      I wonder, what made you come to that conclusion?

      • Gulyás Tamás

        Just look at the video :DDD like an aquanaut lol

        Is this the future ??? I don’t think so …

      • Arie Beuker, de

        Well i for one do think this has potential.
        Only real thing next is gloves with tactile feedback.

        I do not see the use in let’s say, Falcon BMS ,because i cannot press buttons through these goggles as i will not be able to see my keyboard.

      • Attila Kiss

        No problem, voice control 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Is this the future? Absolutely. I have yet to see a single review where the reviewer wasn’t left saying basically “Tighten up the resolution and include positional tracking and you’ll sell a million of em”.

        I’ve demoed the low resolution dev kit and I can tell you that the immersion is beyond ANYTHING you’ll get with triple screens, wrap-around projector screens, multiple projectors, etc.

        It’s beyond anything we’ve seen. You really feel like you’re in the car.

      • Juhan Voolaid

        The immersion with Oculus Rift vs regular screen is astronomical. One problem I am getting with Oculus Rift at current stage, is the motion sickness 🙁

      • MatzeLoCal

        My biggest problem with OR (in iRacing) is “drifting” of the view. But the reason for that could also be, that currently I only have an office chair in front of my wheel.. will be replaced very soon 🙂

      • StarFoxySxv550

        If you are concerned about how you look while sim racing, it probably isn’t the hobby for you anyway.

        Sitting in your room or basement clinging on to a fake steering wheel by no means looks “Cool”, sitting on a motion rig exacerbates this by a factor of ten to the outside world.

        You’ve already passed the welcome sign for nerd town. There’s no turning back now. 😛

      • GamerMuscle

        The Oculus rift is an awesome device even if it some how does not become the default way to game it will still have a huge following.

        the oculus rift makes new game mechanics viable and has the potential to really stir up virtual interactive entertainment.

  • Anonymous

    How much does it cost to buy a kart?

    • Anonymous

      You could probably drive a whole season with a real kart for the price of the simulator.

      • Anonymous

        Depends if you want to win or be a backmarker 🙂

        I’ve heard people ‘scraping by’ on $30k/year early in the ladder. Unless, of course, you’re talking quick rental karts, when you can almost certainly race there cheaper (though just once a week, presumably).

  • Matt Orr

    Probably a bit easier and cheaper than tossing a champ car in your living room. Though significantly less awesome. I’m torn. lol

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