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Cruden Roggel Formula One Demo Run Simulator

Cruden Roggel Formula One Demo Run Simulator

A few days days ago, the Mclaren Formula One Team and Jenson Button visited the Dutch town of Roggel for a demo run organized by Vodafone.

The 2009 Formula One World Champion blazed through the streets of the small town, using a narrow purpose-built circuit for the run.

The simulation experts of Cruden have created a virtual version of the Roggel demo run to be used on their impressive professional-grade motion simulator. Below are videos both of the virtual Roggel street circuit and of the very impressive simulator unit in action.

  • Frans Esselaar

    I have been in this simulator it was really fun, I hated the automatic gears though.
    The event itself was really cool too. I had a place where I could see 2 corners.

  • WiZPER

    Horrible track modding, and looks really laggy – I’d love to own the simulator though 🙂

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