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Copa Promocional ACVRA 1.0 – Released

Copa Promocional ACVRA 1.0 – Released

From Matias Ibar & quitran67 comes Copa Promocional ACVRA, a fictional mod for rFactor. Usually, fantasy mods are not really my thing, this one looked rather cute though.

The mod features a fantasy car which looks suspiciously like a Renault Twingo but on steroids. The cars are fun to drive and the mod features some nice fictional paint jobs. Try it if you like powerful tin-tops.

Download Copa Promocional ACVRA 1.0 Here

Download Sound-Fix Here

  • rasfigjohn

    They look more like Renault Twingo than clio…

  • Montoya

    True, I got confused with all those little Renaults 😀

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