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Comments – Guest Postings Disabled…Again

Comments – Guest Postings Disabled…Again

Recent developments in the comments area have forced me to once again turn off the option to leave guest comments as a handful of posters have been abusing this option for childish behaviour.

In order to post comments, users now have to log into the system using one of the following account types:

– Facebook
– Twitter
– Google
– Yahoo
– Friendfeed

Plenty of you are already doing this and won’t have to change anything, those of you that have been posting using the guest option will have to log-in once with one of the above account options to open their user profile. I know this is somewhat of a hassle but it recent developments have given me no choice.

I believe in the least amount of moderation possible but it seems like some people can’t handle freedom and end up abusing it, ruining the fun for everyone. The comment area has been hosting some very interesting discussions in the past, including postings from developers themselves who use VirtualR to get in touch with the sim racing community. I believe I speak for everyone when I say that this kind of atmosphere can not be ruined by a bunch of users who act like a kids straight out of kindergarten.

Furthermore , I will now instantly ban users using insulting or nonsensical account names such as “The biff is one scared motherfucker”, “troll patrol” etc.

Sign up with a normal username like you would in a forum and act accordingly.. that includes staying away from profanity as well. I understand that arguments can get heated but a certain level of maturity and decency has to be maintained in order for the comments to be fun for everyone.

Once the situation has cooled down, I might consider reopening the guest access in the future, until then I really hope the 98% of you who´ve never caused any trouble won’t mind my decision.

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