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Codemasters DiRT 4 Announced

Codemasters have announced the successor to their DiRT Rally title as DiRT 4 will be the next rally game in line from the British developer.

Codemasters have announced the successor to their DiRT Rally title as DiRT 4 will be the next rally game in line from the British developer.

While DiRT Rally was all focused on classical stage rallying as seen in the World Rally Championship (and subsequent addition of rally cross), DiRT 4 will bring back other forms of off-road racing into the mix that were already part of the first three DiRT titles.

The standout feature of the new title will be what Codemasters calls “Your Stage”, a stage creation tool that will create an infinite numbers of new rally stages based on the players’ parameters.

More details on this unique feature will be revealed closer to the release as DiRT 4 will be coming to the PC, Playstation 4 & Xbox One in June 2017.

  • Dani .

    Stage creator, that’s what some of us where dreamed in rally games. Maybe codemasters was truly hearing the community. I hope this will be a Dirt Rally +

    • Bakkster

      Indeed. If they keep what’s good about Dirt Rally, add a stage creator (presumably randomized within the game, rather than the user picking individual pieces of track), and put the other Dirt items on top (trucks, buggies, etc) with the option to not use them, they’ll have a winning game.

  • zumm

    We want less other forms of off-road racing and more rally. You can’t deny there is a feeling that this title will be even lighter on rally content than Dirt Rally. Gymkhana events blocking career progression in Dirt 3 were just awful.

    • Easy DaRon

      I am thankfull that they have Pro-Trucks and buggies in it again. I loved the arena races in DIRT 2 even more than I enjoyed the rally parts.

    • LooneyJuice

      Other forms of off-road racing I think are totally fine. The problem with Dirt Rally was the fact that the Rallycross stuff was completely out of scope. It was a superficial foray into RX which served barely any purpose other than to connect it with FIA WRX. It was somewhat botched together. The rally content on the other hand I think it satisfactory for what they did with the game. Car-wise, personally, I found all my favorites, could have used some extra stages of course.

      Now, Dirt 4 is being designed as an off-road racing title from the get-go, with hopefully a similar mindset to DR but with more disciplines. They did develop a ridiculous amount of tech just for DR, like the steering wheel support, which is by far and away the best they’ve had. I doubt they’d throw that out the window, it just doesn’t make sense from a development time POV. So, if they can allow you to choose careers, instead of, like you said, throw a wrench into the works with some weird off-brand event, I think it would be more reasonable.

  • Raphael Smith

    They’ve stated the simulation mode will be more realistic than Dirt Rally. I just hope they add VR support!

  • Hurdy Hurdy

    Have the guys who joined CM from the demise of Evolution Studios been involved in Dirt 4, does anyone know?

  • Ayrton

    Woo! Yes! I hope it takes a step back towards Dirt 3 honestly. To me, “Dirt” is at it’s best when it’s a fun game. Yeah, Rally was nice, and it would be cool if they had two separate branches moving forward, but I loved the fun aspects of 3. You didn’t have to worry about being a great driver, I have other games for that. I didn’t care if the courses were a little too wide, and you had a little too much grip, it was a blast. Some of my favorite moments came from playing local splitscreen with a friend and just having a ball. I really hope they bring back the FUN aspects of dirt.

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