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Cobra 2010 for Need for Speed Shift – Previews

Cobra 2010 for Need for Speed Shift – Previews

SETHAlpine, creator of the first ever scratch-made addon car for Need for Speed Shift, is on it again, adding another new car to Slightly Mad Studios’ title.

Below are first previews, showing the 2010 Cobra already in-game. The car is a semi-fictional interpretation of the legendary AC Cobra, one of the most sought-after sports cars of its time.

  • kill4f00d

    Well, you sir, are keeping Shift alive.

  • Jack_NL

    Wauw what a Beast
    awesome model

  • hujunsi

    you see,need for speed was plagued with cars with fictional-ness.Now NFSS is promising but bringing back that fictional spirit would just spoil every thing Slightly Mad has worked hard to archive.But hey,that’s my two cents.

    Burn,baby,burn! :happyevil:

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