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Circuit de la Sarthe for GTR2/rFactor – New Video

YETIsaj has released a new video of his Circuit de la Sarthe for GTR2, rFactor & Assetto Corsa.

Back in 2011, I posted several stories on YETIsaj working on a scratch-made version of the Circuit de la Sarthe, home of the Le Mans 24 Hours.

Since then, he has been everything but lazy as the track has made some amazing progress. Furthermore, YETIsaj is getting some assistance by none other than Aston Martin works driver Darren Turner who, as many sim racers know, also operates the Base Performance simulator center.

The track is planned to be released for GTR2, rFactor and ,after some more development, Assetto Corsa. Below is a new video, showing a lap around the current version of the track.

Located in French city of Le Mans, the Circuit de la Sarthe is a semi-permanent race track used for anual Le Mans 24 Hours race. The track is 13.6 kilometers in length and includes one of the longest straights in motor racing, the famous Hunaudieres, that is a public road for all but one week each year.

  • Patrick McTie

    Looking good.

  • Anonymous

    Very Nice Work…. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    I’m happy to see people still doing work for GTR2 as it is a game I will run for as long as physically possible. which I know will be for a very very long time

  • Lúcio Marques

    That looks freakin excelent! 🙂 Very good work.

    The only issue that I noticed from the video was the lack of a nice skybox (i.e, the background scenery at far distance), other than that… rock on, dude!

  • Anonymous

    Looks quite good, although the guardrails should be redone as the are flat 2D.
    Should be not to much work to make them 3D.

    • YETIsaj

      I tried this in earlier versions but it was an fps killer in DX9. The problem is that the track has a lot of guard rails:

      Each guardrail segment ranges between 0.5-5m in length. As a flat poly it has 2 polys per segment, however as a 3D it will have 42. times that over the length of the track and its a lot of polys just for a barrier.

      Maybe for the AC version I will update them to 3D as DX11 is far better at handling polys.

      • Anonymous

        The guardrails don’t have to be full modeled 3D.. at least have a front/top/backside. That should make it to 6 instead of a flat 2 poly guardrail. No problem for modern machines.
        42 polys for a guardrail is indeed overkill, as you will hardly see the difference from the driver perspective.

      • YETIsaj

        Yea saying 2 polys was a little misleading, if you actually look, they do have a top and back, although there is currently no texture on the back polys. I’m thinking of adding an alpha of the support posts to it.

  • Diego Colafabio

    Amazing job! 🙂

  • Benjamin Dolard

    Looks awesome ! With improved 3D, this should be great in AC 🙂

  • Pablo Coronel

    Will be nice in rf2.

  • Chris Partridge

    Great work!

  • ajrf

    Looks nice.

    Hop that it can have good FPS for old-spec computers

  • horrace

    If it looks that good in gtr2 which has a completely outdated graphics engine, it will look great for the other two. Does anyone know what the top speed for racing cars on the straight?

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