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Circuit de Catalunya 2002-2010 – First Previews

Circuit de Catalunya 2002-2010 – First Previews

About a year ago, Baule released an rFactor conversion of Simbin’s Circuit de Catalunya Barcelona for rFactor.

Now, he’s partnered with Maranellodriver and is working on majorly overhauling the Spanish track, adding reworked trackside objects, new trees, improved mapping and more.

The track will be available in three different layouts, including the layout that is included in GTR2, the layout that was in operation until 2007 and the current version with the added chicane.

Below are plenty of previews of the 2006 version, trackside billboards and other details will differ from year to year.

  • sommergemuese

    rFactor = Converting Platform no. 1 but looks great 

  • cico76

    hello , good news , please don’t forget to set kerbs in turn 4 :  Thank you.

  • Riches

    looking good… only the road surface seems to very flat, almost like a pool table.

  • Flaux

    Really really good. Keep up the good work!

  • Baule

    That curb didn’t exist in 2006, but for 2010 it will be integrated.

  • Ross Siggers

    This is looking brilliant guys, looking forwards to it!

  • jimmy

    This is great but I have one question – why has there never been legally converted GTR2 version of Spa? This tracks is gorgeous in that game. I need some at least decently looking version with good AI line where headlights work perfectly for 24 hour races. On all versions I have there are sections of track where headlights are invisible.

  • Mitos

    Hello Baule. Nice idea & good optimization as usual, I think… What about your plans? What comes track next?

  • Baule

    Hello Mitos. Well, when Barcelona is finished I will be pretty busy with the Seat Leon Supercopa trackpack and Targa Florio…

  • Mitos

    Targa Florio is great choice, good luck! I will follow…

  • Blocka

    Do you ever read the articles? This is much more than a simple conversion.

  • Hannes Ross

    Hi Baule, I liked your work (convert) previous SimBin tracks. But could you add shorter race track aswell?
    What DTM used (ing) @ Barcelona. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

  • Charles Stanley

    Targa Florio FTW!

  • Charles Stanley

    There is one from GT Legends. However it is illegal and if you download it then you are going to hell for eternity.

  • DeDios


  • cico76

    Baule , I say the border (kerbs) in turn 4,  not the new curves 2010.
    These borders do not exist in rF , too bad :

  • Deano

    Stunning work….. I really appreciate people who have a passion for perfection such as this.

  • Baule

    Don’t worry, every version comes with GP- and National layout.

  • Baule

    I know what you mean 😉 . But believe me, this curb (or kerb…) in turn 4 wasn’t there in 2006, it was installed later.

  • BSR-WiX

    Respect…  I love the clean style and sense of detail. A winner IMO

  • DeDios

    Great work! i love it. I’d like to see a proper (legal) conversion of GTR2s Spa. Imho simbin’s Spa is the best available in a sim (except iRacing).

  • kuato

    Looks great! 

  • Aaron Carlisle

    Spa in F12010 is made on top of laser scan data, and is very accurate as well.

  • Dan

    Looking very good, the 2006 version of the track is much better imo.

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