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Check Out Nine New DiRT 4 Previews

Nine new previews of Codemasters’ upcoming DiRT 4 off-road racing title have surfaced.

Nine new previews of Codemasters’ upcoming DiRT 4 off-road racing title have surfaced.

The new previews give us a closer look at the title’s Rallycross content as well as some more classical rallying imagery.

While DiRT Rally was all focused on classical stage rallying as seen in the World Rally Championship (and subsequent addition of rally cross), DiRT 4 will bring back other forms of off-road racing into the mix that were already part of the first three DiRT titles.

The standout feature of the new title will be what Codemasters calls “Your Stage”, a stage creation tool that will create an infinite numbers of new rally stages based on the players’ parameters.

More details on this unique feature will be revealed closer to the release as DiRT 4 will be coming to the PC, Playstation 4 & Xbox One in June 2017.

  • TripleJay_X

    From Codemasters?

    5€ and we have a deal.

    • HammerX

      Have you tried Dirt Rally at all?

    • GamerMuscle

      Dirt rally is a really is a really fun game.

      To be honest of all the up coming multi platform racers Dirt4 is probably the most likely to actually have decent FFB proper wheel and pedal support and handling that resembles that of real cars. I’m quite excited for it and asuming its anything like Dirt Rally I hope it sets a bench mark for other console racers.

      • Filip Carlen

        And F1 2016 was a HUGE step from 2015, 2016 is way more realistic and the handling is good enough to enjoy a simracer as myself. CM has truly stepped up their game the last year, so I have high hopes for Dirt 4.

    • Agony

      tell us what development you will pay ? for me codemasters . simbin.sector3 and kunos have great history.

  • messier

    Sadly, knowing Codemasters, the game will still use the same Dirt1/2/3/Rally physics engine with another dozen of band aids that only cover some issues at the cost of adding some new ones.

    And with the track generator feature they will now have an excuse for not adding more proper tracks (something that is very lacking in Dirt Rally).

    • Lars

      Have you even read anything?

      Dirt Rally physics will be kept.

      • messier

        Yeah like I said, Dirt 3 physics with some band-aids that make driving less forgiving but just slightly less unnatural.

    • Agony

      even if that’s true I don’t see anything bad. it’s good to have dirt rally sim and Dirt 4 simcade

    • Easy DaRon

      If you sadly know Codemasters, why are you buying their games? Just play Richard Burns Rally.

  • jason Subic

    Looking forward to this , enjoyed dirt rally immensely …….F1 2016 was good fun !
    Codies have stepped up in the last year , can only get better with the evolution guys experience to add to the mix .

    • Bloomquist

      Does F1 2016 (PC) still have the keyboard menus or can you mouse click your way through?

  • Kev

    Two things I want are camera controls (for the love of God) and RWD/historic rally cross. No interest at all in modern stuff.

  • Patrik Marek

    that actually looks pretty good, if this drive anything like Dirt Rally, I think this is a must buy for me

    • Memots

      I really hope for a Hardcore mode ( Dirt Rally )
      And normal mode ( Dirt 3 without assist )
      maybe also an easy mode (Dirt 3 with assist ).

      that will keep the Sim guys happy and the console gamepad user happy.

    • Marc Reynolds

      If they could only lift the experience of driving on tarmac to the very high standard it feels on “Dirt / Snow” as well, I would be in heaven, Dirt is a highly rated game for me, much enjoyment had.

      • Patrik Marek

        true, dry tarmac wasn’t as good , as the other surfaces

  • Kev

    Well it looks like my plan to only run courses in Dirt Rally which the cam mod applies to is going to fail since there is only 3 courses! At first I thought there were more but forgot that there are two sprints for each long track so there is only one long track in Whales, two in Finland, although one is much better than the other, and one in Greece. That’s ridiculous. I gained 45 seconds on my second run in Whales. At this rate I will be out of stuff to do in days and rally is already dead now as I’ve already memorized many of the problem areas. I don’t mind Dukes of Hazzard vs Rally but geez. Well at least dynamic track generation will fix that inD4. BUT THE REPLAY CAMS BETTER BE DYNAMICALLY GENERATED TOO!!!!!!!!!! NO MORE ON BOARD REPLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • joe pineapples

      Its the humpback that gets me every time on the Whales course 😉

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