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Check Out More GTR3 Spa Francorchamps Previews

More previews of Simbin Studios UK’s GTR3 title have been released.

Three days ago, Simbin Studios UK announced to revive the iconic GTR franchise by announcing GTR 3.

Now, new previews of the title have surfaced, showing off more of GT3 cars at Spa Francorchamps that were already visible in the first two previews.

GTR3 will be the first serious racing game to use the Unreal 4 engine as base, the only other sim title that has been banking on the popular FPS engine is the unreleased KartKraft title. The Unreal 4 engine will allow GTR3 to feature day & night transitions as well as weather simulation.

Coming to both PC and consoles, GTR3 is planned to strike a balance between simulation physics and accessibility, with the creators citing Codemasters’ Formula One series as an example of the planned direction in terms of handling.

With the full version to be released in 2018, Simbin UK plans to have a playable version available within 6 months time. More information is available at RaceDepartment.

Simbin Studios UK will be continuing the GTR’s franchise heritage that goes back all the way to the SBDT modding team and the iconic GTR mods for F1 Challenge which led to the foundation of the original Simbin Studios that, led by Ian Bell, developed the successful first two installments of the GTR franchise.

  • Alexandre Martini

    weird… shadows and light sources don’t match.

    • TripleJay_X

      …looks like ‘first steps’ in the UT4-Engine 😀

  • Leeman

    The lighting and shadow effects seem a little “over done”. Doesn’t seem quite natural. But it’s a long way off from release so we’ll see how it shakes out over time.

    • delpinsky

      So I’m glad the only one who is not 100% convinced by the lightning and shadows. They way also the surface reflects the light, especially in the Les Combes S curve, gives it a plastic look. They are far from the “woow” effect to me. Maybe because they’re just shots and yet in an early stage, but they don’t have a photorealistic effect at all. In the night shots, the cars doesn’t even have headlights on. Having said that, I really hope they can exploit the Unreal Engine at its best, with the development.

  • pez2k

    So are these ‘target renders’ or actual screenshots?

  • Ayrton

    Dear Simbin, no one is doubting it will look nice, please stop trying to convince us. Show us something about the physics or handling.

    • Mark Quigley

      Someone is just gagging to shout simcade at their monitor 😀

    • noroardanto

      Simbin made it clear in 3rd paragraph, unless you can enjoy Codies F1 series physics/ffb ok, you better don’t hold your breath for GTR3.

      • anonymouse

        Someone should learn how to read because you missed the point by a long shot and the previously poorly written article BY VirtualR from the other day only served as extra fuel for ignorants such as yourself.

        “I think another point we need to take note of is, whilst the PC
        community would love this hard core simulation thing which is fine, as Allan said there is a console community that aren’t going to fully adhere to that. The product at the end of the day needs to appeal to both sides, hardcore racer as awell and the casual gamer. A game that does that really really well is Formula One. I can have fantastic fun in the simulator on PC and I can have just as much fun as a casual gamer on a console. They do it really well. I’M NOT SAYING THAT’S SOMETHING WE ARE GOING TO FOLLOW COMPLETELY, I’m just saying that they’ve done it and it’s possible… The best way to put it is neither side will be forgotten.”

      • noroardanto

        LOL maybe you’re the one who should learn how to read. What makes you think that I consider there’s anything wrong with Codies F1 physics/ffb?. Obviously my post is a respond to Aryton’s who thinks Simbin is not making a clear statement about their physics/ffb dev path.

      • Bulle

        And were is now the Statement about the physics and ffb which lead you to a reply on Arton’s post?!?
        Can’t find it anywhere…

      • noroardanto

        “please stop trying to convince us. Show us something about the physics or handling”

      • melanieuk1

        Thing is you can’t show physics, you have to feel it for yourself, a developer tried that and failed, when they showed chasis flex, and deform tyres, yet no one bought into it, and look where that got them.

        I know you’re just quoting from someone else Moroardanto.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        Sometimes you can see physics. You can see a lot of screwed up behavior in any sim’s videos that don’t match how real cars act. But I agree with you that showing things like chassis flex and deform tires doesn’t automatically make a good sim. Just because you program a feature like chassis flex or deform tires doesn’t mean it works good or improves the physics. You’re right not a lot of people fall for it but a lot of people do because they think more numbers thrown into a program makes it automatically more realistic they get lured into thinking xxx sim or yyy sim is the best because of some tire model coding video they just finished watching or hearing about some new tire carcass programming on a new sim so it now must be so much more realistic according because they see more numbers and complexity automatically = more realistic car behavior.

  • faybn

    These Tilt-Shift-Shots make it look like toys. Not a good decision.

    • Bulle

      yeah – agree on that… I guess it should be a DoF-Effect but it is not 100% correct at the moment… a bit to much an not effecting every object… but well – for a very early stage, it’s look really great…

      The things we can see at the moment are from a technoligie-test done by sector3 I’d guess – a few pics from that where released in march last year.

      Some of you guys might remember this Picture?

  • Yamin Namsan

    Screenshots. Those five look nice but I would rather see about 100 per second.

  • Rlee


    • Raphael Smith

      Why do you say that? There’s nothing that impressive about them. They don’t look any better than any other unreal engine 4 game.

      • Marco Hooghuis

        Simbin has a reputation for ‘improving’ the pictures they release. Take a look at pre release shots from R3E for instance.

  • Chillisteak

    This game is looking sweet!
    Given it’s coming from the iconic Simbin I have high hopes for it, only thing I really hope they throw in is some sort of organised/scheduled multi-player. To really give the hardcore racers somewhere to be without the hassle of organizing it ourselves.

  • melanieuk1

    Nice proof of concept build Simbin/Sector3, and let’s be honest here, if we’d left it up to ISI and they was to use the dated 16 year old (probably older) Gmotor engine, nothing would have improved and they would have still forced us to use their old Victorian technology.
    Glad Simbin saw the light of day and knew using old dated tech would be a disaster. Now if they can tune the visuals so that we can get the KartKraft “Photo Realistic” visual’s then all should be good for Simbin.

    • Richard Hessels

      Here it goes again. S3 did a lot of new coding on Raceroom from the original rF1 source. It’s build modular, so you can pick out a piece of code and enhance or totally re-write it. Your PC’s processor is still running party on pieces of code from the early 70’s!

  • AL_D

    How can some of you “hardcore sim” guys can judge if a game is hardcore sim or not, if u still fight like little children that AC, iRacing, Project Cars or RF2 is the most hardcore sim… They are all G A M E S!!! And tbh, these screenshots are looking most beautifull of all of those “sims” so i hope the rest of the game will be good like that, if it is 100% sim or not does not matter…

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