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Check Out First DirectX 11 Previews Of Endurance Series For rF2

Enduracers are working on upgrading their Endurance Series rFactor 2 mod to DirectX 11.

With rFactor 2’s DirectX-equipped beta out for a while, modding teams are starting to adapt to the new possibilities and among them is one of the most famous – Enduracers.

The team has released new previews, showing DirectX 11 updates to their very popular Endurance Series mod.

The preview shots show new shaders & other bells & whistles at work that will come as part of a future update for the mod. Furthermore, the team is also working on bringing their Speed 6 mod up to DirectX11 spec as well.

Until the new version is out, you can download Endurance Series for rFactor 2 here.

  • Rantam

    Best mod for rF2 at the moment, so glad to see they’re already updating it to DX11. Thx Enduracers! 🙂

    • arcovk

      Thank you!

  • F1Racer

    Great stuff !! Good to see Enduracers on the ball as always. Very much looking fwd to this.

    • RapidRefund

      This is why they are a top 3rd party but developer.

  • DeV

    That night show looks amazing ;O

    • legion

      It looks decent, at most.

      • DeV

        You opinion, I like it

      • JES

        The headlight bokeh effect is totally excessive, mod maker should tune the headlight textures down a bit.

  • George ASR

    Looks great can’t wait.

  • dd101

    Nice blur! Perfect way to hide that ugly track textures from 90x

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