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Check Out Brand New Assetto Corsa Competizione Previews

Kunos Simulazioni have released brand new screenshots of Assetto Corsa Competizione, the official Blancpain GT Series title.

Right in time for the series’ Monza round, Kunos gives us a close look at a full field of cars racing around the iconic Italian Grand Prix circuit, including a healthy selection of cars from manufacturers such as Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren & Audi.

The cars can be seen racing in wet conditions as changeable weather is one of the title’s main features, powered by the Unreal 4 Engine. Given the nature of the series it simulates, the title will also feature driver changes, an often-requested feature from online leagues.

Speaking of online, Assetto Corsa Competizione will also come out with a fully fleshed-out multiplayer part, including an iRacing-like player ranking system.

Assetto Corsa Competizione will be coming to Steam Early Access this summer.

  • noroardanto


  • melanieuk1

    My Two favorite developers, Kunos and Slightly Mad Studios pushing and evolving the sim racing genre.

    • le seb

      “Kunos and Slightly Mad Studios pushing and evolving the sim racing genre.” lol it’s joke!! I know you’ll rage as usual but all kunos features or sms are on rf 1 & 2 for a long time by far the best simulation sim-coders
      sms and kunos have nothing more than a nice license or pretty graphics nothing else!
      I look forward to ACC ,n but I know that the physics is going to be the same tenit kunos pity even if it is already well

      • Olivier Prenten

        You mean iRacing did it a long time ago before rF1… 😉

      • le seb

        no rf1 2005 GTR2 2006 iracing 2008 😀

      • melanieuk1

        Get off your parrot brainwashed soap box, I’m talking game play features, like a career mode, leader board, friends leader board, custom championship, and in game championships, not sim racing features like reverse grid and flag rules, those typical features that you think will draw in more people, but will not.

        Apart from the older ISI titles, like their F1 and Nascar titles, no other ISI motor engine powered sim, other than GTR2, as included those features, slightly mad studio has included a career mode, leader board, friends leader board, time trials against friends, custom championships, and kunos though minimal have some sort of career mode, leader board, time trials and custom championship game play features.

        The current ISI motor engine sims, like those licensed by Reiza, Sector 3 Studio and 397 Studio doesn’t have those features, they are just plain sandbox sims, the same old sandbox sims that have been sold to the simracing community for the past nearly 20 years, it’s about time they add game play features to attract new customers, Iracing doesn’t have any form of game play feature, not even ai, features that will keep customers playing, after they’ve had enough of just the play old sandbox feature of selecting a car a track, setting up the lap times, the time of the day, then you race, there’s no sense of achievement in those old sandbox sim racing titles, they can only hold ones interest for a limited time, before they start to get boring and repetitive.
        Especially when they all do the same thing, and add nothing new to the game play, apart from updated physics this tweaked physics that, in all the patch notes constantly.

      • le seb

        “Get off your parrot brainwashed soap box”
        you who say the same nonsense for years on sims based isi… I laugh…

        because 90% of simracers play online we totally don’t care about championships and co…we get bored when we all stay alone in his corner, but with friends and a big league it’s the must, pcars is good for console and solo players no more,
        Of course, you don’t have to be a bitter player who stays in his corner…

      • melanieuk1

        90% so who are you speaking for.
        Right now as I type this reply to you, 3,212 people are playing Assetto Corsa, surely 3,212 people are not racing online.

        Just like 1,710 people playing project cars 2 cant be racing it online, I’m sure many are playing in single playermode, championship, custom champions ship in both pcars 2 and ac, I’m 100% sure I have more friends on steam that own various simracing titles, and you are not speaking for them, those friends will also purchase every single dlc for those racing titles.

        so again with such a huge figure 90% who are you speaking for?

        you’re so brainwashed and have a fixation in slagging off console users and calling a racing sim a console title if it doesn’t fit your narrow minded view of what a simracing title is, it’s sure more than just physics.

        No wonder the titles you mentioned are doing so bad, in player base and income they generate, with a narrow minded views such as yours they will fold in no time.

        Kunos and Slightly Mad Studios, ARE evolving the simracing genre, more than any developer that licenses the ISI motor engine, live with it.

      • le seb

        Have fun with your arcade crap in solo

      • melanieuk1

        “Have fun with your sms arcade crap in solo”

        You have a school “BOY” childish mentality.

        Have fun with your struggling simracing titles, that all use the same engine, feel the same, offering the same no game play feature, and brings nothing new to the table.

      • Kris Baxter

        career mode is overrated and poorly implemented. Custom championships, atleast for offline, whilst promised by Ian, did not materialize in PC1 or 2, and that is solely why I no longer play it.
        AC atleast does now have custom seasons, which makes it more palatable, but the problem with AC is the lack of speed immersion.
        Sadly, the 2 most hyped games, atleast for me, are the two I no longer play, as R3E holds my attention now.
        Though ACC does look intriguing and no doubt I will give it a go.

      • melanieuk1

        Don’t use my post to cry if the truth hurts you, make your own post and praise your favourite developer.
        Your views means nothing to me, obviously my views means the world to you other wise you would have ignored it, and carried on playing your sim of choice.

      • le seb

        true but “Kunos and Slightly Mad Studios pushing and evolving the sim racing genre.” sorry!! not possible!!

  • ImageArtSigns .

    Another Title I will be adding to my collection….looking absolutely fantastic.

  • varis11

    Instant buy.

    • zumm

      Gravel is on UE4

  • VirtuaIceMan

    Just needs some wet weather spray effects now.

    …shameless self plugging for one of my ongoing YouTube efforts:

  • BernL

    Keep going…I was liking it….

  • Leeman

    Looks awesome. It’ll all come down to physics.

    • Sam

      Hopefully but it runs on the Unreal 4 Engine so i doubt it. Physics wise I guess if it’s not as bad as AC it will most likely be even worse…

      • elbastardo

        Doesn’t mean they have to use UE4’s physics engine for the driving simulation. Maybe for collisions and such but UE4 has no tyre modelling, transmission modelling, engine modelling or anything of the sort so for sure it’s coming from their existing physics engine or similar.

  • Patrik Marek

    loooks pretty nice

  • Glen Orpheus

    looks just peachy, but i hope the main focus isn’t the rain and night like its appearing to be, most public servers are full of people who can’t drive on a dry tarmac! when this hits the shelves, god help us all (“,)

    • melanieuk1

      The focus on those features are for advertisement purposes as this is what the community wanted in assetto corsa, changeable weather, rain, day and night racing.

      Now that the “screenshots” are focusing on those features, the likes of you are moaning that the majority of screenshots are focusing on those features.

      • Glen Orpheus

        I think if you read my comment again properly this time you will realise that in fact I have not moaned once, but instead I attempted some kind of joke (sorry I’m no pro comedian)
        However you have misinterpreted what I’ve wrote and felt the need to jump down my throat with negativity.
        Enjoy you’re day (“,)

  • DeV

    All looks great but I want to see specs, options menu, controls menu, list of supported devices, how many devices at one, etc. This is new engine, engine that don’t have great record with raw input and mouse acceleration

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