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Champ Car World Series 2007 1.0 – Released

Champ Car World Series 2007 1.0 – Released

Following the improved Long Beach 2007, iDT has released their 2007 Champ Car World Series Mod for rFactor.

The mod brings us the very final season of Champ Car racing as the series merged with the IRL in 2008. It contains the Ford-powered Panoz DP01 chassis which was introduced for the 2007 season.

The mod includes all cars of the 2007 season plus some early season 2008 liveries and a bunch of fantasy cars. The car comes with plenty of upgrade options including sounds, steering wheel, rims and more. All in all a very well made mod that you don’t want to miss if you´re a fan of Champ Cars or powerful open-wheelers in general.

On a more serious note, this mod is dedicated to iDT founder Pierre Pelonero who’s battling cancer right now. Pierre, all our hearts are with you – There’s more important stuff than sim racing. Furthermore, this mod is also dedicated to Paul Newman whose Newman-Hass team was a cornerstone of Champ Car racing for many years.

Download Champ Car World Series 2007 1.0 Here

Download Champ Car World Series 2007 1.0 Here – Mirror

  • trebor901

    This has to be one of THE greatest mods around for rFactor, love it, the cars are so nice to drive. Well done IDT great work as always.

  • stabiz

    Sweet looking cars.

  • superapex

    Nice… so who is going to create the VirtualR racing league for these cars? That would be awesome. Mimic the actual 2007 racing schedule and for realism… make Portland a standing start. How many votes to start up a VirtualR Champcar 2007 league?

  • amgsport

    Hummm – great idea – your league would have a nice turnout Montoya. Count me in, dependent on race day/time.

  • Montoya

    I´m afraid you´re asking the wrong guy. I rarely race online and I have absolutely no idea on how to run a league :weird:

  • superapex

    I can see it now: if you would host the space.. I’m sure we could get someone to volunteer their web skills and the only thing we need is a league manager to tally points and officiate… I’ve helped manage some rfactor kart leagues before I’d be willing to help. The previous poster is correct I think we’d have a pretty good turn out

  • zudthespud

    This is MOTY for me, a must have definateley.

  • stabiz

    Yeah, its good. I havent tried it very much yet, but I really like all the available upgrades. More mods should have optional rims and stuff.

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