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Category-System Revised

Category-System Revised

With the blog growing and growing, I decided it was time to overhaul the categories. The former system of splitting content in sim racing, screenshots and misc was not made to handle as much content as I have now so it was time for some changes:

Screenshots have been moved to Misc and all main simulations have their own category now. Biggest benefit is that you can instantly see what sim the item is about by reading the “Posted in: ” part under each post.

That should make stuff much easier for people just looking for stuff about a single sim. Other ways of navigating through the blog are the tag cloud on the lower left or the search in the top bar.

  • Crobol

    Hi i’m EricPlana (aka crobol) from Barcelona.
    Thanks by this change, now is more easy to knowwhat about we read.

    Did you see my precedent message about this?


  • Paul Kelly

    Very smart move, man. Keep up the good work!

  • Montoya

    Hi Eric

    Yes I did, you sent your mail right during my process of splitting the categories 😉

    Didn`t you get my answer?

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