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CART Factor Prologue 1.01 – Released

CART Factor Prologue 1.01 – Released

Racing Line Developments has released a small patch for their CART Factor Prologue mod for rFactor.

The patch includes a whole bunch of small fixes for issues that may have spoiled the CART experience a little for some of you.


– Fixes game crashing in DX8 with Arciero Wells and PacWest cars
– Increases number of opponents in rFM
– Matched maximum steering lock angle between chassis
– Fixed the Handford Device-equipped cars becoming loose in the draft
– Numerous small graphical fixes
– Incorrect *.veh vehicle descriptions fixed
– Couple other bits and bobs

Important: You need to have version 1.0 installed to use this patch!

Download CART Factor Prologue 1.01 Here

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