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CART Factor – Features & Readme Released

CART Factor – Features & Readme Released

Racing Line Developments will be releasing their CART Factor mod for rFactor tomorrow, adding the 1998 CART Championship season to the simulation.

Ahead of the release, RLD has published the mod’s readme file that contains lots of valuable info you want to know before get going. Info included covers installation, setting up your car, Force AI & Feedback settings and more.


  • 29 cars from the 18 teams of the 1998 CART season
  • Four distinct engine brands
  • Two tyre brands with unique characteristics
  • Reynard 98I, Swift 009c, Penske PC27 and Lola T98/00 chassis
  • Full road course, short oval, speedway and super-speedway (Handford) aero packages
  • Accurate aero distribution, downforce and drag values, utilising CFD and wind tunnel verified data
  • True-to-life suspension models
  • Advanced tyre model
  • Real setup ranges
  • Full, optimised DX7, DX8 and DX9 support
  • Full RealFeel support

Click Here to Visit the CART Factor Readme

  • F1_fan_1

    Thats’s some good news! 😎

  • Stephen

    My most awaited mod, finally here \o/
    Thanks everybody at RLD

  • FooAtari

    Nice one!

    This might be the mod that tears me away from iRacing. I have been REALLY looking forward to this for ages.

    Why do you have to pick a weekend where I am going to be really busy?!?

    Guess I should see what tracks from the 98 season are available.

    Its pretty depressing comparing CART as it was then to what the IRL is now. IRL needs a major revamp.

  • paupau

    Best news since.. well, a long time 😉 :sd:

  • Gerdoner

    The feature list does sound very good indeed 🙂

  • commodore

    Something’s wrong, there’s months until Christmas…

  • JGoenR

    Finally! It’s almost here… :happy:

  • GeraArg

    😮 😮 😮 😮 :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

  • f1lover

    Congrats guys.. Nick as always Great Job!!!

  • dknine

    im looking forward to this mod aswell! :sd:
    great stuff guys 😎

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