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Can You Beat One of Project CARS’ Fastest Drivers?

Slightly Mad Studios have invited one of Project CARS fastest drivers, Jonathan “Cluck” Le Clercq, to lay down a new challenge for the community.

Slightly Mad Studios have invited one of Project CARS fastest drivers, Jonathan “Cluck” Le Clercq, to lay down a new challenge for the community.

All Project CARS racers are invited to try and beat Cluck’s 2:00.932 lap at Rouen les Essarts in the Lotus 49 Formula One car.

The track choice is no coincidence as the studio has recently published a very extensive writeup on the historic significance of this iconic and dangerous French venue.

Check out the article here and give the hotlap challenge a try afterwards!

  • melanieuk1

    “Slightly Mad Studios have invited one of Project CARS fastest
    drivers, Jonathan “Cluck” Le Clercq, to lay down a new challenge for the

    How about they invite their coders to fix the broken mess that is this game.
    Server shows 103 server but they are all locked or password projected and none of them are populated, new users think the multiplayer part of this game is dead because of the server bug, even empty servers throw a error message and you cant join them.

    Instead of boasting how many unit they have sold, fix the bloody bugs that have plagued this game since release day, it’s like a new bug is discovered everyday.

    Take a note out of Sector 3 Studios book and fix the bugs in a game that people have paid for and stop this community challenge bs.

    • Hogarth Kramer

      What does one guy driving and maybe 15 minutes of posting a recording of it have to do with what the developers are doing? You think they’re all sitting around watching? Or do you just wander around looking for any occasion to gripe?

      • melanieuk1

        This is the first time I’ve said anything negative about project CARS, I’m a true fan of theirs and have chosen to ignore the many bugs that have plague this game, but enough is enough, don’t expect me to brown nose them when like everyone else has been saying since day one, this game IS full of game breaking bugs, no other racing sim on the market as “Game breaking bugs” like project CARS, at least S3S fixes theirs, cant say that about SMS.

      • anonymouse

        Although, calling you optimistic about them actually bothering to fix the game is an understatement.

        Why fix a broken game when you can earn more money by selling another game instead?

      • melanieuk1

        I’m not optimistic its going to get fixed, I know its not.
        there are loads of server both private and open public, but for some unknown reason you have to spend hours ( no kidding) hours refreshing before the server browser shows those open public servers, once you actually connect to an open server and leave the game, then it shows more open public servers, no wonder a new user would think the online part of Project CARS is dead, I even tried connecting to a empty public server, after refreshing Six times and got this error message.
        “Failed to join the game. The multiplayer session is full or no longer available” this was a empty server, yes I chose to support them and ignore the bugs because they are a British company, I’ll still support them in their next game, but please SMS fix the bugs…..wishful thinking.

      • RapidRefund

        Well I agree that bugs need to be addressed and due to the fact they are at work with the sequel that they would be addressing those issues in the efforts of their next title release and as those things are fixed worked into their current project that those fixes could easily be added to CARS 1. However my usage style of the game I don’t come across bugs but will not debate with those experiencing them that they do in fact exist,

    • Leynad

      Multiplayer in pCars is broken anyway from day one and they even introduced other bugs with their “patches” like the broken chat-system. They never patched their broken physics with some cars like the Audi R8 V10 or that you always be faster running minimum-camber, so more the opposite of RL. I really liked pCars in the beginning, but for me it seems they broke many things after the release like driving in the rain. Even the FFB seems much better with release and got worse.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      Can’t say the same about the PS4 version. First month was rough but it’s been almost totally bug free since. They fixed it quite quickly.

      Surprising considering PC was their only platform for years during early access but they sold a hell of a lot more copies on console so it makes sense to cater to the bigger market.

      • MC

        Really? The Xbox ver. was awful for ages, by the time it was fixed I had lost interest.

  • Jovica Ilic

    So, this is all that is left from Project Cars until the new game.. great

  • MC

    So were Nic’s times not challenging enough? 😛

  • RapidRefund

    Cool! Cluck was a big asset to the development of Project CARS glad to see this challenge in his honor.

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