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C.A.R.S. – Audi R18 TDI Render

C.A.R.S. – Audi R18 TDI Render

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new render of their upcoming, community-funded, C.A.R.S. project, revealing a brand new car as we get to check out the Audi R18 TDI LMP1 Le Mans Prototype.

Following the first renders that revealed the Lotus 49 Formula One car, this is the first time we get to see a modern race car in C.A.R.S. The R18 TDI is powered by a V6 Turbo Diesel engine, it won this years’ Le Mans 24 Hours race after making its competition debut at Spa Francorchamps just a month earlier.

Interestingly, the car sports a completely fictional paint scheme without any Audi logos, this may very well be a sign of licensing still being worked on in the background as SMS revealed in a past article.

C.A.R.S., which stands for Community Assisted Race Sim, is a new project by Slightly Mad Studios that will allow sim racers to invest in an upcoming simulation title. In return, the investors will get to have a major say in the direction the title will be taking, get development builds and get to follow a completely transparent development process that shows the SMS team at work.

Update: High resolution preview added.

  • Nuno Paulo

    Such a beauty 🙂

  • Nuno Paulo

    By the way, where can i download the high resolution picture?

  • Marcel Offermans

    I would appreciate it if SMS would actually provide more information about how they are going to open up their development process and explain us exactly how we can participate. Can we for example go and visit their offices and be present at meetings, watch their developers work on the software, etc.? So far all we got are a few very nice renders, which don’t tell us very much.

  • SMS

    Here’s a higher res shot.

  • BSR-WiX

    A very beatifull render. However, it would be nice to get some more info on the game itself. The sim engine, the GFX engine, Moddability… stuff like that. I love nice renders, but it does not really relate to the sim itself. so i hope we get some more practical info .

  • Ricoo

    This looks perfect. I am eager to test it on track. 🙂

  • Peter Munkholm

    ARRRHHH! That car scares me every time! First the evil preview photos. Then the evil crashes with supernatural strength that had every one survive. Nail biting close victory… I can’t take much more!

  • James Crawshaw


  • Steve Farrell

    I hope they arent concentrating on racing cars only. I am fed up of modders concentrating on racing cars mostly. i like to drive rioad cars too and not just the fast cars. i enjoy driving the slower cars too. Saying that , that render is amazing. My computer would go into cardiac arerest if I tried to render that on it.

  • George Neill

    I would agree. How many beautiful renders have we seen that were not representative of the end product? It seems a bit dubious to ask people to contribute money to develop a game without a solid plan in mind that includes a graphics/physics engine, etc prior to releasing eye candy (that the game may or may not ever be able to match).

  • George Neill

    Shame on me. I did go back and re-read some of the past entries regarding physics/graphics, etc. Still, I would be careful about rendering a bunch of cars, etc. without determining whether there is enough interest to produce such a project. Getting people’s hopes up with renders, etc and generating interest in the project itself are two different things. That being said, the model does look spectacular. Has anyone heard anything about the multiplayer support and plans for the game? Would this compete in the same realm as Iracing or the like, with dedicated servers?

  • Heimdall Exus

    Nicely done

  • sommergemuese

    Looks so great. CARS > rFactor 2

    (Just MY opinion you dont need to flame me rf fanboys)

  • Alex Ventura

    Would prefer if the comunity did this when Racing Legends was still in development…

  • Francesco Kasta

    Time will tell. At this point it is still just speculation…

  • mykem

    Good one 🙂

  • Ed Luna aka eddiespag

    Thank you.

  • Justin ForzaBarça D’Cruze

    AHHH come to daddy

  • Aaron Carlisle

    Based on what, graphics? lol  You crack me up.

  • svizzy

    it’s in game guys. (menu or something) so not really a render.
    another thing ian wrote “On the Ferrari game, expect some interesting news very soon.”

  • Vapaaneuvos Johannes Rojola

    No to talk about also seeing more vintage stuff…

  • ToFast

    The car is Perfect, what is needed is to test the game now!

  • DeDios

    looks incredible. Fantastic job.

  • Markus Ott

    I hope SMS keeps up their style from the Shift games and will bring a complete LMS field and not only single cars. Damn, a competitive online LMS and I would freak out. And I hope they don’t try to compete with iRacing or rFactor 2 in regards to realism. Just make it realistic AND drivable.

  • Firestarter

    This just proves that SMS got a couple of great 3D modellers, but their game engine based on the Shift series is really lacking in the graphics department compared to lets say Codemasters Grid 3. The graphics is not sharp enough and there is to much flares and post-processing effects that ruins the natural look and sharpness.

  • Marcel Penzkofer

    Very nice 3D model. I only hope they get rid of fantasy/fictional-liveries and get real ones instead.

  • Silly(c)One

    iRacing is much more “drivable” than Shift, mate… And how could you possibly know how rFactor2 drives ???

  • Slawomir Wiszczor

    I think it’s just a render from MAX and that’s the way it look nice. Show as some in game screenshots!!

  • Silly(c)One

    What is amazing is the anal need to compare everything all the time…

  • Silly(c)One

    Go play some Forza or GT5, then… Yes, mate, sim-racing IS about… RACING !!!

  • svizzy

    probably not gonna happen. revenue will come from in-game advertising

  • Silly(c)One

    You want to watch the developpers ??? Where do you think you are, at the zoo ?

    When I was still working as a developper, I’d have killed anyone getting close while I’m concentrating on hard assed algorythms…

    You cracked me up for sure 😎

  • Steve Farrell

    He’s been to the future and played rFactor 2.

  • Steve Farrell

    Sim racing is’nt just about fast cars. Its my right to play whatever game I want. Do you thrive on being arrogant and rude?

  • Steve Farrell

    I just saw your post that you used to be a developer. That explains why you are so arrogant. A lot of developers are arrogant and greedy , but not all developers are like this. Also somebody that is rude like that to me is no mate of mine.

  • Steve Farrell

    This coming from the guy who told me to go play forza.

  • Markus Ott

    well…no. How about not mixing up realism and feeling with drivability in terms of jump in and have fun. feel the car. being able to drive many laps in a row on the edge.

  • sandboxgod

    Grid 3??? What are you talking bout? 

  • SergeantBoner

    Man oh man, you need to take that pineapple out of your rectum Steve and chill down, you cant let things go and you seem to be wanting to starts things as well…

  • Nismo

    I think he maybe means DIRT3 but for me he is wrong if he does mean DIRT3. SHIFT2 in DX9 was superiour graphically to DIRT3 in DX11 by a fair bit. DIRT3 is very bland and dull and SHIFT2 possibly has the best lighting/graphics seen so far in any sim IMO.

  • John Lennon

    Mr. Ian Bell,in your team is Eero Piitulainen if im not in wrong,father of RBR physics,you have great chance to create ultimate sim game.Dont allow  investors to have influence on physics

  • Nuno Paulo

    iRacing is by far more “drivable” than shift(1 or 2).

  • Steve Farrell

    I am chilled. It just gets me when somebody tells me to go play gran turismo , forza or some other racing game when I say I like to race the slower road cars as well as the faster cars.

  • kkacper

    After seeing my favourite Le Mans car of 2011 it’s sold to me! I’ve been looking for quiet a bit for mod for any game without luck, was going to donate money anyway but now it’s even more enforced by my mind 😀

  • Chris Wright

    I wish the developers nothing but success with their venture, but it never ceases to amaze me how a render like this can be taken to mean anything at all. Who could ever forget those two guys in England many years ago, who tried to sell a sim concept with a few, admittedly awesome, renders. I’d personally need to see a working demo before even thinking about parting with some money.

  • BSR-WiX

    If you have some money to spare, We have 50 WSGT2 renders. You would be the first to decide parting money based on a render   🙂 .

    ( Dont get me wrong, i wiould really like to see this project succeed ) 

  • Alex Ventura

    West Brothers. Their website is still up though 😐

  • SMS

    Good point. We’ve never shipped anything…

  • kkacper

    of course the WSGT2 renders are great and I love them, had the Aston One-77 for the wallpaper for few months in fact on my pc, but just something about that C.A.R.S. project is really getting me into 🙂  , and I really would like to see where they are going with this 🙂

  • sandboxgod

    Hm, I still don’t have Dirt 3 on my PC but I do have the PS3 version and it looks awesome. I’m not going to pick between them. Shift 2 PC does indeed look very stunning as well. Can’t choose  =-X

  • Mike Coleman


    These aren’t just “some guys”. This is SMS. Every heard of GTR? GTL? GTR2?

    These guys have a proven track record when it comes to sim racing titles.

  • sommergemuese

    Uhm waht? I never told anyone to play Forza or GT for sure! I htae consoles

  • Matt Simons

    Guys it’s not a MAX render

    Quote from Ian Bell

    “These are ‘garage/menu’ shots. We’re aiming for the in game experience to be every bit as good with full DX 11.”

  • Big Ron

    Yeah, but garage/ menu shots are still something different to real ingame shots. You can use much more polygons, texture resolution and effects for the garagescenes than you can for the ingame race tracks and car fields, just because the scene is focused on one car.

  • Steve Farrell

    I was talking about Silly(c)One

  • Ogre

    Does Ian has some blog or sg? Where can I read his comments?

  • svizzy

    but you have to be registered i think.(too lazy to log out and try it out for you)

  • Markus Ott

    Time for SMS to open a forum just for CARS. Giving out information on some exterior forums where not everyone can see what they write is BAD.

  • Chris Wright

    Let me firstly say that I have purchased all the Simbin games, from the get go right up to most of the latest add-ons and still play them regularly, like almost every night. The force feedback, in particular, is absolutely without equal. As a predominently offline racer, there is nothing I have ever played that even comes close.

    Please don’t take my comments as negative. You can thank the West Brothers for my antipathy towards nice looking renders. For me, your project would be a more convincing investment if you were to put out some kind of technology demo, showing what your new game engine brings to the party. I hope that is in your plans.

    I would most of all like to see a base game that works in a similar way to Flight Simulator X or Railworks 2, creating a solid base platform that affords a viable business model for the emergence of professional sim race mod developers. Some will say that rFactor fulfils that need, but it is now old tech and, to be honest, the videos we have seen of rFactor 2 look, to me at least, rather less than convincing. But we cannot judge that situation until release.

    I’m sure I speak for many here when I say that the hobby really needs some completely solid add-ons related to sports car racing – late 60’s/early 70’s – Group C era (most of all) and present day Le Mans. Hopefully that will happen with your new venture and I wish you the very best of luck with it.

  • Chris Wright

    Thanks for the heads up Alex. I didn’t realise that old chestnut was still hanging around 🙂 

    When you think these ideas were put forward in 2003, the graphical detail shown would, even now, bring most PC’s to their knees. 

    What I will say, though, is that some of the ideas put forward were very good indeed. A shame it never happened.

  • logos

    You don’t need registration to read the Nogripracing forum.

  • Lukas Kvietkauskas

    thats just… jaw-dropping ;o

  • Ogre

    Thanks. I’m curious about SMS doing something really “unleashed”.

  • Mike Coleman


    The game is going to be free-to-play so there’s no need for a demo.

    They will make their money with microtransactions for new content.

    It won’t cost you a single penny to play the finished product.

  • Mike Coleman

    Ok everyone listen:

    The game will be free-to-play!

    There’s no need for a demo. The finished product will not cost you one cent.

    They are going to make their money through microtransactions for new content (cars and tracks).

    If you like it, great. Buy the addon content. If you don’t like it, no worries. You haven’t spent any money.

  • Nathan Robinson

    actually steve, to quote you, you said “I am fed up with modders concentrating on RACING cars mostly” What type of reaction did you expect by posting that on a sim RACING site?? I actually agree with sillyone 🙂

  • Nathan Robinson

    I love how we get this awesome looking render and people eat their wahburgers and piss and moan about this and that. I’d say this is a pretty nice looking start to an exciting project. Bring on more info!!

  • sandboxgod

    With all do respect not sure why you got so upset here cause those games do specialize in having lots of road cars. Sure he could have been more polite bout it but its true. Only problem is the console games are obviously not as flexible & powerful as a PC sim. For instance, you cannot customize how your grid car selections is configured when you do an offline race in the console games (then again maybe Forza 3 allows it but GT5 doesnt)

  • Alex Ventura

    No prob, I came across their website (again) only 2 months ago while i was googling for “the most anticipated sim game ever”… or something in those lines 🙂 while is was compiling info on a microtransactions simracing project.

    I think that the point C.A.R.S. defensors are missing is that we’re not bringing down SMS just because we’re in the mood for it. We know their awesome track record. We know they were responsible for GTL.
    We just have no clue what we’re putting our money into. All we’ve got is a couple of renders.
    Maybe it’s just poor marketing, or excellent marketing – depends on which side we’re in.

    Ideas? They’re for free and they come aplenty.- ask any guy in the gaming business.
    Capability? We’ve got some seriously capable guys among the modding community, just look at the WSGT2 guys or Arnold Wong by himself. Budget? Well RoR is for free, LFS was created by 3 guys, both Racer and X-Motor Racing were created by one guy… Simbin used to be a modding team. Etcetera.
    Maybe it’s time the modding community got together and made a project by themselves.

    With all that being said, I hope SMS proves me wrong and deliver a great simracing title, honestly.

    @ Mike: My idea of asking money from the simracing community to create a game has nothing to do with game content, but with technology.

  • Chris Wright

    @Mike, fair point but I was under the impression they were looking for investors? Therefore, like any financial proposal, they need to dot the i’s and cross the t’s somewhat more comprehensively than a couple of renders. I’m sure we will see more as it progresses.

  • Chris Wright

    Wih respect, I don’t think you’re understanding SMS’s proposal. Marcel is pointing out that the information is currently a bit thin and, as they are inviting community investment, everyone interested wants to know what the package is they’re being offered before making any sort of commitment. 

    As far as visiting developers is concerned, Codemasters recently held an invitation only open day for the community to try out F1 2011, so it has been done before.

  • Uff

    This is exactly what they are going to do. They’re just waiting to have all the legal things sorted out, so that they can put online their website as explained here.

  • Steve Farrell

    Are you saying NKPro isnt a racing sim then? Its got two slow cars in the list.

  • Steve Farrell

    I didnt ask for a load of road cars but a few road cars would be nice. The only thing missing from the PC is a decent racing sim that has Road cars in it.

  • Arnold-Carter Kingpong Wong

    currently I am modeling a 2011 Porsche GT3 RSR as a final car for the project in my free time…… you will need to change the wallpaper soon =P

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