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Building A Driving Simulator – Video Tutorial

Gregg Langnese has released an impressive video tutorial on how to build an amazing simulator.

About a year ago, Gregg Langnese posted several videos of his very impressive simulator that was build with a budget of less than $1000.

Now, Gregg has released a detailed video tutorial for everyone who wants to build such a simulator themselves. The first part of the tutorial is below and focuses on the simulator base, upcoming parts will cover the monitor stand and steering rack.

Simulator Sled Specs

Height 46″
Length: 65″
Width: 60″ (assuming 45 degree monitor rake)
Weight: 190 lbs. (without monitors)
Seat travel: 10″ fore and aft, 20 degree tilt in 5 degree increments
Pedal travel: 12″ fore and aft, 0-30 degree tilt in 5 degree increments (from 10-30 degrees)
Steering travel: 16″ fore and aft, up to 12″ up and down, 30 degree wheel pitch, 30 degree steering shaft pitch
Monitor travel: 8″ up and down from center point, accommodates up to three 30″ monitors, individual monitor pitch 180 degree, yaw 60 degrees.


    1000 USD with or without monitors. Its not that cheap if its without them

  • Noel Hibbard

    I like the sled concept. I like the idea of having everything mounted inside the sled. You could then have a power jack and ethernet jack on the side of the sled and that is all you would need to plug in. That sled takes up a lot of floor space though.

  • Alan Dallas

    Wish I had the space for something like this in my house. I like it.

  • PetrolheadDen

    Nice adjustibility.

  • Chris Nelson

    are you putting plans up for full t slot sled?

    • Chris Nelson

      basicly for the base .. or is it just the same lengths and width and height as the mdf panels i’m going to weld up a frame cheers

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