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Build A Driving Simulator Tutorial – Part 2

Greg Langnese has released the next part of his “Building A Driving Simulator” video tutorial series.

Back in last January, Greg Langnese posted the first part of his tutorial video, showing off how he build his impressive simulator with a budget of less than $1000.

Now, the second part of the extensive tutorial video has been made available, allowing everyone to follow Greg’s example every step of the way.

Simulator Specs

Height 46″
Length: 65″
Width: 60″ (assuming 45 degree monitor rake)
Weight: 190 lbs. (without monitors)
Seat travel: 10″ fore and aft, 20 degree tilt in 5 degree increments
Pedal travel: 12″ fore and aft, 0-30 degree tilt in 5 degree increments (from 10-30 degrees)
Steering travel: 16″ fore and aft, up to 12″ up and down, 30 degree wheel pitch, 30 degree steering shaft pitch
Monitor travel: 8″ up and down from center point, accommodates up to three 30″ monitors, individual monitor pitch 180 degree, yaw 60 degrees.

  • RapidRefund

    Nice Work

  • TheFourHorsemen

    Step 1:
    Darling, can I spend the money we kept for vacations on my little project?

    What?! That old and you still play your stupid driving games on your stupid computer. Get old man! Now, leave me alone, I’m watching a reality show.

    • Dentykaffalatta

      My wife is giving me $20 000 CDN to build a new rig. I think I’ll keep her!

      • RapidRefund

        Watch out she’s planning to open it to the public and charge money for sessions on it don’t be fooled. LOL

      • TheFourHorsemen

        Marry her…NOW! 😉

  • Rick Lopatic

    I would go with 80/20 and use angle mounts top and bottom for the side monitors and VESA mounts like this so if you want to go up or down just pop the side monitors off in less than a minute.

    80/20 comes with a cost but a lot less headache and you can add to it and change it very easy.

    Nice work on both I love my 80/20 and when and if I decide to quit sim racing I can make something else out of it.

  • Jeremy Roberts

    Really great to see people sharing ideas and taking the effort to pass the information on. Looks like a nicely integrated design.

  • 2Air

    very very nice! now let us know how much you want for it =D

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