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BTWC 2010 for GTR Evolution – Previews

BTWC 2010 for GTR Evolution – Previews

The BTWC team is working on bringing the current season of a very famous British touring car series to GTR Evolution as the previews below show.

Sporting a generic name due to legal reasons, BTWC 2010 will bring countless of Super 2000 touring cars from a British racing series to GTR Evolution. Racing on spectacular tracks like Brands Hatch, the series has gained a reputation for prodiving some of the best and hardest touring car racing in the world.

  • carbonfibre

    Been a while since I’ve seen screenshot fail. 😆

  • Klaas Jan

    Really, you would think they would want to do their hard work justice by releasing some nice screens, this looks awful!

  • d1sc05tu32

    Thanks for the encouragment guys! These screenshots were taken in seconds and meant only to show people at nogrip what stage development was at. If the guys here wanted some decent shots they should have contacted me.

  • btccfan2010

    :haha: who cares about decent screenshots :haha: i think it good these dont reveal too much as they leave you with a sense of suspense of whats to come 😆 😆 😆 cant wait to see the BTWC 2010 mod completed and im sure new screenshots will be uploaded to show off the pure class of dedicated work put in by the modder :ooo: :ooo:

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