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Brno 1.0 – Released

Brno 1.0 – Released

[dd]Baule has released an rFactor version of Brno, bringing the popular Czech track from Simbin’s GTR2 to the simulation. The track has been equipped with a new AIW, new cameras, working nightlights and some new textures .

Officially known as the Masaryk circuit, the 5.4 kilometer track hosts popular series like the FIA WTCC, FIA GT as well as A1GP and Moto GP races.

Since this track is a conversion of GTR2, the release is equipped with a check to make sure you own a legal version of Simbin’s GT simulation. If you don’t, you won’t be able to use this track.

Download Brno 1.0 Here

  • Mitos

    I have a problem – GTR2-disc was not found! I have GTR2 DVD but…GTR2-disc was not found!

  • Uff

    There were similar problems with its previous track, maybe you can try to contact the author for help on rFC:

  • BSR-WiX

    little typo i guess ” version of Anderstorp” .

  • Montoya


    little typo i guess ” version of Anderstorp” .

    Indeed, fixed 😀

  • stabiz

    Works fine with my GTR2 disc.

  • Uff

    Works fine here too.

  • [dd]Baule

    Hey Mitos, sent you a private message on rFC.

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