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BMW M3 E92 Cup – New Renders

BMW M3 E92 Cup – New Renders

The International Modding Team has released a bunch of new renders, showing the GT class of their BMW M3 E92 Cup for GTR2.

Based on wildman_fr’s semi-fictional BMW M3 E92, the mod will be split up in two classes – GT and Touring. Both classes have different wings, wheels and engine packages, allowing true multi-class racing.

The team is very close to finish the GTR2 version of their mod as the release is scheduled to happen sometimes around next weekend. The mod will not be limited to GTR2 as a rFactor version is already in the works.

  • ScHiRoCk

    Also for evo?

  • Fabby

    Oh wow these renders look great!!
    My logo actually looks half ok too :sd:
    Hopefully we here at IMT will be able to do a GTR Evo Release too!! :happy:

  • wizza

    well we have the rfactor version to do first so we just need someone to convert it to evo unfortunatly one of our team wishes not to have their wheels included in the rfactor version (they have their reasons and i totaly agree with them) so we will need to get someone to make new wheels for the rf and possibly the evo versions. :happy:

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