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BMW M3 E92 Cup 2009 – Released

BMW M3 E92 Cup 2009 – Released

The International Modding Team has released their BMW M3 E92 Cup 2009 for GTR2. The mod brings plenty of BMW M3s in two different classes to the simulation, all liveries are based on real life teams.

The mod is based on wildman_fr’s BMW E92 M3, a semi-fictional version of BMW’s new GT2 challenger. The team is already planning to improve this mod even further by adding more teams and new sounds, a rFactor version is also on the agenda.

Download BMW M3 E92 Cup 2009 Here

  • dwkulcsar

    Pretty awesome model and physics work, the paint schemes are sorta cliche now lol.

  • stabiz

    Isnt that the front of the WTCC Extreme BMW from Evo?

  • R4z3rw33n

    Looks pretty decent, the model looks a bit off in some parts though (i.e. Rear Spoiler needs to be alot bigger, front spoiler isn’t accurate).

  • wizza

    First of all how can u say all the skins are cliche??? have you seen the demon tweeks skin b4 in GTR2 or the listerine BTCC skins b4 hmmmmm :weird:

    The model was done by wildman_fr which was BASED on the real car and is not to represent the real car so something will be different and no the front bumper isn’t from EVO.

    There are two clases to the mod, GT and Touring. In the Touring class the car has a reduced rear wing and front spoiler we made it like that 😉

  • ScHiRoCk

    Evo conversion plz 😆

  • phil23

    That’s right Wildman_fr started modelling his interpretation of this car well before the current real life version was completed. It was never meant to be taken as a virtual version of the real ALMS car.

    Although it will make an excellent stand in until there is one :happy:

  • dwkulcsar

    I meant cliche as I was expecting a JPS or a Marlboro paint scheme, usually when there is a Gulf scheme it happens.

    I’d like to see a Getrag or a Schubert M3 GTR. 😆

  • wizza

    @Dwkulcsar we will see wot the updat will bring lol
    new sounds are in progress as we speak with new Touring class sounds already completed :sd:

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