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BMW E90 320si WTCC 1.1 for rFactor 2 – Released

SlowMotion has released a new version of his BMW E90 320si WTCC mod for rFactor 2.

SlowMotion has released a new version of his BMW E90 320si WTCC mod for rFactor 2.


– changed some coefficients following the new available technology of rFactor2
– fixed a graphic issue into the dashboard using HDR
– “cutted” a little slice at the bottom of the front bumper to avoid (partially) to touch the ground, off road
– tuned max speed for AIs closed to the humans
– new talent files for all classes following new ISI specifications
– tuned braking system
– added option to personalize suites of each driver – standard rF2 driver (DRIVER)
– added option to personalize specific BMW E90 helmet of each driver (EXTRA1)
– pay attention for window… you must use WINDOW and duplicate the content to EXTRA0 too

Based on the BMW E90 sedan road car, the 320si was BMW’s weapon of choice for competition in the World Touring Car Championship.

Built to the Super 2000 regulations, the car is powered by a 2liter engine and uses rear-wheel drive. The 320si helped Andy Priaulx to clinch back to back WTCC championships in 2006 and 2007.

The mod comes with a full set of BMW liveries from the 2006 to 2008 WTCC seasons.

[boxdownload]Download BMW E90 320si WTCC 1.1 for rFactor 2 Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download BMW E90 320si WTCC Template for rFactor 2 Here[/boxdownload]
  • Leeman

    Awesome. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks. 👍

  • ajhombre

    It’s nice to see old games still get updated 🙂

    • CatoLarsen

      Since when is rF2 an old game? Or did you just read that wrong? 🙂

      • ajhombre

        Hmm, it look like it’s at least 10 years old. But now i see it isn’t. It’s 3 years old. Still old.

        They should upgrade gfx. Don’t understand how can sell this and who buy this?

        Assetto and pcars look very good. But rfactor 2, not so

      • Gucio85

        3rd party track, 3rd party car, lowered gfx settings… gfx is the main reason it look like this

      • ajhombre

        I’m on their site and main content doesn’t look in pair to other simulators.

        I knew for rfactor, but fact that rfactor 2 looks like this, it’s kind of disappointment.
        Not quite sure what is all about. Seems like rfactor 2 didn’t live up hype, at least when compared to pcars and ac.

        That’s just my impression.

      • Ricoo

        rFactor 2 looks great, particularly in 3D, without glitch, and that’s not the case of all sim!

      • David Hughes

        There’s hardly any hype, which seems to be what you are looking for to judge a simulator by.
        RF2 delivers in the physics department compared to some other ‘simulators’, but you would need to actually drive it not just look for pretty pictures.

      • 5hitm4k3r666

        Maybe you should atleast drive it and test some of it’s features before you call it a dissapointment. There is more under the hood than many people think and despite being not the prettiest game, it’s far ahead in many other areas. People are so easily disappointed, when something doesn’t look pretty, no matter how crappy the rest it. I still play FPS games from 2005, because the newer games are underwhelimg to say the least.

        Just smashing that IMSA GTO through those fast sweeping corners at Lester is worth the whole package. I don’t understand people complaining about the graphics in rF2 tbh. When I’am pushing the car in a sim, constantly on the limit I don’t have time to admire the graphics. A certain standard should be there, no question about that, but saying that rF2 looks like a 1990’s game is nothing more than jumping on the gfx-hype train.

      • Ari Antero

        Is gfx-hype train like this, stuttering,tearing etc… with HDR, multiview, multimonitor + multi gpu = 12-15 fps ?

      • 5hitm4k3r666

        Well, first of all I use a single screen and don’t have performance issues despite the age of my system and due to the lower resolution obviously. I can run everything on high, reflections off and 20 AI on Silverstone with a Phenom II X4 955 and a Radeon 6870, so I am sure with some tweaking you are good to go aswell when you have the budget to run triple screens. In AC I had far more issues with stuttering, no matter wich gfx settings until I found out that the game stutters like hell without FPS cap limit on my system.

        And just looking at what you are suggesting it’s quite clear to me why the game is stuttering for you: try using a single gpu and turn the reflections to low or off. SLI leads to latency and performance issues. This has been mentioned many many times, so if you are really looking for a solution why not just use a single GPU?

        The reflections are a bit of an issue with HDR and multiview afaik. You won’t notice too much difference while driving. I hope that helps. There are plenty of options to tweak the sim according to your system. Most people are just affraid to tune something a notch down or not to crank everything up to ultra settings.

      • Ari Antero

        SLI latency is not an issue when high framerates are used.
        Here is how NVIDIA reply`s about rF2 GFX: ” I see some similar reports, and have passed along your information for
        further investigation. However, it’s possible that the game itself is
        poorly optimized for multiple GPUs, in which case there wouldn’t be much
        we could do on our end.”

        The other thing with this GFX-hyper train is that there is no single card which can deliver 120hz/120fps res. 5760×1080 with medium settings ( reflections options off), however all is not just black with rFactor2 GFX, if you own NVIDIA 3D Vision there is no ghosting ,trailing ,artifacting,coronas,looks amazing good,
        works like a dream with rF2.

      • Leeman

        I get 70+ fps with a single gtx 970 running 3 27″ monitors with virtually all settings maxed out. Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

      • Nic Van

        I had the same issue.
        These lines in Inspector solved it more or less.

        SLI BIT: 0x02C00405


        Found on ISI forum.

      • hexagramme

        Exactly right.

        That hype train is really becoming quite old, and it’s becoming quite obvious that it has just become a trend saying that rF2 looks 10 years old. Because that’s what everyone else says, so why not say it yourself? Pathetic really, seeing how rF2 is in no way deeply flawed graphically, like so many people like to say. For each build there are great graphical improvements, but the haters will just close their eyes to that, and keep on hating.

        It just says a lot about this new wave of so-called “sim racers” – who are really just casual gamers at heart, who think it’s cool to say they’re sim racers. The fact of the matter is that they have the attention span of a child, and will without hesitation judge a book by looking at its cover for about 5 seconds. If it ain’t pretty, scrap it.

        There’s no interest in actually racing, perfecting your race craft, learning new driving techniques, diving deep into the setup of the cars etc. Instant gratification and a load of pretty glossy screenshots is the name of the game these days it seems.

        Get the damn sim and check it out for yourselves, instead of watching badly rendered YouTube clips and undersized screenshots. rF2 looks as crisp as you’d imagine from a modern racing sim.

      • Ari Antero

        Yes , I agree with you abut looks of the game, rFactor2 looks as good as any other game.

        I can see that you and other rFactor2 fanboys are claiming that rFactor2 is simulator and that you guys are simracers, well I do not think so, at least not to me who has huge real life experience from racing and more then 15 years from simracing.

        Pros rFactor2:
        Realroad, flex chassis, tire model, force feedback, best there is in my mind.

        Cons Rfactor2:
        No drive-train(cluch, gearbox)no need to use heal and toe you can just flat shift and gain lot of time ,no engine modeling (Turbo etc)
        Guy like me who likes to simulate racing , come as close real view (1:1) as possible and get rid of input lag, to achieve this is 120hz/120fps,res.>5760×1080< needed but unfortunately this is not possible when you are playing rFactor2. Multiview UI is missing and multiview scaling is also wrong.

        Conclusion: rFactor2 = video game

        What I read from ISI forums I can see that you don`t have driving license, you purchased rFactor2 1-2 years back in time and that experience you have is from Grand Torismo, please stop telling fairy tales to guys like me about things you don`t know anything about.

      • hexagramme

        Gotta hand it to you, your arrogance is mind baffling, Ari, as always. I haven’t missed that, not one bit, to be frank.

        15 years of sim racing experience, huh? Wow. So you get to tell me what to think and what to say? Don’t think so. My opinions are just as valid as yours mate, don’t ever think otherwise, and don’t ever tell me what to say. Still on about gran Turismo too, huh? So everyone who has ever tried out GT can’t have a say in sim racing matters? Absurd man, utterly absurd and arrogant. Get over yourself, please.

        I know you and Kelju_K banned me from your server last year, because you
        didn’t agree with me about some things. I thoroughly enjoyed the sim, while you were too nit picky and negative to able to enjoy anything. Perhaps also because I kept
        beating you guys on your own server, which was probably too much for you
        to handle lol. And then you denied everything afterwards, when you were
        confronted with it. A real pillar of the community you are, sir. 😛

        Like I said a while back, instead of spewing bile all over the ISI forums, and other places as well, perhaps take a break from rF2 if it’s that frustrating to you. Plenty of other sims to choose from. Just a suggestion.

        You have a great weekend now. 😛

      • Ari Antero

        You are only banned from my servers in you mind as I have told you before, you can join any time you like.

        This is PM from you to Kelju_K and it tells who you rely are and it also tells who I am when I still let you join all of my public (32) dedicated servers in fRactor2 lobby:

        “But yeah, I’ll be sure to let a few people know what you’re all about, in regards to this.
        Might drop in the server every once in a while, name/shame, that kind of stuff.
        I’m sure I’ll be able to convince a few people to leave and never return. There are plenty of other servers (with car/track combos that actually makes sense too).
        Oh, and your last choice of words… says all about you, kid. Let’s see if we can’t arrange for a little timeout for you mate.
        Maybe that’ll get a little oxygen to your brain.”

        If you believe Noel`s lies about me being banned from ISI forums you got it all wrong, truth is simply that rFactor2 funboys don`t like when I am telling naked truth about rFactor2 like in my reply above you fanboys just can not take it.
        Here is Tim Wheatlys reply to H2H when he was asked if I am banned or not:
        “He is not banned, no, but his posts got enough dislikes (reports) for the forum to make him to be globally ignored (it’s rarely permanent)”

        I am also hosting rFactor2 to 4 leagues and I have done this for free just to support ISI and rFactor2, however I have mailed to all of them that I am going draw back my support and shut down servers also public servers because of Tim Wheatlys arrogance and the way he reply`s to paying customers and also how he admins ISI forums.

        A real pillar of the community is you words but I like you and all funsboys to know that there is going to bee few league`s without server and 1000`s of public drivers who don`t have my support any more.

        You have received you coal I am moving on, Congratulations.

        Have nice weekend mate 🙂

      • hexagramme

        Heh heh, touché Ari… Touché. Nice of you to release private messages. Quite the gentleman you are, very tactful. 😛

        Well isn’t this becoming quite a drama. You wanna play martyr, go ahead. Might as well give out the whole story for those who find this entertaining.

        Why would I ever want to join those servers, honestly?
        You and Kenju_K ran a toxic environment, where people who disagreed with you even slightly were ridiculed, harassed and banned from the servers. If a racing incident happened, people got berated like there was no tomorrow. I’ve talked to quite a few people who have experienced the very same thing. Many people already won’t go near those servers, and with good reason. You manage to turn what is supposed to be a fun, engaging hobby into something toxic. Sad stuff indeed.

        I once – respectfully – disagreed with K, when racing on a server the day of C6 release, where he stated that the work of Some1 and Niels feels “arcady”. Just two opinions, nothing more. Next time I joined I was booted, after being ridiculed for having an opinion, then banned and.. oh, you left out the part where he PM’ed me using homophobic slurs. Great people you associate with, Ari. Really. 😛

        But yeah, good luck with your new ventures. I hope you’ll find something nice to do, something that brings you more joy than frustration and anger. Life’s too short for kind of stuff imo. Cheers.

      • Ari Antero

        Du you have dyslexic? Google translator has sound option use it.
        You claims that people are harassed and banned from the servers I am hosting is childish be course you know only name and do not realize that I am hosting more then those 6 servers to and I can se you sometimes online when I am monitoring my servers.

        PS. You can just relax I am not going to ban you, if you are wondering why? I am a bigger man then you are.

      • Associat0r

        An improved drivetrain model is in the works
        Remember that most rF2 is also used by real-life race teams and most real racing these days have sem-automatic gearboxes and that’s why it hasn’t been the highest priority, but it’s coming soon, so don’t worry.

      • Leeman

        Your impression is correct. Visually it doesn’t compare to AC or PCars. No question. But for some things beauty is beyond skin deep. The beauty of rF2 lies in the physics and FFB. If you’re not playing it because of graphics alone then you’re cheating yourself out of an excellent driving/racing experience. But to each his own.

      • Roy Rki

        I just cannot immerse myself into older games like I can with AC. All I do is drive around and observe how low quality is everything (cockpit, track, environment), compared to next-gen. Old graphics destroys any sense of immersion.

        But like you said, to each his own.

      • Leeman

        The physics and force feedback are what’s providing the sense of immersion. If your lack of immersion is based on what you see outside the cockpit then, IMHO, you’re focusing on the wrong aspect of a racing sim.

      • hexagramme

        All you do – in rF2 – is drive around and… look for graphical flaws?

        Did I understand you correctly..? I find that a bit… sad.

        You don’t, you know, race the cars, enjoy the ffb, the physics, anything? You just bought a sim to drive around in, looking for visual flaws?

      • TheFourHorsemen

        Don’t worry, when you talk about graphics here, you get a shitstorm…specially about rF2… 😉

      • shifta

        My Mrs isn’t exaclty a supermodel but her “performance” in all other areas is unsurpassed.
        Looks are not the most important thing a sim can have.

      • FatCity

        best reply I have ever seen on any forum lol
        brilliant !

      • Leeman

        rF2 makes up in physics what it lacks in graphics.

      • Associat0r

        What are you talking about?

      • hexagramme

        rF2 just looks like a 2015 racing sim should look like. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • Associat0r

      You’re spreading some major disinformation with your absurd claims regarding rFactor2’s so called obsolescence.
      “””Early 2012 ISI released rFactor 2, an evolution of the original version. It contained a lot of code that had been developed as part of rFactor Pro, a version of the simulation that is sold to professional racing and formula one teams, backported into the new “consumer” version. It enhanced the original with a more sophisticated tire and physics model and features like variable weather and a “real road” track surface that changes over the course of a race and really takes into account where cars drive instead of relying on some pre-defined “ideal line”.”””
      “””To give you an example. All our race team clients and even our series clients, they don’t only use rFactor for track familiarization. They also use it to test setup data before they go to an event, they use it to test potential new part data, by developing new brakes or new engine performances and testing it in the game before they actually commit to building it in real life. rF1 and rF2 provide far higher accuracy for those things than any other simulation on the market.”””

      Chassis Flex


      And the graphics have improved

  • Vincent

    sorry but where are the talent files ??

  • Kev

    Nice work. Had a great full race weekend at new Gotham Hills track. I detached the front roll bar and significantly reduced camber in front (3.0) and back (1.5) which was only a stab but felt really good. Also reduced tire sound volume to 100%.

    I strongly prefer doing full weekends with new combos because practice is very rewarding as you dramatically improve your lap times relative to the AI around you and then Qualify is intensely usual and of course at race time when all cars are together is nerve racking and exciting especially if you commit to no restarts and finishing the race.

    Only thing I noticed regarding improvement opportunities might be that AI @ 100% seemed to be beginner to intermediate speed but that could be track as well. I don’t have an AI reference from another track because only other time I drove previous version was MP.

    Anyway, huge thanks for what is clearly the result of hard work, dedication, testing and many good decisions.

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