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BMW 320 E21 1.0 – Released

BMW 320 E21 1.0 – Released

dmatzies has released the 1.0 version of his already popular BMW 320 E21 1.0 mod for rFactor. The new version irons out bugs of the RC1 release and tweaks several other things


– shadow mistake in the cockpit window with maximum shadow representation
– faulty textures with the start No. 51
– correction of rfm for create of a season
– path information for the sound skid2_dry
– rim diameter smaller in the front and higher on the rear
– car body a little inclined
– new gauge in the cockpit view
– modified suspension file
– modified HDV ( Suspension Section )
– tank capacity was reduced from 80l to 70l
– behavior of the clutch
– brake balance
– adjusting range of the chamber and the tire pressure were extended
– adaptation of the radius in the tyre file because of the changed diameter
– Fuel consumption was raised
– lifetime of engine while rev over the revlimit was reduced
– value of base drag was reduced
In general
– The times for repair, tyre change and refuelling were considerably raised.

You do not need to uninstall RC1 before installing 1.0, simply overwrite old files. Attention: RC1 set ups can’t be used due to physic changes!

The readme also contains a small hint of what might be coming up by dmatzies. The BMW 320 1.4l Turbo is mentioned, a more powerful version of the E21 race car. Below are the screenshots I made for the RC1 release as well as a download link – Have fun!

Download BMW 320 E21 1.0 Here

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