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Blackwater Lake for rFactor 2 – First Previews

feels3 has released first previews of Blackwater Lake, a community-designed fantasy track for rFactor 2.

Back in November, rFactor 2 track guru feels3 asked the community to submit their fantasy track layouts.

Among all the participants, Kalle “KeiKei Kouri’s Blackwater Lake was chosen to be created for rFactor 2 and below are the first previews of the new track.

Stay tuned for more on this track, a full description of the layout can be found here.

  • Me

    Is the track inside the house? Or do you just drive laps around it?

    • Anonymous

      Maybe it’s a Re-Volt style track for the RC Cars mod !
      After the pictures showing mud, VR now shows a house.

    • Me

      And on a positive note…looks good so far.

  • Jim. C

    Can we have Interlagos first please?

  • Anonymous

    And your actually posting this? Not a cut on the work that has been done but come on.

  • Anonymous

    Garry’s mod! 🙂

  • BLuNT318

    Really? Not to be offensive, but, this is ridiculous, lol. What passes for news around here is laughable most times.

  • Anonymous

    What a bunch of tosser’s below, at least he’s doing something for the community, he asked the community to submit there fantasy track and choose this, what are you doing for the community rather than come here & knock his work or choice.
    And on a positive note, well done Feels3 for making a member of this community dream a reality, credit where credits due.

    • Anonymous

      Well, most of tracks published are “forgotten” here, but each muddy and architectural picture is big news in here.

  • Wojciech

    Feels3, love your tracks man, keep up good work, waiting for more previews:)

  • Steve Shears

    Yeah ignore the haters Feels. Your work is much apprecieted by most of us.

  • Timpie Claessens

    I think this had to be posted on the Sims site, not the Sim site. Little error there… mod whoms name I can’t quite remember lol

  • Professional Operator

    Is it supposed to be cool?

  • Chris Wright

    Some of the comments here make you wonder why anyone bothers making their mods public. These armchair pundits are presumably the same people who moan like the clappers about payware mods. Ridiculous.

    • Anonymous

      If you guys with similar comments could read (which you obviously can’t), you’d see that NOBODY complained about this work feels3 or modders work in general, but the relevance of the news which belong more to a Sims forum.

      • Chris Wright

        Quote from Birddogg66: “And your actually posting this? Not a cut on the work that has been done but come on.”

        I rest my case.

  • Juhan Voolaid

    Nice car. No .. track. No … house.

  • Steve Duke

    Loving the texture work done there, very nice. I’m sure when this project is completed it will be a huge bonus for rF2 users.

  • Theroro29

    Counter strike map? terrorists win!

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