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Bans, Comments & Changes for 2015

VirtualR moderator F1Racer announces some important changes on VirtualR for 2015.

Hi everyone,

Firstly let me begin on a positive note in that I hope you have all had a great Christmas and go on to have a happy and healthy 2015. 2014 has been a pretty good year for sim-racers and we’ve had quite a bit to talk about here on VirtualR over the past 12 months. The new sims are really bringing things up a notch from what we had a few years ago and things can only get better for our niche community. We have a lot to be thankful for I think.

In the main, on VirtualR, things have been good. Regular members still posting their thoughts and some interesting and sometimes thought provoking discussions have been had. More of those please!

We’ve also welcomed new members to VirtualR, giving their views on the topics at hand, which is brilliant.

So here’s hoping for more sim-racing goodness in 2015 and beyond.

Now onto the more serious stuff…

Over the past year, numerous members have had to serve temporary, or in some cases, permanent bans. As far as I am concerned all permanent bans were deserved and some will not be coming back from that. Quite a few of the temporary bans will be up at the end of 2014 or a bit beyond.

However, I have spoken to Montoya, our site admin, and suggested that as a New Year gesture (and with some caution) that we lift the majority of bans on VirtualR (temporary or permanent). This has been agreed. Not all bans will be lifted as there are some who are simply not welcome here as they are guaranteed to re-offend so it’s not worth wasting the time.

That being said, if you were one of those perm-banned and there is ANY re-offence, you will be banned for life. Those that were temp-banned will serve much longer 2nd bans if they re-offend.

So I suggest, everyone properly reads and gets acquainted with the recently tweaked posting rules (and the pre-amble).

Read those here… 

Also lately, I feel that the overall ambience of the site has been degraded somewhat by some of the comments from a few members. Lots of bickering, provocation, “I like sim A so I’m going to hate sims B and C and let people know about it!” type of comments which we can really do without.

I take a big chunk of the blame for this degradation myself as I have perhaps been a bit too lenient with what some members have been allowed to get away with. That’s going to change.

Disagreements are fine, heated debates are fine, not liking a certain sim is fine… But comments MUST be kept within the confines of the rules.

Other unacceptable posts from here on in are those that can bring VirtualR into disrepute, including posts that insinuate any bias based on posted articles. We’ve had quite enough of this and will no longer entertain or tolerate nonsense posts of this type.

Comments such as “this is crap” or “that sucks” with no explanations will be considered as provocation or needless negativity.

Lastly members should think twice before provoking other members for whatever reason and particularly because they either like a different sim or don’t share your opinion etc.

I will be tightening the reigns even more in 2015 simply because it unfortunately needs to be done.

Any post that infringes the rules or is seen to be a negative influence on the site’s content, will be removed without warning. If a member persists in the same manner then a ban will be swiftly introduced.

I think this is fair for all as we simply want VirtualR’s comment sections to be a more pleasant read than they have been of late. I’m sure Montoya would agree with me that we would rather have 100 members who can post and behave in an adult matter than 1000 members with the majority who can’t. Quality over quantity.

This is not a power-trip or anything along those lines. I would prefer to not need to do this at all.

I, like many others, want VirtualR to be as pleasant to visit as is possible for other sim-racers. If it isn’t then I’m not doing my job properly. That’s all it is and nothing else.

Now that that’s out of the way, I hope you all have a brilliant sim-racing year to come and most of all enjoy yourself and your (our) hobby. We are all in this community together and we all want the same thing, the best sim-racing experience we can get.


  • Diego Colafabio

    Guys, we have a fantastic hobby, we’re a relative small “family” so..we don’t need wars, we can enjoy all sims we want without making aggressive posts or flames. So..less fights, more driving!! Happy 2015 guys!!

  • Dean Doucette

    I agree with this move. It should be a community where information and opinions are shared in a friendly manner. Never should anyone be allowed to make personally disparaging comments towards another member with impunity. If there are fanboys for a particular sim, they should know that, like it or not, they are an ambassador for that sim community.

  • Pablo Coronel

    This is crap.
    JOKE :p Happy new year!!!

  • Wayne Reed

    Well said F1 bud. Happy New Year to you and Montoya 🙂

  • Szilárd Hompoth

    Happy New Year to all fellow simracers!

  • kkacper

    Happy new year everyone, may your favourite engines roar louder than ever!
    And as to the rules I’ve had experiences in different online groups which taught me very important lessons. Never let leniency overcome once the set of rules is set in stone or something will inevitably go wrong and definitely quality of a conversation is far more important over quantity, so let’s just enjoy comments and conversations over the next year everyone 🙂

    • Den

      Haven’t seen you at SJ or Twip in a while my friend. Are you still a member? Happy New Year and take care of yourself my friend.

      • kkacper

        Yes I am Den, last time I had a single outing SJ was a single monthly event (the 4 letter ‘a’ one, not sure if the name would be appropriate here 😉 ) mid last year. I just somehow didn’t find time recently, I’ll look into joining some events this year, just had a lot of school to worry about and now a lot of college, but I’ll try to see if I can join something 🙂

      • Den

        Well, School comes first! Good news indeed. best wishes my friend and Good Luck.

      • kkacper

        Thanks a lot, best wishes and hopefully I’ll see you on track sometime when I come back 🙂

  • F1Racer

    A happy and healthy New Year to every single member of VR!

    Enjoy your hobby and your time interacting in the VR community, sharing ideas, discussions and not least your opinions, whether they are the same as someone else’s or not. There is enough room here for all the opinions to be put out there and someone with a different one doesn’t make them stupid, naive, ignorant, fanboys, haters or anything else. Just different.
    Hopefully we can celebrate all the good stuff and the variety still to come our way in 2015 and be nice(r) to each other. I include myself in this too.

    Keep burning the rubber and keep the right foot to the floor of whichever sim you’re driving at the time.

    • cyruscloud

      Well said, no reason for the tight and niche community that encompasses sim racing enthusiast to go the same way as the rest of the gaming community with difference of opinion constantly leading to hate.

      On another note, how about a nice gesture for the new year and getting a mention from virtual r on my track projects when next a chance arrives.

      I’m not asking for much, just a casual mention to inform the community, I hope to have good things coming over the next year.

      • F1Racer

        I don’t handle the article publishing on VR, just the moderating. Your best chance to get that posted is to drop the site admin a note using the ‘Report News’ function on the top of the site.

        Good luck on your tracks.
        Personally I applaud any scratch made content.
        I might have to get your Gingerman track and try that out.

      • cyruscloud

        Thanks, I’ve made a lot of tracks for Rfactor though mostly private or commercial works, Gingerman is my first for RF2 so I always welcome any feedback. I tried using report news as well as another method can’t remember exact what now as it has been a couple months with no response. I know it is up to VR’s discretion to post about what they want but I can’t see much reason to not have a mention on it here.

      • wajdi nujeidat

        Well,I have reported my self the Update about Glen(new screens), but it seems that it doesn’t meet the high standard requests of VR!
        However, happy new year guys

    • Den

      Thank you my friend and a Happy New Year and Thank you to yourself and Montoya also.

  • Chris Wright

    May I say that I think this is timely and very welcome news. Quite why some people feel it necessary to tie their colors to the mast of a particular sim, regardless of the validity of arguments for and against, is beyond me, but we all know that it has neutered debate on here more and more. Happy New Year to all.

    • Den

      Cheers Chris! And I mentioned you above and hope you don’t mind. May we continue to banter back and forth in the New Year and I hope you’ve had a good Holiday Season. It’s been fun and I hope it continues to be. When it’s not fun anymore, it’s time to reassess the situation. lol.

  • Jay Ekkel

    Lets burn some rubber and enjoy all the fantastic games we have received in 2014 and will get in 2015. Why choose when you can enjoy them all!

    HNY, 2015 shall we awesome!

    • F1Racer

      “Why choose when you can enjoy them all!”

      Exactly. Pity you can’t do the same with women. But then who has the time (or the money). Hmmm 5 expensive romantic dinners or a Clubsport Base V2. Pfff sorry love, you lose. hehe.

      • Den

        But you CAN just do the same with women! Just not the “keeping” part. And don’t tell my wife I said that…………BWAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!

    • e_r_n_i_e

      Absolutely agree, Jay. Hopefully a great SimRacing year 2015 with less “my sim is better than your sim” flame wars.
      SimRacing genre is too small to hate a part of them.

      Let’s try to enjoy them all. 🙂
      (….and just ignore the ones which aren’t your cup of tea, but keep the respect for them) 😉

  • Walter

    I enjoy all the news stories. Everything on this site is top notch. I think that I might enjoy more articles on the older sims (mods, tracks, etc). Keep up the good work as always.

    • horrace

      I agree, If it was good for it’s day and if we can get it to work on modern systems why not? I loved SGT still do, GPL even though I cant get it to work on my system, I enjoy listening to others who still enjoy and race, but after all that Happy New Year and keep up the good work, I can not get my day started without checking the site first!

  • Justin Cruze

    Cheers guys, thanks for your continued efforts – it is much appreciated.

    Happy New Year fellow simmers!

  • Matthew Arnold

    Best post ive seen on here in ages. Thanks guys, I really hope this helps. This place was going down hill and this was sorely needed, so thank you 🙂

  • RKipker

    Thanks F1, good post. Happy New Year to both you and Montoya…. and the entire Vr community.

    However, I would like to add… sometimes I see you attempt to explain your actions to folks non-deserving, I pesonnaly think this is not necessary. I don’t think you should or need to engage these folks and /or have to explain your or Montoya’s postion. I’ve seen where this at time makes things digress further. Just a thought… not trying to stir the pot!

    I for one like all the driving games or most…. I’m aPC Sim racer first… but like FM4/5, FH2, GT6, and a few others like F1 2010 and Grid/Grid autosport…! I can appreicate them for wht they are even though their not True Sims. So hopefully everyone will accept that some folks like differrent racers.

  • UzairH

    I’m a long-time lurker, love the news tidbits and especially mod releases announced on this site. The site admins (Montoya and F1Racer) have my thanks for running it, but I wanted to make my first post to say that I really appreciate the effort put in by F1Racer and this post about ensuring a good, clean community site for us all.

    • F1Racer

      Thank you UzairH. Just want to make clear that I am not a site admin. I am merely the comment moderator. For me, I’m just another member who happens to have an extra task, that’s all.

      • UzairH

        Thanks for clarifying good sir. It does make me wonder why you would spend time doing what can be a thankless task at times. But I’m glad to see there are unselfish people in the world 🙂

        Oh, and happy new year!

      • F1Racer

        Yes I wonder myself sometimes. 🙂 Particularly these days since Elite:Dangerous has pulled me almost completely off sim racing.
        But if I am going to do it then I want to do it as best as I can.

      • UzairH

        That’s a nice spirit to have: if it’s a job worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

        So you are an E:D man? I am into Star Citizen myself, but don’t have the time to play its “Arena Commander” alpha versions. I am heavily into space exploration and cosmology so E:D has tugged at my astronomer/gamer’s heart a few times, but I don’t think I will have the time to play it. Gone are the days of carefree gaming as a teenager 🙂

  • 2Air

    Well said!
    I’ve had doubts about certain harsh reads amongst the posts.
    Good that there’s someone looking out for us

  • Den

    Agreed and Happy New Year! And a Thank you for this site’s existence. I kno9w I have opinions on sims I like and dislike and those I choose not to play or have reasons not too, I don’t “Hate”, I merely prefer others. One term I hate seeing is “Hater” as calling anyone who does not agree with you that makes me think the poerson who says it must be some pre-teen kid. One of the dumbest trems ever given humanity via the internet! lol. I have my preferences but am also grateful we have so many choices. I also don’t get why we “have to take sides” in some cases as myself, I love and play multiple sims. AC and rF2 for instance. I prefer AC buit have both and though not currently into rF2 so much do watch it’
    s progress and do also look forward to one day putting more time into it. Do I “hate” it? No. Am I a “fanboi” of AC because right most of my sim energies are aimed at AC? Not in my opinion. I tend to go from sim to sim and back again, like I do with GTR2, P&G3 and GTL and suspect these two will end up along the same lines for me. I don’t get why people get so defensive if someone else has a different opinion or takes it as a personal attack. Fallout of Social Mdeia/internet thinking I suppose. Myself, I do have opinions but when I express them I do so as MY opinion and also enjoy seeing someone else’s even when it’s completely opposite. I don’t take it as a personal attack if someone disagrees and in some cases people have even changed my mind. Heck, I got AC after watching and reading the posts and comments here to be honest. What I saw here at VirtualR was what convinced me to get it after kind of ignoring it all along. I love to have a place to get the opinions of my fellow simracers and as a rule find this community a safe haven from the crap of the real world and the rest of the internet. Happy New Year to all my fellow simracers and I hope everyone has a great 2015 and beyond. Cheers everyone!! Den.

    • F1Racer

      Good post. I think some of the problem with people being overly defensive about a difference of opinion is the way people express their opinions. Rather than say “I think…” or “…imo”, it is stated as though it is a fact as opposed to an opinion.
      For example, “rf2 FFB is the best out there. No other sim can touch it. AC and pCARS don’t even come close”.
      Right there you have a comment that is not coming across as opinion but more as factual. Some may agree that rF2s FFB being the best is factual. But ‘best’ is a subjective term, surely.

      A better way would be “I think rf2’s FFB is the best out there. No other sim can touch it and AC and pCARS, for me, don’t even come close.”
      Now you’ve personalised it and made it sound like your own opinion and not as if you’re sticking it to someone who may disagree, which is how some people take it as they are the overly defensive ones.

      I think expecting people to write things as opinions and not facts is an impossible task so the only solution of for others to realise that statements like the first one are STILL opinions but just not worded to look like one and should be more tolerant of them and not jump down their throat just because they may disagree. They can maybe say they disagree and offer their opinion why.
      But saying “X is best” is clearly an opinion and always will be. Some simmers out there would tell you GPL is the best and still is. Fine, it’s whatever suits the person. Same with choice of car, movie, song etc.
      That’s my opinion anyway 🙂

      • Den

        Even that to be honest I don’t take as being provoking as my thought would be “That’s your opinion” and leave it at that. It’s the next guy that comes in and writes “WHAT? Are you an idiot?” etc that to me is the problem/issue. I do get though that yes, it’s HOW we write something and I realise I do it too and say something as opinion but forget to preface it with “In my opinion” or “I think…..” with the emphasis on I as in my own opinion and not fact for EVERYONE! lol. I think rF1’s feel is awful yet a majority of my sim racing friends/ acquaintances think it the bee’s knees so to speak and though I still think so no matter how many have tried to convince me otherwise (Friends saying “C’mon Den, try THIS mod, you’ll see” like HistorX etc, lol.) I still feel that way but I also still consider those that like it my friends and have NO reason to call them out/insult them/take offence. I love the banter in this community and for the most part it’s fun. IE: My example above and on a forum people who know me might say “Yeah, but Den’s gonna’ hate it cuz it’s rF1 (or whatever for example).” and we all get the joke, myself incuded and have a laugh and the day goes on and everyone is still friends. I hope this makes sense as I may be rambling now. lol. Sometimes it is a fine line between opinion and insult and well, I agree with what you’ve said and for the most part do find people here who’ve been banned do deserve it as they do go above and beyond to it seems post only negative stuff. I’ve said my share admittedly not always positive input but it is my opinion and I also feel I post my share of positive input also. After all, it IS opinion we post as commenters and it is okay to disagree. I certainly take no offense when someone does. Hell, Chris Wright for one has “called me out” (For want of a better phrase to describe it as I certainly don’t take it as an “attack” lol. ) a few times when he’s disagree’d with me, but I still consider him a friend in this community and have even changed my mind based on his input. I hope he doesn’t mind me mentioning him personally but he is a perfect example of someone I respect and don’t necessarily always agree with, nor he with me. Keep up the good work guys.

    • NitroStar

      Ditto Den!

    • Anthony Birch

      i am much the same, as a mod builder i follow lots of games and mods, purely for the benefits i can get out of of the way they are made and the ideas i can glean from them. i have a lot of respect and admiration for modders as i now understand the effort required to put one together. i too dont have much time for the ‘haters’ but 1 thing that does rile me is the “that F1 mod has bad physics”……like when was the last time YOU drove an F1 car so you could compare……the people that put the long hours into making these games obviously get their data from some sort of reliable source, to have some one say “that F1 mod has bad physics” is extremely short-sighted and disrespectful in my opinion.

      i love coming to this site, its taken over from a lot of the other sights i used to go to for the latest info, mods & games and the downloads are great also.

      cheers for 2015

  • Kondor999

    I am glad you’re cleaning house.
    I’ve seen a few posters whose only goal in life seems to be making snide baseless comments.
    I seriously doubt any of those people are even into simracing. I think they just go around looking for places to spout off, because IRL no one bothers to listen to them – and for good reason.

  • jotaf1df

    I Agree 100%. Thank you very much for your great job. Happy 2015 🙂

  • David Hughes

    So to be clear – if, with reasonable justification, I feel there is favouritism towards one particular sim in an article, I get banned if I say what I am thinking?

    • F1Racer

      No-one gets banned for saying what they’re thinking providing what you’re writing down doesn’t transgress the rules. If it does then you should take the time to write it in a way that it doesn’t. It’s not a lot to ask.

      But anyway, why would you even bother to speak out against favouritism in the first place? What’s so wrong with that? Do you mean favouritism in the article itself from VR or from a comment?
      If it’s from an article and it’s pCARS then we’ve heard it all before and will not be going down that road again. End of the day, its Montoya’s site, he works at SMS and if he wants to give pCARS a little extra help then that is entirely his perogative and he should be able to do so without retribution.
      It’s not like it’s harming any other sim, nor is it the case that pCARS gets the majority of coverage here. AC seems to hold that particular honour.

      Am I coming from the right direction here? Is this what you meant?
      Comments against VR’s integrity will be removed, yes, and could lead to bans. Especially if they are petty and unwarranted like we’ve seen in the past. It really shouldn’t bother people to the degree that they want to post something that would risk a ban.

      That’s my take on that.

      • David Hughes

        From what I have seen Montoya claims to be impartial, so any accusations of influence from the company he works at would be questioning the integrity of the site and therefore be banned.

        So, and I am trying to tread carefully here… can I ask whether said company had an influence on this new rule being introduced?Or does the rule ban discussion of the rule itself.. pretty hardcore if so!

      • Depco

        ^^^ Guess thats the last time we see David. LOL J/K. I think the rules are pretty well laid out.

      • F1Racer

        No nothing to do with SMS. I’m surprised you even thought that. Not everything is an SMS conspiracy 🙂

        This whole thing was entirely my idea. Pretty much after seeing numerous members complain about the comments that insinuations that VR is the place where trolls hang out. So I wanted that to change.
        I can even show you my initial email to Montoya if you need to see it.

        It was said that posts that can bring VR into disrepute will be unacceptable. That doesn’t necessarily imply a ban.

        Discussion of the rule is fine here as it wouldn’t be off-topic.

        Hardcore? Asking people to behave and be respectful of each other. Hardly. I think most decent people can handle that. Those that can’t aren’t welcome. It might sound heavy handed but it’s the only way. Gonna turn the field into a garden.

      • EZehnder

        You’re trying to figure out how to still call the site itself into question when you think it’s necessary. The point is that there’s no reason to ever do this in the comments section if you’re being respectful. If you think a particular story wasn’t written truthfully or otherwise wasn’t above board then you should write directly to the author about it.

        The comments section isn’t for you to spout off against the site you’re using. The comments section is for public discussion. If you have an issue with a moderator, an article/author or the site admin you need to have that discussion privately.

      • Kondor999

        I’ve been coming here for years and I’ve never seen any favoritism. It’s just a news blog.

    • sickbroski

      Just never say what you think and you’ll be fine. Just go with the flow, man.

  • Christien Hoogveld

    +1 You guys hit the nail on the head. This is a great web site and cleaning up the comments is a smart move.

  • JoeClapp

    Super-lurker here, I check the site almost every day but usually avoid the comments because the good ones are buried among the chaff. Thanks for this, I’ll give the comments another chance.

    We are in a true golden age of sim racing here! The old workhorse rFactor1 is still kicking strongly with countless quality (free) mods still being released, and the current generation are all pretty brilliant: AC, pCARS, rF2, GSCE, and iRacing (in no particular order; I haven’t tried R3E but it looks great). When I think back to my early sim-racing days of GPL in the late 90’s, I would have given any number of limbs for any one of these modern sims. And now we have them all to suit our individual tastes. Considering how niche our hobby really is, this is incredible and we are some lucky fans. Here’s to some great racing in 2015!

    And thanks to VR for keeping me up to date.

    • Den


      • TR7_LS1

        Technically, it is currently in development. It’s graphics are not current gen but it’s ffb has such an analog feel like no other and is in a class all by itself.

        If we could take the physics and FFB from GSCE and add the graphics from PCars, the sounds from R3E and the AI and Real Road from RF2, it would be awesome. Maybe one day.

      • Matthew Arnold

        Its amazing. If you havent tried it and you dont mind somewhat dated graphics then you really have to try it.

        Imho its the best open wheel sim out right now, with some of the most fun cars you can drive.

        I personally LOVE the V12 open wheeler, and the Formula Vee 🙂

        Try it, you might just like it.

      • Den

        What does it stand for? And where does one find it?

      • F1Racer

        Game Stock Car Extreme from Reiza. Will also be on Steam this month.

      • Den

        OH!! OKAY!! lol. I hate abbreviations. The curse of the internet. Now I know it. Haha. Thanks man. I never get abbreviations as I also don’t text. Don’t even own a cellphone. Don’t ever intend to. Cheers!

      • TR7_LS1

        I thought you were questioning whether or not GSCE deserved to be in the list with current generation sims.

      • Den

        Nope. Didn’t catch the initials. lol.

  • Marcel Offermans

    Thank you for doing a hard and unthankful job. In my opinion it is important to keep comments on topic and probably also to give everybody a comment quotum, so they need to think about every comment and not rant on for ages.

  • BackMarker

    Wonderful news! I spend much more of my time at Bsim and ISR blogs because the posters stay on topic, and respond with intelligent, polite, and mature posts. I hope VR can clean up this place a bit so more of us can actually enjoy our time reading the blog entry and posts at this crazily informative site! best of luck!
    : )

    • Matthew Arnold

      BSIM is great, Wim does a fantastic job. I think both sites are invaluable though for this community.

  • Johnny Penso

    Glad to see VirtualR is tightening up the ship a bit. It’s a bit tiresome sometimes to see the same arguments resurface all the time with the usual talking “at” each other, instead of having an actual conversation where each side acknowledges the other’s points without having to degrade or mock them at the same time.

    • BackMarker

      Are you crazy??!! if you acknowledge the other side’s points or even their preferences then they win and you lose!!! (joke)

  • gman

    So no more posts by sexually frustrated males? Got it.

  • ModernTimes2

    Here’s hoping that the new rules will make reading VR even more interesting and pleasant 🙂

    In particular I hope that obvious trolling, lies, libel and defamation will just be deleted straight away – our hobby and community doesn’t need any of that.

    In addition to playing by the explicit rules and use a friendly tone, I’d also recommend that contentious hyperbole, blowing things way out of proportions, black & white claims etc. is toned down – “infinitely better” (for a small difference), “completely useless/ridiculous” (for a minor deficiency), “arcade nonsense” (when something isn’t quite up to “your standards”) and so on – again things that we need none of and which serve only to make good and reasoned discussion hard.

    We live in times of truly amazing racing sims/games, and IMO there’s preciously little that bring with it anything but excitement, joy and increasingly better racing experiences.

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