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Avus 1993 1.1 – Released

Avus 1993 1.1 – Released

Zwiss,haunetal1990 & f1_edition have released the 1993 layout of Berlin’s iconic Avus for rFactor.

The track has quite a life behind it as the original mesh was created for NASCAR Racing 2003 before it was converted to GTR2 and finally rFactor where it was completely remapped and equipped with new textures and trackside details.

Located just outside the center of Berlin, the Avus was a legendary street circuit that used parts of the inner-city Autobahn. Following several layout changes, racing on the Avus was suspended after the DTM deemed the track too dangerous and British touring car racer Keith Odor died in an unfortunate accident in 1995.

Download Avus 1993 1.1 Here

  • F1Racer

    Thanks for this!
    Would like to bring something up here though.  Filenaming.   This one really need a better filename, hehe.   ‘1.1.Complete.rar’ makes it hard to find later and know what it is 3 months down the line unless you rename it after you download it.  Why ‘complete’ ?  Is there an incomplete version? 😉

    It’s no effort to provide a filename that users can find and recognise later.  
    I suggest Avus93_1.1_rF.rar     (‘name_version_game’ is a nice standard convention.)  

    So many times I find myself adding _rF or _GTR2 etc. to filenames so I know what game a mod or track is meant for.  I dunno why it can’t be added by the authors.  Takes a second only and makes it easier for everyone who downloads the file.
    Anyway sorry, been meaning to bring that up and this seemed like an appropriate time. Nothing personal.   Thanks again for the track.

  • Markus Trott

    hey f1racers,
    “1.1 complete” cause it gives an update => make the version 1.0 to 1.1. and 1.1 is the complete version (not an update) 😉

    here any links for the Update or the Complete Track

    please update your version 1.0 to 1.1

    1.1 Version Complete:

  • F1Racer

    Just tried this out and its a quality looking track !    I’m getting some heavy framerate loss in replay on hte start/finish straight though.  Anyone else noticing this ?

  • Michael

    ” Why ‘complete’ ?  Is there an incomplete version? ”

    He explains this. Two of the links are to an update (which patches 1.0 into 1.1) The other 2 links are for the whole or “complete” 1.1 version for people who don’t have 1.0