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Autumn Sim Sale on Steam Now!

Steam is currently holding an Autumn sale and there’s some massive savings on popular sim racing titles available!

Steam is currently holding an Autumn sale and there’s some massive savings on popular sim racing titles available!

The sale include’s Slightly Mad Studios’ popular Project CARS title that it available for 50% off!

Game Stock Car Extreme is on sale as well, retailing for 40% off. And sim racers interested in the Early Access version of DiRT Rally can now get it for 25% reduced.

All these prices will be valid until December 1st so grab them while they`re hot!


Sector3 also has a special non-Steam sale going, offering the full load of RaceRoom Racing Experience content for 49,99€. For the price of a full-price title, players receive 87 car models and 29 tracks to race them on.

There’s a slight catch though as only 500 players will get the chance to take advantage of this offer that will become available in the RaceRoom store sometime in the next few days.

Get Project CARS on Steam for 24,99€

Get DiRT Rally on Steam for 33,74€

Get Game Stock Car Extreme on Steam for 16,49€

Get Assetto Corsa on Steam for 22,99€

  • Brownninja97 .

    Dont forget assetto corsa, thats 50% off

  • melanieuk1

    R3E Mega sale Mega deal 49 Euros, for the complete R3E content.

    • MontoyaVR

      Interesting, added in.

    • Thomas Cameron

      The race room sale is honestly the best value for money no doubt

  • Bakkster

    Looks like iRacing is discounted as well.

    • Neebs

      They can’t link iRacing on this site anymore

      • Marklar

        Why not? They update us with iRacing news anyway.

      • Mark

        Why not?!

  • Tokyo Dan

    I was thinking of buying Assetto Corsa but I heard the AI is really bad. Is this true?

    • ftrracingtv

      its not horrible at all but not perfect but still that shouldn’t put you off from buying t

      • oldgrumpydave

        If you’re primarily a single player with little interest in multiplayer then it should definitely put you off from buying.

      • Tokyo Dan

        Yeah. I’m mostly into single-playe. But I guess Assetta Corsa is great if playing multi-player. Right?

      • Cock Pit

        its not horrible at all and can have a great fun if you use Helicorsa..Just did a a race with the new awesome F3 mod at Monza.

      • Tokyo Dan

        Thanks for the heads up on Helicorsa and the F3 mod.

      • oldgrumpydave

        Oh you mean the same mod and race I had to restart five times because the dreadful AI kept running into the back of me and over the top of me? Even Helicorsa can’t help the dreadful AI.

      • Cock Pit

        maybe u are slow in tight corners..too bad cuz i have np with the ai..its not perfect and stlll need some polish to do.

      • oldgrumpydave

        Nah this was on the straight at Nurburgring. I figured it would some how be my fault though. Can’t be the rotten AI’s fault.

    • oldgrumpydave

      The AI is dreadful. If you’re buying it for single player, I’d wait

      • Tokyo Dan

        Wait for what? A lower price? Is there any non-arcady racing sim besides rFactor 2 that has good single-player AI? (I got Raceroom Racing Experience)

      • oldgrumpydave

        Wait till they fix the AI

      • Tokyo Dan


      • Cock Pit

        There is another TokyoDan on Steam who already own AC, rf2.and other 141 games.AC ai is not dreadful cuz i can give links that the ai works and can be improve due time.

      • Tokyo Dan

        Hello Cock Pit,

        That is me on Steam. I actually bought AC at full price, just drove around the track and didn’t play it enough to find out if the AI was any goo… I got a refund on it before it was too late because I forgot that a sale would be coming up soon.

        As for rF2, it had a lot of problems, wouldn’t load some cars, crashed a lot. And I didn’t like the old graphics so I returned that too. Ended up with Raceroom because it was cheap with just one extra car and track. I like it. But now that AC is on sale I’m seriously considering it again. As far as just driving and graphics I thought it was fantastic. But like I mentioned, I mainly play single-player and heard bad things about the AI.

        If you have some links about the AI please share them with me.

      • Cock Pit

        just google utube AC ai race filter to this month or find Assetto Corsa Ruf Cup Series vid..have fun.I c u also bought coh2..wanna team up 4 a skrimish?

      • Tokyo Dan

        Thanks. And sure. Are we friends on Steam?

      • quf

        I think at the current sale price is very much worth. Yeah the AI isn’t that optimal now, but it can improve over these following months, as they prepare for console release. But apart from it, cars are a joy to drive. For example since 1.3.5 the alfa romeo gta seems to have received fixed v5 version tires because since 1.3 it seemed too grippy (this is a car from dreampack 1).
        The multiplayer is populated enough to have a race anytime (even with 10 drivers the race can be more consistent than with 24, but during european afternoon/evening several servers can usually be full).

        Maybe for some new customers they find already 2 and an upcoming 3rd dlc for the game, but the community consists of a lot of early access users. Which means many were playing the game since end of 2013 start of 2014, so any new content is very freshening and welcome). But there is also free content, not only just paid. Either way, the important is that they come along with game updates, which is always good to further improve the game.

      • Tokyo Dan

        Thanks quf.

      • Matthew Arnold

        did you really just hunt down other TokyoDans on Steam? lol

      • Cock Pit

        nah it easy too find.hes already post both at Ac and rf2 diss..

      • What


      • pcarsphyxexpert

        Stock Car Extreme…..

      • F1Racer

        Then he’d be missing out. Even with the imperfect but passable AI it’s worth the money – easily.

      • Hash

        The AI are freaking TERRIBLE and the improvements in ai have been small and slow, and tons of other “simple” features are still missing out.

        However it’s certainly worth the price (as the vast majority of the top sims are) and most if not all ppl get the moneys value out of it.

      • F1Racer

        Although the ‘simple’ features are not what is being discussed here, that is no reason not to buy AC. The AI being described as terrible is your opinion and one that I don’t share. If you want terrible AI then you only need to check out LFS. AC’s AI drive like amateurs and we still have the problem of big gaps forming at the front but despite that I wouldn’t describe it as ‘terrible’. It’s not on rF2’s level but the point is they AI are not on a level that I consider to be a deal breaker on whether to buy the game or not.

        I can’t imagine what you mean by ‘a small child or just a bit backwards’.

      • Hash

        Dont think you understood, sorry my fault, ‘a small child or just a bit backwards’ comment was regarding if you were into simscars and didn’t at least buy AC to try what every one here is discussing as its pocket change end of day, I was supposed to convey DESPITE the terrible AI its worth the buy.

      • Leeman

        Well, few people have been more critical of the AI in AC than I have but I’d have to say that, for this price, it’s worth it. And, yes, the AI is a bit improved now compared to previous builds but it has a long way to go to be on par with rF2 or even R3E, IMHO.

        But, yeah, for 50% off, if you don’t already own it, it’s worth it at that price.

        Having said that, if you can be one of the first 500 to get Raceroom Racing Experience for $49.99 Euros, then I’d rank that as the best bargain in the bunch. Tons of content, a great selection of cars, terrific tracks and, what most consider, the best sounds in all of sim racing.

    • Leynad

      The AI got improved well and i had some really nice and close races, but always depends on the car-/track-combination and AI-strenth. The starts are far better in AC than Raceroom.

      • F1Racer

        Agreed. The AI are not brilliant but they are ok and much better then in the past. One of the issues I find is how easy they give up their position to you, almost to the point of just letting you through.
        Then once you’re past it’s as if they give up.
        You can be in a position where it’s hard to catch the cars in front and easy to pull a gap to the ones behind which is odd.
        But yes you can race against them pretty well but it does need more improvements.

  • Patrik Marek

    already have them all, guess nothing for me then

    • Gui Cramer

      Gift others :p. I am entering every contest to win DiRT Rally… and pCARS, I would not mind it for my PS4!

  • faybn

    Emptybox once said »If you can have only one, this is the one to get.«
    I agree 100%. Tons of (good) mods, good AI, nice FFB etc.

  • Bulle

    Along with the 49€-Deal for the hole Raceroom-Content they offer a 30%-Discount on every Item in the R3E-Store (Packs not included).

  • Race Nut

    My primary racing titles right now are Assetto Corsa and Dirt Rally.

    The AI in AC are not as bad as some make them out to be and they have improved quite a lot with the last few updates. I’ve had many good races with them so long as you are patient at the start. Once the field spreads out a bit, there are few issues on most tracks.

    The overall advantages of AC far outweigh the cons by far IMO and there will always be a few vocal detractors with any given title. There is not a single title that I can’t find a dozen issues with within a single short play-session if that’s my goal.

  • Fastbikkel

    I’m just not a fan of steam.
    Apart from that, great prices.
    I use steam as well, i am not hating it, but mods for example do not always work.
    And steam can withdraw your license if the game developer wants it.(now this has happened only once luckily)

  • Marc Richter

    Just bought the Full-Raceroom-Content Deal. It started at 10am CET.

  • VirtuaIceMan

    I just got full RaceRoom too, so the 500 are still not all claimed.

    • pez2k

      Even 6 hours later, I’ve just managed to pick one up. Pleasantly surprised they’re still available, I’d assumed I would miss out!

      • Bulle

        They wrote today on their Facebook-Page that the Codes were sold within the first 24h so that they choose to extend the sale to unlimited.

  • Kev

    For the non-critical thinkers out there, be leery of anyone who claims that something “is worth it” or “you should buy it”. There is simply too any variables involved to know whether a piece of SW is a good fit. Some people like open wheel, some people like tin tops, some people like road cars, some people like race cars, some people like sprints ; others like endurance, some are looking for leagues, others are looking for pickup racing ; still others are primarily interested in offline ; for some driving is more important than race craft ; others vice versa. Some dedicate themselves to deep study and hundreds or even thousands of laps of practice. Some are born winners and any SW that doesn’t support this is flawed, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

    For me personally, I drive rFactor 2. That is my choice because I like the feel and challenge. Others can say the same of any other SW. Good for them. I also happen to drive offline for many sound reasons. I also prioritize driving over race craft and choose combos accordingly. I also have no loyalty to IRL tracks or combos as for me sim racing is its own thing. Others differ.

    Right now on my PC I have more content than I will ever be able to do justice to for the rest of my career. Others will drive 5 combos per day and then beg for more.

    There is no single sim solution or one size fits all, etc., unless you just want to be miserable and always chasing the next thing.