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Autosimsport Volume 6 Issue 1 Out!

More than three years after releasing the last regular issue of AutoSimSport, the ASS guys are back with an exciting new issue to wrap up 2011!

More than three years after releasing the last regular issue of AutoSimSport, the ASS guys are back with an exciting new issue to wrap up 2011!

The new issue of the long-running magazine is packed with what the AutoSimSport guys do best: In-depth reports, interviews and reviews, including:

– A six-page review of the rFactor 2 Beta

– Review of Ferrari Virtual Academy’s Adrenaline Pack

– A first look at Project CARS

– Interviews with Kunos Simulazioni’s Stefano Casillo & Reiza’s Renato Simioni

– & much more.

Click the image above to check out the new issue!

  • Dennis May

    can’t wait any longer 🙁 Teasing like hell …

  • Chris McLellan

    rFactor 2 beta: “Like a sim racing skyrim” NICE…haha!!

    • Danny Bouwes

      I was going to reply, but then I took ’67 Eua Rouge to the knee?

  • Trux1

    Funny… since I just posted about there back issues on the LFS news item. 

    Always a good read.
    Great to see A.S.S is back. 

  • Tomas Beha

    Great informative and funny read, but too short on rain/wet-track (none)

    • Jon Denton

      I had limited time with the beta to get this written, so not enough time
      to do lots of laps in the wet, or laps with a drying track, etc. It has
      been Christmas time, I had to find time I didn’t have to get laps in,
      and write this and a few other pieces for the magazine, you’ll get to try it yourself soon enough.

      • Tomas Beha

        I totally get it, just got kinda worried too… 😛

  • Anonymous

    Like the transitioning poor economy, is AutoSimSport rising out of the ashes? I do hope so. It would be nice to have an industry standard Sim Racing Motorsports magazine /publication(?).

    • myName

      I’ve never really seen what is the special thing that online downloadable pdf magazines offer compared to a blog or news site like virtualr. Or even video/forum format like srt. The extra effort that goes into making each magazine just doesn’t seem to pay off when a website or blog with the same articles would allow the same information to be used more efficiently and thoroughly.

      The gran turismo online magazine for example suffers imho from the same issues as autosimsports. The information is delayed, it is this one huge box of information per release instead of steady stream of smaller bits of news and articles and the pdf file is very restricted as you can only show links, pictures and text.

      The biggest part of sim racing is the sim racers and the magazine format kind of adds a barrier between the articles and the readers. A blog or website can have discussion and video along with text and pictures which all allow the community develop a connection with the site and with the stuff the site puts out. It’s much more dynamic environment.  With some downloadable pdf magazine I read it once and rarely touch that magazine again. It’s static and as soon as I reach the last page I just close the pdf reader or the tab that was open.

      I just don’t see what it is that a digital magazine could offer that other medias couldn’t do better. In a way the digital magazine is a broken media because its very idea restricts it from becoming what it could be. It’s like making a movie based on comic but not having any sound effects because the comic book did not have sounds either. Yet a tv can play sounds just like computer can play video and has mouse and keyboard to allow users to post comments. Downloadable magazine is in that sense just a carbon copy of actual magazine that has taken the same restrictions from totally other type of media and suffers fro the same issues in an environment where its biggest weaknesses are the biggest strengths of its direct competitotors. Only things that keep magazines afloat is the exclusive stories because those can be guaranteed to not be late. The rest is about stuff the user already knows and has formed and opinion and told it to other people using other medias.

      I’m not a good visionary and what I’m going to say may offend some people. But i think autosimsports would be imho a great addition to virtualr. Writing articles, blogs, opinions, reviews. Virtualr itself is a great sim racing news site but what it lacks is the kind of stuff autosimsports does. Sofware reviews, opinions, columns, previews, stories etc..

      • Anonymous

        I don’t understand why the magazine format.   I don’t think it works. 

        I guess from a layout/gfx design POV it’s nice, but I would much prefer a regular webpage (form follows function, and this is the web, not a magazine) and information and articles as and when they’re ready, not on “publication day”, which is an anachronism of sorts. 

        Otherwise, nice to see people taking gaming ‘seriously’. [It’s a bigger industry than Hollywood, and arguably of far greater consequence nowadays – but culturally, the impact of “gaming” would appear to be near-zero, judging by the relative quality and quantity of discourse about it, compared to all the fing chuff about Hollywood/film. Mind, games have a long way to go before being “art”, I guess. But Hollywood does to, right? lol]

      • Laurent Cortier

        Maybe it’s a generational thing ?

        It’s kind of neat to have a lot of exclusive information at once, as a unit. I remember I fancied a lot of tech magazines before we had internet, because I could dedicate a few hours at night after school/work to read lots of very well written articles about my favorite subject of the time. 

        I think also the articles writers take more time and a more professional journalistic tone than one could use when writing 4 or 5 news articles a day. Also the subject is usually written offline, in a text processor instead of a webpage, out of the influence of continuous flows of information disrupting the writing process.

        So the depth of the articles, the writing style, the layout/design as you mentioned, and the unity are arguments that talk to old time hobbyist like myself and I guess quite a few others…

        And diversity of formats is always a good thing, to each his own…

      • Laurent Cortier

        Also, the PDF version is terrific when you don’t have online access… Yes it can happen 😉
        (remember how it was before internet ? nah, I’m not nostalgic… bwah ok maybe a little… I used to drive a lot more before there was the web, don’t know about you ?)

      • Anonymous

        I think it works and it’s one of the reasons why ASS feels special and well-crafted.

        Delayed info is not really a concern here since most of their articles are exclusives anyways. It’s not the right format for news, that’s what a blog/website is for… but for premium content that is only released every few months I personally think it’s the right way.

  • Ένας Σάκος Με Κόκκαλα

    I dont know…The guy that wrote the review is either saying too much,or this game is going to be the best sim I could ever imagine!

    • Anonymous

      The guy who wrote (Mr. Denton)  it is notoriously hard to please. A long time ago I gave up on him ever being positive about a sim (except Netkar Pro, but with all kinds of asterisks).  So, this definitely says something, and I’m getting a little giddy and fidgety waiting for it.

      Also, it’s not a review. That’s actually a pretty important distinction.  It’s not even done yet, it’s going to get better.

  • Anonymous

    that review makes the wait even more painful

    just that part where he talks about grip variation between cloudy, sunny windy made jaw drop

    cant wait to try out the new ffb

  • jono

    Looks like all the PP and special eye candy graphics effects wont be in this first beta? Anyways the feature list is very appealing. Will rfactor 2 have live pit crews? im pretty sure ISI once said they will include it as well as dynamic weather effects and new tyre physics as its main features?

  • Ricoo

    Great magazine, very interesting. Thanks ASS guys. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    horrible format.   I’d prefer a regular webpage.

    Review of rF2 beta was ……ok.       It’s a very positive review though and succeeds in whetting my appetite for it.   Gimme gimme!    😀

  • Anonymous

    how do I download this?

    • Jon Denton

      It is only on Issuu atm, the PDF download should be up later today.

    • Jon Denton

      PDF download option is there now.

  • John

    I really missed this magazine, used to download it as soon as it was released (well the last 3 – I found it late in it’s life) then it stopped. I’ve read every single issue they made now, and visited most of their advertisers, even bought some stuff.

    Too bad I can’t find a way to download this issue – to add to my collection. What a thoroughly good read, fantastic the interviews. RF2 dammit I want it yesterday already ;-D

    • Vette Man

      Yeah, I missed those issues too.  Glad to see it’s back now.  Hope we see more.

    • Jon Denton

      PDF download should be up later today for your collection John 🙂

      • Jon Denton

        PDF download option is up now.

      • John

        Thank you – I got it. Really appreciated.

  • Vette Man

    I like the magazine format.  Given these articles are not very time sensitive and exclusive interviews etc, I think it works really well.  This issue covered almost every PC sim, but iRacing.  Maybe next time they’ll get an exclusive with them too.

    I’ve found over the years that any pre-release “reviews” or exclusive’s are often overly positive.  Not sure why.  Could be as a favor by the reviewer for getting to see it early.  Could be that only magazine’s who a developer would be very confident would give a positive review are given the opportunity to review as a favor the other way.  Could be non of that and the rFactor beta is awesome.  In the console world with 80 reviews for the bigger titles, I’ve learned the earliest pre-release reviews tend to be the most positive.

    On the other hand, you can’t really call a story on a beta a review, because things will change between now and release.  Still, it’s good to read more about what we’ll get to play with soon…  Very soon, I hope.

    • Jon Denton

      Yep, hence why it’s not called a review! 🙂

      Previews largely exist to talk about good things in software, imo, and to be overly critical of unfinished work is not really fair to any developer. Having said that, I wrote this piece from the heart and I am not, and have never, in six years of writing about simracing, done developers any favours by overstating my feelings on a sim.

      • Anonymous

        Would you agree that of the current games Netcar pro has the best “feel”  ?  

        I got the impression from your preview that RF2 feels like NKP if not better.

        Out of the sims on the market today which do you think is closest to RF2 interims of “feel and FFB” ?

        Thanks + I enjoyed the preview

      • Jon Denton

        nKPro V1.3 is the best feeling sim available atm in my opinion yes.  rF2 is still very much in beta so I would not like to make a comparison to anything out atm, and can’t really if I wanted to.

      • Anonymous

        You could just send me the build you have no one has to know.. and we wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt now would we ….

        Thanks for The reply I’m even more excited for Rf2 now will be excellent if it all comes together !

        (If you do happen to get run over or fall off a building in the next week or so please don’t use this against me ) 

      • Vette Man

        Jon, it is being called a review.  I see lot’s of people calling it a review and in this news piece VirtualR calls it one too.  Didn’t you notice?  If it’s a preview, it should be promoted as such.   Otherwise the readers think it’s 100% awesome with no issues.  I guess we’ll see soon, but I’m surprised you didn’t notice it VirtualR calls it a review.  It’s a bit late to correct the error.

  • Diego Colafabio

    Thanks for the rF2 beta review. Really interesting stuff, specially regarding FFB. Now i’m really, really curious to try it. Thanks!

  • Juhan Voolaid

    The shittiest way to read online content.

    • Laurent Cortier

      The shittiest way to say thank you.

      • Juhan Voolaid

        spank you

      • karthik pai

        Now that I ve read the magazines, its nice to read stuff from the good ol’ names like Alex, Lou, Jon etc… Jon, I ve to hand it to you guys… Unbelievable that you would do such a pro quality work for free ….

      • Laurent Cortier

        Hmm, you naughty boy 😉

    • spamsac

      Wow, your comment will really help motivate us to find alternatives…

  • M C

    Man the Kunos interview was hard to read, and also made a very interesting person/subject sound boring.  Lets hope part 2 is better…

  • karthik pai

    I ve missed this sooooo much… Thanks guys for reviving this beautiful magazine 😀

  • Anonymous

    Some questions for Jon Denton, if he’d be kind enough to answer…..

    – what’s the extent of the weather in the build you tried?   Is there rain?   Does it appear to be the same as the video preview ISI released a good while back?

    – And what about the LiveTrack thing?   How does the driving-line/groove look?  And how much does it change?  How much is one aware of it?  What does it contribute aesthetically and functionally?

    – How is the AI performing?   Noticeably better, or very similar, or…..?

    • Jon Denton

      As mentioned below, I am under NDA, I can’t just sit here talking to you about the various features, but bear in mind that the beta is soon to be available for all of you. Sorry, you should aim your questions on the ISI forums.

      • Anonymous

        Ok.  No probs.   Thanks.

  • Jon Denton

    In case anyone was using an iPad or otherwise wanted it, the PDF download link is on the bottom of the issue now: 

  • Lars Koldeweij

    I’m very sorry, but I LOL’ ed:

    ”…the ASS guys are back…”

    Now ontopic, I really enjoy reading the magazine, thanks a lot to all involved!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but really cannot find that PDF link anywhere.

    • John

      I had to disable adblock pro to see the download icon. Then you need to login to actually download the pdf.

    • Jon Denton

      There is a PDF download at

  • karthik pai

    Now that I ve read the magazine, its nice to read stuff from the good ol’ names like Alex, Lou, Jon etc… Jon, I ve to hand it to you guys… Unbelievable that you would do such a pro quality work for free ….

  • Domagoj Lovric

    To Mr. LxMartini, i’m sorry but you weren’t 100% correct in intro, my answer on you question is “yes”. I was missing ASS 🙂 I loved it, and occasionally i’m reading back issues.

  • Anonymous

    excellent writing as always…..a great read!


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