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Automobilista by Reiza – Announced

Reiza Studios have officially announced their brand new Automobilista Motorsports Simulator.

Reiza Studios have officially announced their brand new Automobilista Motorsports Simulator.

Successor to the studios’ Game Stock Car Extreme title, Automobilista continues Reiza’s efforts of pairing up cars and tracks from Brazil’s most popular racing series such as Stock Car V8, Copa Petrobras de Marcas and the Mitsubishi Lancer Cup with more international racing content, the addition of which has already started with the recent GSC E updates.

Development of the new title has been funded by Reiza’s successful crowd-funding campaign last summer, allowing the team to go much further than just create new content & features for GSCE but rather create an all-new title to contain all the fresh developments.

Automobilista will be available on Steam starting Q1 2016 and Reiza continues to be very generous towards their existing customers as all owners of GSC E on Steam will receive a free copy of the new title. Furthermore, this offer is also extended to everyone buying Game Stock Car Extreme until January 5th on Steam, where the title currently retails for 23,99 US-Dollars.


Below are a bunch of first previews of the new title, showing the vide variety of content Automobilista will offfer, including the well-known Brazilian race cars, modern Formula machinery and stadium trucks.

  • Me

    Thumbs up.

  • Jovica Ilic

    Another fantastic news from their studio.. can’t wait

  • Guilherme Silva

    For those thar are confused this is not the next-gen title announced in the crowdfunding, It is just a a rebrand of SCE to make things a bit easier for them and for us. The next-gen will be coming in 2017.

    • Manuel Riger

      2017 ? Reiza seid q4 2016 in there campain. And what makes ” automobilista” easier ?

      • Victor Harris

        I would imagine it makes it easier in not pigeon holing the title around Brazilian stock cars and instead recognizes the variety of car racing it actually represents. But I could be wrong.

      • Marc Collins


      • Tim Allfrey

        can be shortened to AM rather than GSCE? 2 less characters is 2 less characters, after all!

    • Kev

      If you are correct, then has nothing to do with being confused and everything to do with the article very clearly saying the opposite of the truth hopefully these words are not from Reiza because if so shame on them (if you are correct and this is indeed everything BUT the new title). 9_9

  • omft

    Don’t expect too much people, it’s just a rebranded GCSE to file the gap until they start into a new project.

    • stinkybritches

      Re-branded GSCE? Yes. “Just” a re-branded GSCE? Not Quite. New types of vehicles added, new types of tracks added, upgraded graphics, plus a few other features. Not to mention the great stuff that is already part of the game that is updated as well.

  • Leeman

    So, will this be a replacement for GSCE or will I need to have both sims taking up space on my HD?

    • William Mazeo

      You only keep both if you need SCE.
      You just need to have SCE on Steam (in case yours isn’t, just activate it there) to get AMS for free, you don’t even need to install SCE from Steam, just gotta have it in your game list.

      • Tim Allfrey

        if you like mods for GSCE it’s advisable to keep it alongside AM, until the mods are made available.

      • William Mazeo

        In my case I only race online in EEC so the mods we use will be probably converted in time 🙂

  • ImageArtSigns .

    A fantastic variety of disciplines in this Sim, possibly the most variety in any of the major Sims…looking forward to this indeed.

  • Dani .

    Visual tire deformation in there?

    • Francesco Kasta

      Seems to me the tires are just clipping through the surface…

  • Glen Orpheus

    Well played Reiza

  • Francesco Kasta

    I dig the name. Is it gonna be the same old rF1 engine?

    • SimRacer007

      If you buy Stock Car Extreme before January 5th, you’ll get Automobilista for free (and I would guess that the new game will retail for more than SCE currently does on Steam).

      • Francesco Kasta

        Automobilista is old content in the old engine put together in a convenient package, as great as it is I am gonna pass.

        I’ll wait for a modern sim instead.

      • xisque

        No, it isnt:
        “Usually this kind of comparison is not really becoming, but I cant help pointing out elsewhere you will still be paying full price for a track that hasn´t been updated in years (and that looks like it). We have updated ALL our content to these standards free of extra charge – 36 tracks and 22 cars – and I think the team deserve some credit for the awesome job they´ve done.”

      • Francesco Kasta

        They updated the textures and it definitely looks better than ever.

        What I mean though, is that it is still the same old engine.

      • xisque

        You mean one thing and say another thing? lol

        It STILL the same “old” engine that delivers a lot o fun!

        AC, which uses a “new” engine, STILL can’t deliver what that “old” engine are able to.

        PCars, STILL can’t deliver a good triple monitor support and it is a headache to get a good FFB.

        I wonder, what is a “old” engine?

        iRacing STILL uses a “old” engine and STILL delivers a very good content. Actually a very good everything, but it costs a lot of money.

        R3E uses a “old” engine and STILL… Best sound in the world?

        I was the first person to shoot stones at Reiza and its “old” engine. But the laws of the physics rarely change. 3D computer graphics technology changes all the times.

      • Francesco Kasta

        Nope, I mean it looks good texture wise but in every other department (which I already mentioned above) it is outdated and looks poor.

        I don’t think Reiza products are even half as good as AC is, but that’s a matter of strictly personal preference.

      • xisque

        You said one thing… then you said you mean to say another thing… now you say you mean another thing..

        I think you said means nothing, and it is strictly personal.

      • Francesco Kasta

        I was definitely very clear in my statement, there is NO need to be this negative about my opinion and try to dismantle it, because that’s what it is, an OPINION.

        And yes, it is strictly personal and life is beautiful because we don’t always have to agree with each other all the time, it would be pretty boring otherwise. There is no right and wrong, it is just points of view.

        Happy new year by the way!

      • Tim Allfrey

        They are all superficial things Francesco. What matters is the handling and AI, which GSCE does much much better than AC, especially in the AI department.

      • Francesco Kasta

        I agree that the handling and the AI are the most important aspect of any sim.

        But as technology advances so does sim racing, otherwise we would be all still playing GPL and its mods.

        I might agree with you that the effects, particles, animations, deformations (and so on) might not be a “crucial” thing but they are *not* “superficial” either, to me they help a great deal with immersion.

        But still, I see your point guys. I really didn’t mean to start a long thread and demean GSCE, which I consider a very good product, I just meant to say that I prefer to wait and see what the future holds.

      • Leynad

        Has GSC still the old engine? I tried it today and (at least) since this bigger update they released i find the FFB sucks, to be even polite. I think it was much better when i bought it in spring last year. Maybe a problem with the Accuforce, but i doubt that, because i´m using the same game pad settings i used with the TX. Way to much friction and no good torque, the cars feeling dead and even hitting the wall isn´t doing any response the the wheel. Sim Commander seems not to work at all, so wrong AF-settings aren´t even possible.

    • jotaf1df

      Dear Francesco, I do not totally agree. And I agree partially. I explain, I bought a GTX 960, and installed the NVIDIA INSPECTOR, adjusted Anti-aliasing (AA) for 8x, so the graph was very good, no more aliasing (see the pictures). So I have fun me a lot because the car has excellent physical and FFB, and the graphic now is bealtiful, good lighting, etc. They will also launch many important new features in the next month. Happy New Year friend 🙂

      • Francesco Kasta

        The general graphics are indeed crisp and very pretty but the particles, lighting effects and such are pretty obsolete. Also, the animations are somewhat “stiff”.

        If the managed to achieve this level of detail in an old engine, I cannot even imagine what they could accomplish in a modern one… think about it!

        And a happy new year to you kind sir!

      • Tim Allfrey

        lighting is the most notable difference between current gen racers (PCars/AC etc), but I’ve found once you start driving and become immersed in the action, I don’t really notice. for those who like to take screen shots infront of sunsets it may be a deal breaker though.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      I agree and not even because of the graphics but because of some of the issues I’ve had running rfactor 1 on certain PC setups and especially GSC E. I still haven’t bought GSC E because I’ve tried the lite version, and the 1 hour demo version and had big issues with both.

      ANd I tried their free to play title Marco Petrobas… whatever, and it doesn’t exactly inspire a lot of confidence. The FFB isjust bad, could be because of the cars themselves, but also on the 1 hour demo of GSC E I tried, some cars felt terrible too while the Formula Vee felt great. But, the 1 hour demo was a much much older build. I tried updating that demo which they say you can do but after updating it, it stopped working completely. I couldn’t even get it to launch. I did research on forums too and TONS of people have problems with this game too, even the full version.

      Had the same problem with GSC E Lite.

      I’m not gonna spend a dime on a product that has demo’s that were such a nightmare.

      If they move to a new engine, I’m down.

  • Captain Stabby

    I did not know it was on the steam sale (the new sale format is terrible) bought the bundle GSCE & Formula truck for $1 more.

  • Dani .

    It’s not a rebranded GSC, it’s a step further with dynamic road, new physics and more…

    • David Wright

      The original plan was that GSCE would get all these features under the crowd funding scheme. What has changed is it now won’t be called GSCE. So it is not inaccurate to describe it as a rebranded GSCE. But it isn’t “just” a rebranded GSCE as it will be improved over the current GSCE.

  • SimRacer007

    This post has a nice side-by-side comparison that shows the grapical development. Basically it kinda looks like the step between top notch rF1 content and rF2 🙂

  • noroardanto

    Soo many good sims with so little playtime 🙂 Very interesting to see how off road driving will feel, just hope for the best.

  • mclaren777

    That’s a terrible name.

    • jotaf1df

      Hey dude, this name is so beautiful and the Logo is minimalist, I really like this friend 🙂 Happy New Year

    • Tim Allfrey

      it’s better than Game (duh) Stock Car EXTREEEEME (cringe)

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    Well that’s really annoying. Where does this leave the mods? I assume modders will have to convert GSCE mods to this and players will have to redownload all of them. They should’ve just updated GSC E. Especially if this isn’t a new engine, there’s no need to make a new title other than $$$$$$$

    • Alex Sawczuk

      All the mods we would break to do anything half decent is one of the reasons we didn’t continue to update GSCE.

      • R. Snyder

        Your saying all the after market mods & tracks converted to GSCE will not work in this new version?????

      • Alex Sawczuk

        Mods may or may not work, I can not possible speak for all the random ways modders do their work. But it’s a new game, it’s not unreasonable to expect modders to update their work to work with any improvements we make.

    • William Mazeo

      God forbid people open companies to make $$$$
      They should all operate as charity instead…. right?

    • Tim Allfrey

      Well I believe GSCE still gets the crowdfunded mods, and if you upgrade to Automob via steam, you still get to keep GSCE for fun with your mods, so best of both worlds really

  • Kendra Jacobs

    If this isnt the rfactor 2 engine or a different engine that’s not isi then what the heck is the point? Same game except better visuals and some real road features? Boo hoo.

    • Tim Allfrey

      rFactor 1 engine!

  • Wayne Reed

    I cant wait for this. GSCE is my fav sim out there. The guys over at Reiza Studios are some of the coolst guys around. Keep it coming guys 🙂

  • Leper Messiah

    I took the plunge and bought SCE and had a quick blap at old Imola in the Oz V8 supercar. Bloody excellent, shame there’s no hands on the wheel, but apart from that colour me (very)impressed. It’s not the “light years better than anything else” I was lead to believe from the Reiza White Knights comments and the fact that it’s an older engine is irelevant, drives and feels like all the other modern sims I have. I’m sure I’ll find a car that feels bunk to me and more that will feel as good as the V8 Supercar, again much like all the other sims I have! Maybe it’s because I properly research a sims controller/ffb foibles and set reach one up as best I can so get a consistent feel between them all. Great time to be a sim fan IMO.

    • Tim Allfrey

      If you want a mod that feels good, you need NEED to get the enduraces flatsix mod. Totally awesome notPorsches !

      • Leper Messiah

        Is it the same as the Rf2 mod? I have that and it is indeed awesome.

  • Tim Allfrey

    Am looking forward to stadium trucks. please put in the surfers paradise track!

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