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Automobilista – July Development Update

Reiza Studios have released a new development update on the progress of their Automobilista title that is currently in Early Access state.

Reiza Studios have released a new development update on the progress of their Automobilista title that is currently in Early Access state.

Following the latest 0.9.8 version release, Automobilista is now gearing up for it’s big 1.0 release that is expected to be out in early August, with beta testing starting soon.

The biggest content addition to version 1.0 will be the Formula Vintage cars, Reiza’s take on the ever-popular late 60s Formula One era that has been popularized by Grand Prix Legends.

Automobilista’s Formula Vintage will come with two different late 60s style Formula cars, one powered by a V12 engine and one powered by a DFV V8 engine, a very popular power-plant back its day. Furthermore, the vintage content will also include versions with early aerodynamic parts, recreating the advancements made on downforce that were made in the late 60s.


While the Formula Vintage content will be free with the 1.0 update, Reiza is also at work on new DLC content as the Brit pack is taking quick shape, as new previews show the progress made on the Ultima GTR and the MCR Sports 2000, two cars that will part of the pack alongside British tracks such as Brands Hatch & Cadwell Park.

Furthermore, the studio has also announced a new licensing agreement with Imola as the Italian track will be made available as part of the DLC scheme as well.

On the physics front, Reiza has been working on a new ECU model that will come with major advancements in the way engine torque is generated:

On the physics front, we´re working on the development of a brand new ECU model as conceived by @Niels Heusinkveld and developed by @Luis Miguel , which should provide a lot of important enhancements. So far, we’ve made considerable improvements to the way engine torque is generated as you ‘roll on’ the throttle, simulating the more advanced “throttle mapping” techniques from modern ECUs. Most noticeable in modern high powered cars, basically this will translate into more control when powering out of turns, as it will be easier to find the throttle position where you get the best acceleration without lighting up the tires in wheelspin. Your throttle ‘technique’ may need some adjusting though as the engine responds more directly at smaller throttle inputs.

The new model also allows us to do a few modern computerized engine control tricks such as changing power levels and engine braking for each gear. With the Formula Extreme up to v0.9.8 for example it is very tricky putting 900hp to the ground in 1st and 2nd gear, as you can very easily be turning half of that into white smoke. By limiting the engine power, it will be easier to optimize power delivery.

Engine braking can also have quite a disturbing effect on the balance of the car – this is specially so as you go down the gears, because the gearing amplifies the engine braking the more you downshift. The new model allows us to reduce engine braking in low gears so the rear end is less likely to lock as you’re downshifting and entering a turn.

This is all ‘passive’, not traction control so naturally you´ll still spin the tires by giving it too much throttle, but it may only happen at 70% throttle instead of 35% throttle which should be a big driveability improvement for the more powerful cars – a case of the sim becoming easier as models are developed to be more realistic.

We are pushing to have at least the throttle mapping side of the new ECU mode ready in time for v1.0 release.

For backers of Reiza’s crowd-funding campaign that was held in the summer of 2015, all DLC content is already included, regular buyers can choose to purchase the All-Inklusive pack that will include all future DLC content and beta access to new content.

Automobilista’s Early Access version is now available for 32,99€ here, details on what purchasing the Early Access version means for customers have been outlined in a FAQ. Information on the different membership packages is available here.

  • melanieuk1

    The “in game screen shots” of the cars are looking good, the reason why I can say that is because it seems like Reiza have improved the metallic and chrome effect’s as seen in ‘AMS_F_Vintage_Kya2.jpeg’, which all gmotor sims are lacking, I hope these are not photo shop edited, because this IS an improvement in Reiza’s Automobilista graphics, obviously they have to step it up a level or two, because they are asking for our hard earned cash for these dlcs, will reinstall this game weekend.

    • ImageArtSigns .

      Absolutely agree….but I personally do not mind giving Reiza my hard earned cash as it will go towards their next 2017 Sim (hopefully)…all Reiza needs now is better graphics and when they get that I would predict Reiza to be ‘King of the Sim Mountain’.

      • jotaf1df

        I think it will happen

  • Damián Baldi

    very nice cars, it looks really good

  • ImageArtSigns .

    Reiza has improved their Sim AMS in leaps and bounds and me personally it is Number 1 in my Sim list, even though the graphics are only slightly less than other Sims out there the complete package is absolutely brilliant….and their sounds are getting to a point of…well…just as good as R3E…oh, no what have i just said…lol

  • Race Nut

    The team at Reiza are hard-working and passionate people and it shows in their work through great results and steady progress. They communicate well with the community and are constantly addressing issues and sharing their ideas, vision and plan for AMS and beyond.

    Great job Reiza! Respect.

    • Ernie

      Well said, Race Nut. Absolutely agree.

      • jotaf1df

        Me too guys 🙂

  • gabkicks

    Does this game support the CV1 or vive yet?

    • Manuel Riger

      no and i don t think they will ever support it in automobilista

      • Chillisteak

        If they don’t end up supporting VR then it’s a game that will end up being forgotten about in my collection when I jump to VR. Which is a shame because I really have enjoyed Reiza studios work.

    • BarryDennen12

      I think they said no, although I can’t remember why – is it a DX9 thing, or some other limitation?

    • Race Nut

      DX9 doesn’t 100% rule out VR; LFS has VR with DX9 so it is possible but, they may choose to wait. In the short term, they are focused on getting AMSv1.0 out.

    • Mark

      Oculus support was the reason I decided to support the Automobilista crowd funding so I’m rather upset that there is no sign of it. At 80% target they had “VR support” and they far exceeded 80%. 🙁

  • rauf00

    we need simracing titles move to DX12 or better Vulkan, who will be first?

    • William Mazeo

      I think first will be P CARS 2 (unsure if that will be a sim tho…) or Reiza next title

      • owen casey

        pcars is not a sim though. its a game. when we talk sims we talk about iracing, rfactor 1 or 2, nascar 2003, grand prix legends, gtr2 … shift 3 and 4 (known as p cars) just another race game not a sim.

      • William Mazeo

        yeah genius, did u miss the “unsure if that will be a sim” part? And also that I meant P CARS 2 (two…), not the current one, the current one is a joke, but who knows, maybe they learned something for the next P CARS.

      • owen casey

        doubt it

      • melanieuk1

        Every single one of them you mentioned are ALL games, they are being sold on a gaming only Network such as Steam, don’t fool yourself thinking they are anything other than PC computer games, they are computer games period.

      • owen casey

        no kidding? there games, the race it self in real life is also a game.

    • ftrracingtv

      Forza 6 uses dx12

    • Richard Hessels

      In about 3 years we will see that technology been implemented broader.
      The DX12 game titles that are out now are just using some DX12 features. But true DX12 is still a mile away. As none of the DX12 titles out there even support proper multi GPU. One of the highlights of DX12.

  • Wilsch

    Jesus…now this title got even better, cant WAIT to drive the V12 vintage F1 cars, such pure driving machines.

  • Walter

    Nice to see this update. I’ll be looking forward to it. I hope that they recreate the older layout for Imola. Of course I will enjoy all the tracks and cars that they create.I am curious if new tracks are added to the championships in the game. Thanks!

  • Kev

    AMS is already so amazing even though none of cars in the game are my cup of tea NORMALLY but Reiza can make anything amazing. Now having not only a favorite but my ABSOLUTE favorite type of car in the 60s cars I am now very scared that my IRL life will suffer greatly when 1.0 released.

  • RapidRefund

    Who has seen an Ultima in RL? I have very rare around here

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