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Automobilista – Formula Vintage Preview Videos

First gameplay videos of the upcoming Formula Vintage cars for Automobilista have surfaced on Youtube.

First gameplay videos of the upcoming Formula Vintage cars for Automobilista have surfaced on Youtube.

Automobilista’s Formula Vintage class will come with two different late 60s style Formula cars, one powered by a V12 engine and one powered by a DFV V8 engine, a very popular power-plant back its day. Furthermore, the vintage content will also include versions with early aerodynamic parts, recreating the advancements made on downforce that were made in the late 60s.

While sim racers with beta access can already try the new cars, the public release of the Formula Vintage class will happen with Automobilista’s 1.0 version release later this month.

To find out what else is coming in 1.0 and beyond, check out Reiza’s latest development update here.

  • Ayrton

    The way they move and bounce is beautiful. Well done Reiza.

    I got automobilista free because I had owned SCE. But I didn’t donate to the ams fund (sadly I had no money), do I still get the AMS 1.0?

    • VirtuaIceMan

      I believe so, v1.0 is just the game coming out of Early Access

    • S- mann

      guess you do

    • Thiago Izequiel


  • ImageArtSigns .

    Reizas’ Automobilista just keeps getting better…worth every dollar

  • Makan

    Hi guys
    If i Buy SCE now, Reiza give me Automobilista for free?

    • David Wright

      No. Just buy Automobilista.

    • Thiago Izequiel

      No, this was just for those who already had GSCE until january 6th of this year.

  • S- mann

    Those cars i already have in AM Beta

    • Traumahound

      Hmm.. My version of AMS is still v. 0.9.8, so no Formula Vintage. I’ve had SCE as well, but did not pay into the crowdfunder. Is that why I don’t have v. 0.9.9?

  • Bill Wester

    These are a blast!

  • Harry Fux

    Very nice sim! I am a Suporter from the beginning. Sad that Reiza promisis VR Oculus Rift CV1 and Vive suport, but nothing hapens. This promises was the only reason to suport and buy Reizas Sim. I feeling a little bit cheated. Sad, really sad…

    • Thiago Izequiel

      Do not worry as you were not cheated by any way. It will come in the future.

  • Kev

    These cars are insane. Feel soooooo good already with only minor setup tweaks. And Flugbatch or whatever it’s called course is one of my all-time favorites already.

  • Massimo Cranchi

    Honestly the original (Grand Prix Legends) looks way better..

    • Leper Messiah

      You have got to be kidding, GPL was awesome at the time but in no way whatsoever does it look better than AMS.

    • S- mann

      whaa you really need to buy some glasses +5.0 or so

    • David Wright

      The orignial Papyrus cars are pretty dreadful by today’s standards but the GPLEA cars do look better than the AMS cars IMO and this is perhaps what you mean. The GPLEA cars do of course have the advantage of looking like the real thing. However, the AMS version of Kyalami is much better looking than the GPL version.

      • Massimo Cranchi

        Yeah I’m referring to the GPL upgraded version as it looks today! Outstanding!

  • Mario Strada

    I am confused. I was part of the fund raiser and I received the first few goodies, but not these cars.
    For a time I had 2 versions of automobilista. Did I maybe deactivate the beta one with the good stuff?

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