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Autodromo di Modena for AC – First Previews

Rigel has released first previews of his Autodromo di Modena for Assetto Corsa.

While Assetto Corsa comes with a comprehensive selection of Italian tracks due being made by Italian developers, some of the countries tracks are missing from the stock content.

This is were the modding community steps in as Rigel has started working on a scratch-made version of the Autodromo di Modena.

A popular track day & testing venue, the track is 2 kilometers in length and comes with 21 pit stalls. Below are first previews, showing that Rigel is off to a great start on his project!

  • Francesco Kasta

    Excellent! The racetrack of my hometown !!! Super excited about this one!

  • Jovica Ilic

    Good one

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