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Assetto Corsa – Version 1.1 Outlook

Kunos Simulazioni has shared an outlook on the improvements players can expect from the upcoming 1.1 version of their Assetto Corsa simulation.

Kunos Simulazioni has shared an outlook on the improvements players can expect from the upcoming 1.1 version of their Assetto Corsa simulation.

We are redefining some features related to post processing effects, HDR and particle rendering optimizations that improve graphics environment, lighting and framerate performance. The engine has been optimized in order to guarantee a more stable framerate in all conditions, including single-player and multiplayer races. Smoke effects have been also improved, fixing an issue that affected the performances when huge amount of smoke was generated, especially at race starts.

Artificial intelligence
CPU occupancy has been optimized to guarantee better and more stable performance. Furthermore, we worked to improve interaction of AI with each other and against the player car, as well as their “racing attitude”. The result is less collision accidents, better and more predictable lines and greatly improved race starts, delivering a better racing experience.

Flag and rules
The next build will introduce race flag and rules, including yellow, blue and black flags, both in single and in multiplayer. More details regarding this feature will be available at the release.

Overcast conditions
Next build will introduce the option to define the sky/weather conditions: player can choose between light/heavy fog, clean/light/heavy cloud, that affect lighting, visibility, track temperature, and so on, adding more immersion, different racing scenarios and environmental effects. As usual all the conditions are moddable and new ones can be created by the community.

Damages, views and sounds
Several parameters and functionalities related to damages, head movements, mirrors FOV values, reverberation and environmental sounds have been added or optimized, improving the overall driving and replay experience.

Assetto Corsa replays are universally appreciated for their fidelity, resulting in very realistic movements, car behaviour and camera management, but resulting also in high requirements in terms of hard disk and memory space. Unfortunately such big files are not easily handled by players who join or organize leagues and online championships. Next build will add quality settings options that allow up to 4x smaller sizes and longer replays.

Pre-order and release date
Assetto Corsa is not in Early Access anymore but that doesn’t mean that development is finished. As promised, the Dream Pack will also include several improvements, optimizations and new features. All the new code features will also be included for free on the main simulation, to allow gamers to enjoy Assetto Corsa and the new Dream Pack even more. However the process needs time to be completed. The release of the Dream Pack and of Assetto Corsa 1.1 is confirmed for Q1 2015. Thank you very much for understanding, for your kind support and passion.

  • °_°

    Updates to the game core will be always free only cars/tracks in dlc…glad to see improvements to the sound engine..but many cars needs a sound replacement especially external or cars like alfa giulietta Who use ktm xbow sound.. Difference between standard cars and dlc cars (about sound) will be huge and that is a bad thing :/

    • Shaddix

      alfa QV got the right sound, ktm uses false sample 😉
      Luca is first improving the sound engine and adding new samples later.
      So we need to wait for most cars sadly.

      • svdb

        Still the alfa sounds like it has a blown headgasket (pretty realistic actually).
        I’ve replaced them with some nice Seat Leon cupra sounds I’ve got with a obscure mod :p.

      • damys

        yes Luca is working on new samples..for example the Huayra needs a proper external and the exige240r / scura needs a proper exhaust sound instead of using the elise sound pack

  • tanelt

    We want rain!

    • Szilárd Hompoth

      No rain!

      • loupfu

        No rain, no gain !

    • Leeman

      The forecast calls for rain on March 17th. So if you want rain buy Project Cars.

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        I’d rather have rain in AC.

        pCars wet track physics are a joke compared to netKar Pro’s so imagine how good AC’s will be

      • Leeman

        But, there are no plans to implement rain in AC. So, what’s the point? Wanting it won’t make it so.

  • rauf00

    Happy to see this announcement. Our league badly needs some multiplayer improvements.

    -longer replays (now with 18 players its sth ar. 45min)
    -improved collision system (network code related)
    -better pit stop management, now it’s hit and hit and missed and hit…and run
    -more advanced admin option instead of digging txt files
    -more customizable transition of weather, grip, parts usage

    -optimization, optimization and optimization

    • F1Racer

      They have said that the replay system is changed to allow much longer replays by reducing quality or resolution right ?

  • emilblixt

    Loose surface model and AC will reign supreme!!!

  • BerScott

    So no physics updates?

    • Shaddix

      new axles and awd, small things are also said on twitter and co before this news

  • furiousgibbon

    THE SERVER SEEMS TO BE UNAVAILABLE. Never in qualifying, but almost always on the first lap of a race. I have tried all of the ‘workarounds’. I’m not buying a new router to try and fix this problem. It only started from AC 1.0, and I don’t have connection issues with anything else. Seriously disappointing, but at least I have trusty rf2…

  • toyvonen

    Well, needless to say, VERY GOOD NEWS!..the best will become better!
    And this won’t stop, i’m sure…for the ones who want variable weather/time conditions (that i’m also included), let me remind you that 1.1 will also have some different time/weather conditions that will reflect in track/car conditions, that’s still not full cycle changing, but it’s something that wasn’t in the 1st plans, and now they are, so who knows if Kunos, or talented modders will further take this beginning and fully develop it…here’s me, betting that this will be the case…anyway, ALL the other future features MORE than satisfies me…THANKS Kunos

  • Toonces

    Record hot laps! Show sector times until the following sector! Add Delete and Rename to setup-file menu! Allow changes to steering lock, sensitivity and linearity…better! Show gear ratios as X-Y graph! Turn off the engine while I’m working on the car! Allow turning off the pit-lane speed limiter! Keep wings out of the rear glance view! Penalize off-track excursions realistically (i.e., not with artificial 5-sec. slow-down, but with reduced traction for 20 sec.). Implement clag-build-up. But don’t get me wrong: STILL THE BEST SIM OUT THERE!

    • F1Racer

      you can save your hotlaps already with the replay editor. It would be nice to see live sector times. Perhaps a 3rd party app.

      • Toonces

        I mean the option to save it automatically–like every other racing sim–without bothersome cutting and editing.

  • TC

    I want the possiblity of make a false start.
    Realistic penalties live drive trough and Stop&Go
    Full dynamic road
    Possiblity of adding ballast
    Grid edit
    Driver swap

    • F1Racer

      ….and if they did that, it still wouldn’t be enough 🙂

      • TC

        Of course, i also want a gift every month. Not, every week.

      • F1Racer

        You already do. A constant stream of AC news right here on VR. You’re welcome 🙂

      • Pascal

        There is always something to improve.

      • F1Racer

        And always something to complain about 🙂

      • Pascal

        yop, nothing is perfect.

      • F1Racer

        True, and they shouldn’t be expected to be.

      • kahel grahf

        Complaining about somethings that were already the standard of 10 years old engine “sim”…seems a pretty natural reaction…
        The others stuff, sure, how silly of him…

    • Gui Cramer

      I could do without fully dynamic road if other things were done. The flags are much needed, 1.1 will be closer to a proper 1.0.

      • TC

        Fully dynamic road, like the one in Rf2, changed my mind about sim racing, and been in this “hobby” about 7 years. I’m liking AC more and more and more, but i really miss this.

      • QUF

        Aris said fully dynamic track asphalt would be a thing in the future for Assetto. But we haven’t heard more about that feature in a long time. I’d say he’s more busy now making and finishing the physics on the upcoming cars.

    • svdb

      Queen – I want it all
      Rolling stones – you can’t always get what you want.

      In all seriousness, forget about night racing and driver swaps. This is not rf2.

  • SKID

    Release of Dream Pack was planned for September 2014…it’s so hard to wait it

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      Yea but at least this isn’t another stupid preview.

      I just can’t stand the previews. WE were supposed to have that DLC months ago, and that’s fine, but they need to stop teasing us every week with each car in the pack 1 at a time. It just makes the wait so much worse

    • BerScott
  • Chris Wright

    Some much needed improvements and enhancements here. The performance issues needed special attention and it’s good to see that they have finally been comprehensively addressed. Flags and rules was another key outstanding requirement, so it’s good to see that omission will also be resolved in what appears to be a very encouraging update.

  • Dan Corley

    Yes, I thought I was just gonna have to give in and get a more powerful PC to stop the frame rate issues at the race start. Nice to see Kunos aren’t just spamming a load of DLC in and forgetting about the base engine now that it is out of early access.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      Yea especially because it’s not like the graphics are good. I could understand if the game looked like pCars and performed this way but it looks like pCars car models with R3E’s environments LOL

  • Glen Orpheus

    I’ve just this week got my triple screen setup….OMG it looks amazing, had to turn off PP effects as was getting some strange stuttering with SLI Titans, nice to know that Kunos is still optimising the whole graphics engine, hopefully i’ll be able to put it all back to full detail when we get the 1.1 release.
    also a little off topic, but did you know that Direct X12 and Mantel have the ability to stop the bottleneck that SLI and CrossFire currently gives you with you’re cards graphics memory, thus allowing you to utilise the memory from both cards, so for me that would be 12GB……exciting times are coming i feel 🙂

    • Reapercore

      You still won’t have the memory bandwidth to use all the memory properly though, that’s the limitation with SLi.

    • BerScott
  • Robert

    You know me, the guy who has nothing good to say about Kunos, but after reading the above, i actually have to give Jack his Jacket. Kunos is quite spot on with what the community has been asking for, and it seems like they ready to answer the call! Further to this, the recent efforts to reach out to the community is indeed admirable, this is all I have been asking thus far, updates which let us know that we are being heard, negative or positive. Once again well done Kunos and lets get it done! All the best…. P.S lets not do the end of March fight with Pcars, release a day earlier and lets call it trolling lol

  • Bakkster

    But will I be able to see the in-game menus with my DK2?

    • Michael Hornbuckle

      DK2, probably not…..CV1, sure.

      • Andrew Tiltman

        DK1, DK2 (and eventually CV1) will be built on the same SDK, has no bearing on in-game menus. I am sure when Kunos find time we will have them in our DK2’s!

      • BerScott
      • Bakkster

        Not talking about resolution, but about Kunos putting in compatible menus that render correctly to be visible with the Rift instead of needing to close one eye to see half the image distorted.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Why would Kunos spend any more of their extremely limited and valuable time on a product that less than one percent of the user base even owns and isn’t commercially available?

      • Bakkster

        That’s part of my confusion, they put effort into DK2 support but the menus make it nearly impossible to use. So why bother implementing support in the first place if it’s unusable?

        For the record, I’m not mad or anything, I just don’t play PC games without the DK2 anymore and I’m looking forward to giving AC a go again. Just want to know when I can.

      • BerScott
      • BerScott
      • BerScott
      • BerScott
    • BerScott
  • Wilsch

    Great going you wonderful italians!

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    I really would like it if they finally add some weather/rain.

    To this day, netKar PRO has the most realistic wet track physics hands down. I’ve never played anything that feels even remotely as good as netkar does in the rain.

    • Al_D

      You never know. Every thing in AC seem to be not all set on stone. They keep improving and adding future plans. So they might add more features on their engine like weather and day and night cycle. Time will tell.

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        I think they will add it at some point because it was really good in netkar.

        Day/night I’m not sure of because it doesn’t seem easy. I’ve seen a lot of games with time change but not full day to night cycle. Probably takes a lot more work

      • Pascal

        They said few times, that they don’t plan to add weather because not many people used it in nKP, which is shame.

    • Pablo Coronel

      Did you try RF2?

  • F1Racer

    No offense meant ?

    Szilard, read the posting rules

    If you use language like that again, you will serve a ban from VR. I hope I am clear on this as I will not warn you again. This is not YouTube.

    • Szilárd Hompoth

      “This is not YouTube” but is this the Church man?
      As far as I know we are all adults here so what’s wrong with a bit of innocent joking around? I didn’t say anything remotely offensive or seriously vulgar. I am a bit of a journalist myself and I’d think one should be able to use a bit more loose language on informal forums like this.
      But I understand. When in Rome..

      • F1Racer

        I disagree, I think it was vulgar.
        You being a ‘bit of a journalist’ isn’t really relevant here.
        If we let this sort of language occur, then where does it end ? Where’s the line in the sand ? If the forum was awash with it, it wouldn’t make for nice reading.

        Besides, it’s not necessary amongst ‘adults’, and those who are, should be able to write posts without having to resort to that kind of language – which in your post didn’t sound like it was coming from an adult if I’m being honest.
        Bottom line is, it’s against the posting rules and I’m surprised you either haven’t read them and/or thought your post was ok and that I would let it slide.

      • Szilárd Hompoth

        I understand and I apologize. Your work is important as are the rules and the standards set by you guys. Keep it up, man!

  • dangerscouse

    Disappointed the team didnt fully concentrate on core features to have it league ready before making all the extra dlc (which is still welcome ofc).

    • Szilárd Hompoth

      Different people work on different parts of the software. You cannot seriously expect a graphic designer to work on the netcode or physics, can you?

      • Pablo Coronel

        The “team” is the whole team, not designers or modelers or coders, the whole.

      • dangerscouse

        The point is the teams nearly ready to roll out content to sell before the game is even yet a proper racing simulator. Atm its just a driving game (albeit a very nice 1), releasing more driving content…as a simracer I wanted to be racing AC last march, not investing in more dlc before its usable in a for cryer baby me its disappointing

      • Nathan Robinson

        I agree with this. It’s the reason I haven’t purchased AC yet. I didn’t even buy it when it was on sale last august. I just don’t want something that isn’t easily integrated into leagues because I honestly wouldn’t drive it much. I paid for rf2 and hardly drive it for the same reason. It’s great but has too many bugs to accomplish legit league championships. Im still league racing rfactor lol (SMH) and get in a few iracing leauges as well.

  • Roger Wallentin

    Sounds like an excellent update! I was not overly keen on visual updates before but since 1.0 the visuals are so nice that they have become a significant part of the simulation immersion for me.

    These updates + the Laser Nords and great pack of cars will be epic!

    Hope they make some more progress on the online aspects for the next major update! 🙂

  • Hanzales

    OK. I actually didn’t woke up, this is still dream and I’m reading this in my dream…
    Also do you know what it means for example in a year or two?
    Perfect news.

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