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Assetto Corsa – Update 1.1.6 Available

Kunos Simulazioni have released a new update for their Assetto Corsa simulation.

Kunos Simulazioni have released a new update for their Assetto Corsa simulation.

Version 1.1.6 fixes various little issues as listed below:

Assetto Corsa 1.1.6 Changelog

– Fixed no collision bug between first 2 cars in the server list
– Fixed TCP connection getting dropped for timeout
– Fixed Pagani Huayra rear wings animation bug, wrongly connected to the animated suspensions on the last update. Physics unchanged and unaffected
– Updated suspension on LaFerrari, missed on last updated due to time constrains
– Fixed server output for “LAP WITH CUTS”
– Fixed KERS not recharging when car is reset
– Telemetry speed graph is now autoadjusted for max speed
– Fixed animations running at wrong speed during replays
– Fixed CPU time in render stats with negative numbers on PC with timer drifting
– Fixed pitstop automatic controller not pressing the clutch and sometimes leaving the car moving away
– Fixed Essential and RacePosition app wrong values in replay mode
– Fixed Leaderboard in online races
– Added flags, penalties, kers to the shared memory
– Fixed wrong tyre temperature value in the car setup screen
– Fixed crash if a non existent PP effect is selected
– Fixed problem with TAB leaderboard on change session
– Removed invalidation message from drift and time attack modes
– Change camera button can now be assigned properly to another key
– Fixed penalties on time attack
– Fixed bad rear pressure slider placement on Lotus 2-11 setup
– Default launcher theme: skip YouTube device support message
– Ferrari F40 S3 brake bias adjustments in setup
– Mclaren F1 GTR front left Toe-in setup slider value fixed
– Added Fuel pressure (shows fuel quantity) to BMW M3 E30 DTM and Group A
– Fuel indicator working for Alfa Romeo GTA, Lotus 2-11, Lotus Elise SC, Lotus Exige 240, Lotus Exige Scura, Lotus Exige S & Roadster & V6cup, Lotus Evora S & GTE & GTE Carbon, Mercedes SLS, McLaren MP4 12C, Pagani Huayra
– Corrected fuel indicator scale for BMW M235iR, McLaren P1, Shelby Cobra
– Working LCD screens for Mercedes 190 DTM EVO 2, Mercedes C9 LM.

The update is now available on Steam, Assetto Corsa is available here.

  • Alexandre Martini

    still not much love for oculus rift users. i know, i know, it’s a dev kit!

    • AussieStig

      Kunos repeatedly ignores all requests for improvements concerning the OR and the GUI. It should not matter if it is a Dev kit or not. It is what we have now, and not some fictitious CV1 that may or may not be released this year or even next year!!! So come on Kunos, listen to your customers please.

      • Reapercore

        They have, and if you’d listen to them you’d understand they dont want to put anymore work into rift integration till the SDK has been finalised, as of now it keeps changing.

      • AussieStig

        Hey Reapercore,

        Thanks for your comment mate.

        Statement from Kunos:

        ”We said that time ago. Investing further time and resources in a product made for devs, with the SDK that will change for sure when CV1 will be out, actually is not our priority.”

        My point is still valid irrespective of the fact that the SDK changes. They are touting Oculus support in the game, that is bordering on misleading. Either, support the OR or remove the premise that it is supported. People are buying both products based on the touted support.

      • EZehn

        I hear Richard Burns Rally has proper Oculus Rift support. Let that sink in for a minute.

      • QUF

        Any game can have complete OR support if the team shifts resources towards that.

      • EZehn

        Richard Burns Rally hasn’t had developer support in over 10 years. Random people on the internet made it happen. I understand that resources need to be diverted in a dev team to make it happen. It seems that tens of thousands of people have the DK2 and want to play games that make good use of it.

        I know people on Reddit’s Oculus subreddit that bought the game because they heard it has Rift support – not because they are sim racers at all.

        Basically, *it pays for itself* to support the Rift properly.

      • JES

        It’s pointless to request “complete support” when SDK is constantly changing. Let the consumer product be out first and judge then.

      • EZehn

        That’s not how a development kit works, though. It’s actually the complete opposite. You get familiar with the SDK and, yes, it changes but it doesn’t change completely from one version to another. I am following the development of several VR-specific titles and the SDK isn’t a major concern for any of them. For them, SPECS are a big deal because they’re not sure how to model things depending on final FOV, refresh rates, rendering tech to get the most out of it, etc.

        The SDK changing a bit from time to time simply isn’t an issue for the vast majority of developers in VR.

      • BigMillerTime

        Agreed. AC sales hearing of the DK2 experience has already paid for the devs to put some time in.

      • pez2k

        Gotta admit, I bought LFS after all these years on the demo because of the excellent DK2 support.

    • AkheirAX

      AC and RaceRoom are just lazy to be frank. I have stopped using AC and Raceroom completely until they sort out their support. Not gonna purchase any DLC until they sort out their support to Oculus. DK2, is here and at the moment its the only device that works. I am baffled that these developers cannot appreciate this kit and support it enough.

      AC issues: Why oh why should I have my DK2 as primary. GUI is none existent. I have to Alt+F4 after every race.

      Raceroom: As above but worse.

      I am one of those that cannot race without a DK2 anymore. My youtube channel is just DK2 video racing for the past few months. Surely I am not alone that feels like this.

      • Sandra Gooch

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  • joe pineapples

    – Fixed animations running at wrong speed during replays

    I wish they’d also sort the LOD pop-in on the cars during replays. Apart from that constant niggle, I prefer the AC replays to that of PCars. The cars look more part of the background/planted, and ‘solid’ if you like.

    • F1Racer

      When it comes to replays, AC has some great camera angles and all seem believable ones too.
      3rd best replay system I’ve seen in a racing sim too. But it does get massive plus points for having multiple camera sets. That’s unique.

      • Chima Madujibeya

        What are the first and second in your opinion?
        1st for me is definitely gran turismo 5/6.

      • F1Racer

        erm well I don’t play console games do I can’t coment on those.
        But for me, the top 3 replay systems in racing sims are NR2003, RRRE and AC and not necessarily in that order. I may have done AC a dis-service by saying 3rd. It might be 1st actually 🙂 It lacks keyboard control (or at least I know of no keys that control the replay), but it doesn’t lack in features. Where you can save the replay, trim it, see the lap markers, multiple camera angles. I think, on reflection, it might be the best one we’ve seen but it does need to be able to record with the only filesize limit being your HDD space and not have a forced limit set.

      • Chima Madujibeya

        Assetto Corsa’s replay cameras are indeed excellent. I hope a some point something can be done to allow the camera’s to track the passing cars in a more natural (think “cameraman”) fashion as opposed to being perfectly locked to the center of the camera view.

      • F1Racer

        Well for laser-scanned tracks you need the best cameramen 🙂

      • QUF

        F1 to F6 controls the cameras, and each button has several views. Then with ctrl+123(numpad) you can switch between cars.
        I don’t know if random cameras to random cars is possible, or to where some action is happening.

      • F1Racer

        Thanks QUF. With AC, I was more thinking of keys for rewind, FF, slo-mo etc. Like rFactor has it.

      • QUF

        Okay didn’t think of that. Yea no keyboard keys for playback control, just mouse on the UI.

  • dan

    No AI fixes, well suppose they will stay crap for ever. This was ever only going to be a MP game. Shame..

    • QUF

      I noticed some A.I improvements, on overtaking. It can be just my impression, but I noticed something different for the better for A.I since 1.1.6. But since devs didn’t mention anything A.I related we’ll never know.

  • Patrik Marek

    will motec/digital instruments ever have something like POSITION? LAPS ? I find these quite important part of racing

  • dangerscouse

    Is the game ready for league racing yet?

    • G T

      Not until proper flag rules are in place so those without H-shifters are allowed to select first gear before the green flag drops.

    • QUF

      Depends what you mean with ready, but it already has plenty of leagues running. AC has its own flag/penalty system, but some leagues prefer to use PLP (pit lane penalty) app. Since this update, people are able to use the flags with python apps, meaning they can customize their flags/penalty even further.

      Here are some leagues:
      And you can also find advertised other leagues in Chit Chat room forum section:

    • Sam

      In my opinion nope not even close. Still no engine cut off, no propper clutch simulation, no ignition, no starter, no timed races, no flying start, no in-Out lap, no drive trough penalty, no propper flag; rule system at all, no manual box limiter, no dynamic grip and so on. Many other “real sims” i can think of come straight from the beginning with essential things like that! Instead of constantly announcing new content, DLC and licenses I wish a lot more that this long overdue things would finally added! Its a bit sad when we think of Netkarpro it was way more hardcore but i think AC is focus on a other direction and going sadly more simple and causual.

  • gbill98

    They finally fixed the f-ed up hand animation bug where the shifting hand would appear on the steering wheel for a split second while shifting. I guess they didn’t mention it in the bug fix list because they didn’t want to publicise that bug???

  • Andy Ainsworth

    I’d love single player pit stops. It’d be great to properly race the AI for more than one set of bloomin’ tyres!

  • RapidRefund

    Nooooooooooooooooooooo an update now all my Mods are Broken again.

    • QUF

      Where is that person screaming disinformation? Oh wait, this is AC, everything is always perfect information.

      • RapidRefund

        I do very much hope things get to a point where the update process will not effect 3rd party add-ons. It’s a lot of hard work that goes into it. Kunos advertised their game as being modular which means they need to take that into consideration when making changes. This is new for them ISI has already perfected the customizable platform they run for a long time now.

      • QUF

        only a couple of times mods got broken since modding support for cars was added to the game. I don’t remember well from the more distant past, but from the recent past what got broken with v1.1 was that people or modders had to delete a redundant section in aero.ini physics file, and v1.1.5 required modders to update sound .bank for fmod. And even before the modder would update his mod, the community came up quickly with a general fix for all mods that broke the sound part.
        Hopefully with steam workshop support anytime such thing happens, people will automatically receive the updates from modders.

      • RapidRefund

        ATM not one add-on car will work for me. All but 1 don’t even load and the Mazda has no sound. I am sure I had at least a few of them updated and working after last official update and now back to square 1. Sadly enough I am getting close to dumping the whole thing since I don’t like to have to fix things over and over and remove things that don’t get fixed. This is an example of the dark side of modding. Hopefully comes a point where I don’t have to worry about it.

      • QUF

        you’ve done something wrong there, because v1.1 had a problem with a physics file, therefore the game crashed when loading such mod car. And v1.1.5 needed to update the sound banks (fmod). Most car mods are already updated, but apparently the mazda 787b isn’t yet.

        You don’t have to fix things over and over, was just two times.

        I don’t understand why people generalize a problem so much, like saying every update to AC broke mods. That’s just not true. Only specific updates required mods to be updated as well.

        About the mazda mod, see more here, the post 30 and then 33, on how to install. I’m not sure, but I think it will fix for the other cars too.

      • RapidRefund

        I still get a pop up error at game launch which I thought was related to add-on cars and never did anything to fix it but did download updates that fixed some of the cars and now after this update those cars that were fixed are now broken again. I am not arguing you about something on my end but it’s more I didn’t do anything more so then doing something wrong.
        So I am back to dumping everything and starting over with a clean slate from scratch. Also very much thanks for the attempts to be helpful and I will try your suggestions.

      • Ascendancy

        It’s not your end, I have the same problem. I even did a clean re-install and same problem. Right now 3rd party cars don’t seem to work. This is frustrating because I doubt some of the older car mods I have will receive an update, so they’re pretty much useless if you can’t use them.

      • Ascendancy

        I’m having exact same issues as RapidRefund. Immediately after 1.1.6 release all my car mods stopped working. Before I even realized what was wrong I had a couple times my pc freeze completely as I was testing different cars. I also removed AC completely and re-installed with only one mod car added and boom – I had the exact same issue as before. Only stock AC cars work ATM.

      • QUF

        because that one mod car is incompatible. And is easy to fix, open the data folder where you installed the car, open aero.ini file, and delete online the [data] section, it will even say those lines are redundant and can be deleted. Then the car will work without crashing the game.

      • Ascendancy

        You have no idea how much this just helped me! Thanks a ton for the tip. Have a great day!

      • QUF

        all the lines under the [data] section in aero.ini. The sections are separated by a blank line, so stop deleting after the [data] section ends.

      • Ascendancy

        Got it! All mod cars work again thanks to you. At first I got the cars working, but they were missing in-car sound, only when viewing from track camera they had sound though, but I already found a fix by downloading sfx fix “Sound Fix For Mod Cars” and now everything works just like before. Thanks a ton for your help, appreciate it. Have a great day!

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